Tuesday, June 9, 2015


We remember the email Naouel who told us that with a small budget, Olivier and she had managed to organize a nice civil marriage.

For example, the complete outfit: dress, shoes, tights, wreath, hair and makeup he returned to 170 euros. Remember the trick to take a makeup class: useful for day and for the rest of your life.

"Olivier asked me to marry during a weekend in Vienna. We were together for the past 4 years. The fact that it ensures that there had a safe in the hotel room and apparent stress put me on the track! I wanted to say a very big YES but I admit I was much more timid than that. I was not ready ...

It's 4 years later, seeing on One Fine Day lovely photos and moving stories that the idea has finally sprouted. I had finally want to stop time, to bring our loved ones and say "I love you" in a setting that looks like us. "

Flo Moncenis chose to photograph what there is of best in humanity: sharing. What first interested in is the human is the exchange, is the encounter.

His first goal, the emotions, the atmosphere reflected in the photographic reportage. Also, it will have at heart to be closer to you, to your loved ones to immortalize this great moment of your life.

Wedding photos must be for her, like a good old piece of music that follows you all your life and you do not tire of listening to you.

His photographs are lively, colorful, contrasting with a hint of sweetness.

1 - If you've decided to make a nice wedding on a budget is possible. We must believe and do not want any.

It will make choices, stop comparing with the big budget weddings; you pleasure remains entirely possible. I had to repeat myself regularly (and my dear husband also made me understand) that the important thing was the substance and not the form. It's true that it's not always easy, but it made me finally removed tremendous pressure.

2 - Yes creative wedding dresses are beautiful, but it's also fun to choose a dress on Asos. Model rock or classical, finally there is something for everyone (especially short version, I grant you). And if you are wrong, it's okay, you can buy another one: mine cost 30 €. And I have not chosen by default, I even hesitated between several models.

"Our wedding at the town hall was organized quickly enough, in a few months. We wanted to make very simple, in small groups and with a mini budget. It was actually quite fun to have to find tricks to reduce costs, it was taken to the game.

I first looked at everything and read everything. I dreamed a lot, I was inspired and together with Olivier, we kept the essential: a white wedding dress, a suit, a beautiful urban setting and a superb photographer to embellish the whole.

Spending the day in Florence company was a pleasure and has greatly facilitated our couple photo shoot that was stressing me out a little. We live in Paris without a car and naturally, we decided to go to Metro Hall at the restaurant and that's the way we did the pictures. The result pleases us greatly. "

"The choice of the photographer was important for us because we like the picture in general and that is all that remains of D-Day finally then.

And then when photos are successful we enjoy sharing them later with friends and family and it will extend the good times.

For makeup I offered a course (it could also be an activity for the EVJF). That way I learned something that today is still useful to me every day and I could do it myself quietly on the day, with a hint of pride. Rather, it is a very good plan next price.

For hairdressing idea was the same but I finally remembered my teacher to come and the big day because it turned out that I was not very talented. But ultimately, choose an independent hairdresser can significantly reduce costs ... again it is negotiable!

Monsieur was offered his suit. He took care to make a costume that he regularly calls at work, he needed it anyway. "

>> << A beautiful place

"Olivier has taken some time to choose the restaurant where we had lunch after the town hall. Especially for the frame. Finally in the large cities the choices are many and there are different prices.

We were married in voluntarily week like this one could only enjoy the restaurant without having to pay extra to privatize the place. And then come on weekdays, allows to trade more easily with the restaurant (part of the wine was offered for example). In exchange, Head of life was simplified by choosing a single menu. "

"For accessories (YES ring where even the wreath), I went for a walk on Etsy.

Deliveries are sometimes stopping the cost of the object, but it was a real pleasure to browse the shops and buy a product handmade by a "real" person sending us a thank you signed by him .

And for decoration we chose very simple to do, all in white (we staked everything on the beauty of the setting: a glass barge at the foot of Notre Dame). Hearts origami brought a touch of peps and homemade (my fingers still remember the hours spent doing dozens of cores). "

A talented photographer >> <<

"I saw the work of Flo Moncenis on the blog One Fine Day.

Olivier and I have contacted three photographers whose work we liked enormously and whose prices given on their sites suited us. Was chosen by feel after meeting all three; and we did not regret our choice for a second.

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