Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ideas to keep the kids

Surely you've received the last of your guests RSVP and all were present, even the children who will be numerous.
We're not going to lie, children can be a source of stress for you but especially for parents who may not enjoy the day too and evening whether to occupy and monitor.

We already touched on here but today we decided to deepen the tracks that exist to occupy (yes, a marriage that is nice but it can quickly become long for small).

Even if you decided to use one (or more) people to watch, prepare some small activities upstream you can be certain they are well entertained.

Feel free to share your experience in the comments, it may help in more than one (e).

In general, children enjoy being responsible for small missions. Their given a role may therefore involve them more and make them very happy.
This may be to announce the arrival of the bride, make alliances, distribute confetti, chopsticks just outside the town hall or the ceremony to announce the beginning of the meal or entertainment.
You see, some will take it very seriously. Be careful though to the smallest that can be a little intimidated.

You can totally provide a booklet of games to occupy your little guests during the ceremony (and the day).

There are all ready, but it can also be very nice to achieve it. You can call with coloring and small activities: points to be connected, words to find, maze, puzzle, game 7 errors, etc. related (or not) with some guests or the newlyweds.

For older children, you can also create small issues funny (anecdotes about the groom, the guests, the ceremony ...) to which they will meet throughout the day.

Remember to provide pencils;)

You can make available child some manual activities such as play dough, son of scoubidou, beads (but watch out for toddlers), small creative kits (like that available at Hema), etc.

Think also about the activity leading number 1: coloring. For a small budget you can make available a set of sheets (white and colors), crayons, stickers or stickers and stamps (you can find super cute with Hema: here, there, here, there).

And for larger, you can customize a cloth bag or a T-shirt. Just provide media (blank bag or T-shirt-), textile markers and stencils (alphabet and different forms).

Another idea 2 in 1, the coloring masks: you can find here and there (among others). Then we color plays followed.

You can also opt for a giant poster, placemats to color, etc. We advise you to take a ride in OMYA, specialist in the field, but there are also like this.

Alternative leaves and pencils: slates and chalk.

Children will be delighted to find games at their disposal and will be able to have fun at several (or even alone).
You can think of building sets (kapla lego ...) that appeal in general to everyone (even more!), Propose puzzles (we warn you, it may run out of room the next day) supply small cars, small plastic animals, dolls, etc.

Owl idea Laetitia & Benedict: providing a safe themed toys (for them, cowboys and Indians) with costumes and accessories. Kids can play well and make up stories related to the theme (have trusted them for that;)).
You can also offer them a goodie bag filled with goodies of all kinds (sweets, key ring, mask, bouncing ball, bottle blowing bubbles ...) they will use throughout the day.

Do not hesitate to consult this article that also gives some ideas of outdoor and indoor games (valid for small and large).

As Jordane & Volkier, you may very well provide entertainment during the day. They have opted for small ponies tricks but there are many other things to offer: magician, clown, storyteller, etc.
You can also set up a competition (with small gift to the key): bending, drawing, dance, grimaces ...

To have fun memories, trust them a disposable camera. And to make it more fun, give them a list of things to photograph (pictured with married photo, decor, picture of someone with a hat, with a colorful dress ...).

A makeup workshop also surely please them. If you do, remember to print templates and ensure that someone feels capable of doing so.

A very nice idea but a little longer to organize: a treasure hunt or a puzzle to solve. It also prepares you something about that ... Patience!

Another idea that does not require a long preparation: the bubble machine! Guaranteed success with the little ones.

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