Thursday, June 18, 2015

6 cases in which you say no when you ask to be lady

If you agree with any of these points, maybe you should not be a bridesmaid ...

We panic seems to say "no" to a friend who asks us to be part of the biggest day of his life. Do you think that if he really was your friend is angry with you?

On the other hand, it is vital that you are sure you can handle that responsibility, because otherwise you could spoil the day the bride and groom. Considers these points and if you relate to any time, for the good of all, perhaps better than reject proposal:

1. You have no money
This is the most valid reason of all. Brides should not think that just because it's your wedding all have the same economic opportunities. If you feel up to their necks in debt and do not really want to spend on a new dress, on a trip, in the farewell and also on several gifts, better tell that by now you do not have the money or go to the idea of ​​living water and bread for several weeks.

2. No time
This explanation may sound rude, but seeks to tell the bride best. Let's be honest, be lady, for some weddings, is a part-time job. It may be that you do not ask anything, but otherwise will tell you to do the anti-raw kit or decorate the place or you to take care of the flower arrangements, well, if you know you can not give your 100 percent talk it with girlfriend from before.

3. Do not like her boyfriend or family
You'll have to live with both to plan the wedding or farewells, so if you put the willies save yourself the stress. Obviously you can not say that the bride, you might have a bigger problem, just give another reason and say that of all the ways you can support anything else.

4. Do you like cheesy stuff
All dislike start planning farewells with hearts and romantic games. Note that if you are lady, you have to get in the romantic mood until the big day and the bride can not see you upset or unhappy.

5. Do not really like the bride
Let's say you get on with it and you invite for coffee occasionally, but do not really consider yourself a friend why you be willing to spend time and money.

Or maybe you get on with it, but you know it is a demanding and obsessive person. If that's the case, better not get into the planning, because if your personalities clash, it will not be a good result. You can always support it in other tasks, but it is valid to say "no"

6. You are pregnant
Planning a family is not anything, time and some sacrifices are needed. If you do not want to walk down the aisle with pregnant belly then you have every right to refuse your proposal. Maybe you have a baby before the wedding, but nobody really wants to be a lady after giving birth. You will be exhausted!

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