Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wedding 103 years

The centenary Goerge Luckie Kirby and Doreen, 91, has become the world's older boyfriends who decide to marry

Despite being grandparents, George Kirby, 103 years, and Doreen Luckie, 91, did not give up their desire to join in marriage and gave the "yes" on Saturday in Eastbourne (East of England), becoming more married elders of the world.

The two lovebirds were married in a room Langham Hotel in Eastbourne, belonging to Neil, son of George, before family and friends, in a discreet ceremony wanted out.

Doreen, dressed in a white dress with blue floral, rose to kiss her new husband, sitting in a dark suit in a wheelchair with the colors of the Paralympic Games in London 2012.

The pair added 194 years in total, which exceeds the previous record of 191 years that had since 2002 the French François and Madeleine Fernandez Francineau, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

George, Doreen decided to marry after 27 years of living together, "no regrets not having married before me," it told AFP.

"I do not want to worry about before the wedding, but finally we have done," he explained.

No surprise
A similar age marriage could have astonished family and friends, but Doreen says it was not "Georges and I took so much time together that not too surprised when we announce our engagement."

On Tuesday, five days before the wedding, the couple spent a scare when George suffered a fall, but without consequences, his son Neil explained.

It has "some bruises but nothing serious," he explained.

The centenary should be accustomed to blows after a glorious boxing career in which he participated in 60 fights, "all won," Neil tells proudly.

The newlyweds, who "had not prepared anything special for the ceremony," have not "decided yet where to go for the honeymoon," Doreen said.

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