Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Abused during his childhood, it sends a very special wedding invitation to his parents

While the dream of every child that his parents attend the happiest day of their lives, this was not the case of this Australian who has made them understand.

Alyssa Pearce is a young woman of 23 years who has experienced a rather tumultuous childhood and adolescence during which her parents mistreated. Abuse that have stopped when she was 16, when she decided to leave home.

Now adult and about to get married, her parents resurface because they want to attend the wedding of their daughter. Inconceivable for her. And, determined to make them understand, she prepared and sent an invitation just for them.

 In this announcement, she invites them very clearly not to come to the ceremony and go "to hell" as she celebrates her wedding without them. It was the first time she came back in contact with them for nearly seven years, while his grandparents still insist to reconnect with them.

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