Thursday, June 18, 2015


In the afternoon yesterday in the village of St Mary of the Sea married in Chicago Marisol Terrazas, half of the duo Horoscopes of Durango with José Lechuga, lead singer of the group Northern Summit.

This place has great sentimental value for the singer because there they watched over the remains of his dead mother and it was that one of the reasons why it was chosen.

The bride wore a tight white lace dress with marked flamenco inspiration and a long veil of white tulle.

Awaited occasion for Terrazas was accompanied by his family. His sister Vicky who funfió as maid of honor, accompanied in the car that took the place lla. Once there, the bride entered the grand exhibition arm of Armando, his father who in hard openas containing his excitement.

Upon completion of the marriage the couple posed for photos with family and close friends, one of the perch that caught the attention which included the couple's daughter accompanied Terraces and the two sons of Lettuce fruits of previous marriages.

The husband already been chosen as a destination for their honeymoon several cities in Italy and France including Paris, a city that is most often associated with love.

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