Friday, June 12, 2015

How to rent her wardrobe in Toulouse

Hallway Toulousaines offers a different way to refresh their wardrobe: borrowing clothes, like books in a library. Discovery.

It was enough to think about it: Lucie Baros was the first to do so. It opened in Toulouse a "vêtithèque" where one can, on a subscription basis, borrow clothes.

Admittedly, this is a fan of clothes. But that's mostly because she thought to consume differently and to avoid waste, that Lucie had this idea. "We know it all: a closet full of clothes that one door once or twice, and the impression of having nothing to wear! ". Far from advocating "zero consumption" Lucia hopes especially encouraging, with Hallway, to "think and eat better."

Internet Leaving the luxury sector, it opened two years ago his Taur street shop and proposes clothes to wear in everyday life, she chose on quality and style criteria.

Some subscribers see the Hall as an annex to their dressing room. Others come for a specific need: wedding, business meeting, etc ... Each is benefiting.

Rather than rent, Lucy speaks borrowing. "The concept of sharing is important to me." This is also why she wanted a real shop, to make it a place of exchange. The lobby offers new, discover new brands and young designers, trends, events. "I want this to be fun! ". People come girlfriends to try and be advised. Here one can dare, test, without risking crashing!

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