Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sofia and Carl Philip: wedding under the sign of emotion

Sofia and Carl Philip were able to make their wedding an event that resembles them. Thus a ceremony full of emotion, placed under the joint signs of good humor and music, from Bach to Rihanna. Point de Vue says.

And if she did not come? It is 4:30 p.m. ET the door of the royal chapel was closed. In his uniform of the Swedish Navy, Carl Philip just up the nave. The officer looks great prince. Only back to the altar, he deceives his impatience by exchanging hand signals with his niece Leonore, which does not take up on the lap of his father.

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For more than half an hour, the small church of rococo was packed with guests robes and ceremonial costumes. In the front row to the right of married, stand the royal guests and their tiaras, more impressive as each other. Between Margrethe of Denmark and Sonja of Norway, that is who has the most flashy dress, bright red for the first and canary yellow for the second. Maxima of the Netherlands and Mathilde of Belgium, came solo, sit side by side. After chained bridal marches of Bach and Handel, the organ was silent. And the silence is heavy while we watch the back of the church in the hope of seeing the bride. The minutes tick Carl Philip became more nervous. Sofia would it have changed your mind?

The couple back tears
But soon the shouts of the crowd, from the outside, reassure him. The door finally opened, revealing the adorable picture of four bridesmaids: Estelle, daughter of Princess Victoria, leads the way in her little white dress with lace sleeves, surrounded by Anaïs and Chloe Sommerlath, cousins Carl Philip, and Tiara Larsson, goddaughter of the bride. Sofia advances in turn to the arms of his father, Erik Hellqvist, accompanied by a cello vibrato.

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