Saturday, June 13, 2015

A wedding and a funeral

The government team had its last day while receiving condolences to Kichi were the congratulations on a fleeting visit to the City

                               Mayor of Cadiz, Teofila Martinez, in one of his last public appearances.

Farewell hugs, hugs welcome. Sad hugs, others with joy. Weddings were held yesterday at City Hall lived a historic day because they are the last to be held under the cloak of PP. The official marriageable Government team has been José Blas Fernández that like almost every Friday received in the hall of the couples who were joined in marriage. The mayor with the longest tenure in the Consistory, 32 years contemplate him, married the baton of City Hall, the same as today will be delivered to José María González Santos being the oldest member of the Corporation.

The news that the PSOE had certified it was an open secret, that will give its support to members of Podemos, ran quickly into the town hall, especially among the popular councilors who already knew yesterday that they were virtually out City government.

Participants at the wedding saw that something was wrong. Mayor's office yesterday a constant arrival and departure of people who came to greet and say goodbye to Teofila Martinez, a kind of scene condolences. Did his party councilors and other officials and people who have maintained a relationship with the mayor another.

This still working on his final day as councilor of Cadiz in a much more impersonal than days ago office, because there were no personal details that have accompanied him over the years, such as his own photos.

In the hall of the Local Government members of the press office of the City of Cadiz explaining to borrowers the full investiture of this development and they will take place in the hall of journalists. They also lived yesterday his last day of work and received the affection of his colleagues after so many years working side by side.

Juan Antonio Guerrero, one of the few remaining of the Corporation in 1995 where Teofila Martinez came in, I knew I was leaving since I decided not to repeat in the lists of the Popular Party to enjoy your retirement. One of the most amiable men of the government team, has for several days visiting delegations in which he has worked for the past 20 years, which totaled 15. In them was firing of technicians and officials with whom he has state because it is among those who believe are fundamental to push through any task of government.

Weddings witnessed the farewells, the end of an era that has lasted 20 years and so were the beginning of another. Which today will be sworn in as mayor, José María González, he came at the end of the morning to the city of Cádiz accompanied by one of his councilors, David Navarro, to visit the city clerk.

On departure, members of the wedding celebration was still in front of City Hall realized that here was the future mayor of the city and came to him. Kichi is a character not only locally but also nationally. Greetings and congratulations were effusive, more appropriate for a funeral wedding that was living above.

Today there will come a day of change and many of the stars of yesterday because José Blas Fernández officiate the formation of the corporation, Teofila Martinez live their own mourning after leaving city government after 20 years and Kichi have their particular wedding perocon moon Honey will last just two days, it will take to start working at City Hall.

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