Thursday, June 18, 2015

Eva Longoria, Kunis, Lady Gaga ... The ladies of honor VIPs do not go unnoticed

Many celebrities have proudly served as bridesmaids at the wedding of her best friends, becoming co-stars of the evening and in most cases, stealing all the attention, looks and flashes the bride. Discover them!

The tradition of the bridesmaids emerged in Europe in the Middle Ages, however, it is in the US where this tradition is lived more intensely. Generally, it is a cast consisting of sisters and people closest friends to the bride, wearing the same color and with similar designs, each also bears a replica of the bride's bouquet.

Eva Longoria is one of the most experienced VIPs be one of the stars of a wedding without taking the place of the bride. The first time I practiced was bridesmaid at the wedding of actor Mario Lopez. A pleasant experience that has been revived only a few weeks ago in Cordoba, with Mary Bravo, both enjoyed a wedding with 100% Spanish flavor.

Another famous experienced in the art of acting as a bridesmaid is Jessica Simpson. On two occasions we could see the singer in this role, in both pregnant. Despite being almost ready to give birth did not prevent him enjoy the wedding of one of his best friends in Palm Springs, where also her sister Ashlee, was cast.

The world famous Lady Gaga, abandoned its controversial looks and impossible to exercise a bridesmaid at the wedding of some close friends in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) outfits. Wearing a sensual and steamy pink chiffon dress, which completed with a flower in her hair.

Another singer, Selena Gomez, also played this role in Mexican beaches in 2011, with Justin Bieber, she enjoyed a fun and casual wedding.

Jennifer Garner is topical these days by his unexpected separation from actor Ben Affleck. In 2006, a smiling Garner went to the wedding of his assistant among the cast of bridesmaids with a strapless silver gray.

The star of "Sex and the City ', Sarah Jessica Parker, like Garner, last year attended the wedding of his assistant despite the impressive Oscar de la Renta, haute couture, the bride donned, shadow, of which he was one of the muse precisely this designer, is very long and grabbed everyone's attention and leadership.

The first and only time we saw Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at the foot of the altar was last year at the wedding of the brother of actress, Michel. Where Kunis, was one of the bridesmaids and wore a strapless dress cheerful with detail at the waist, from which arose a skirt with volume, accompanied by a bouquet of white roses.

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Not only was a bridesmaid Kunis his brother, other hermanísimas were also co-stars and decided to break the rules, employing the same color as the bride: White.

The first to contradict the standard white (it is only reserved for the bride) was Pippa Middleton at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The sleek elegant dress that Sarah Burton designed, high profile stole her sister Kate, wife of the grandson of Isabel II.

Kim Kardashian is not duchess nor royal blood in his veins, but it is one of the undisputed queen of the tabloids. The 'socialite' performed a wedding in which he spared no expense and which echoed some trends are made, such as that created Pippa, therefore their hermanísimas dressed in white.

The 'it-girl' and Poppy Delevingne model, featured a cast of 17 bridesmaids dressed all in white. Like Knowles, Beyonce and sister Solange, who bet 100% White, to attend the wedding of his mother, Tira Knowles with actor Richard Lawson, as bridesmaids.

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