Friday, June 5, 2015

Skulls of Love: day 1

A wedding without too much fuss and in an unusual place? It is possible!

And that's Kiss and the gang, a group of super rock'n'roll providers that has made up his mind to prove you.

We love the look of married: colorful pants and sneakers to sir, sequined jacket and dress 2 in 1 for Madame and place, unusual: an isolated sawmill. Ideal if you want to make noise until the end of the night!

We give you an appointment in a few weeks for the 2nd part of this shooting: brunch with friends.

Kiss and The Gang, this is a love story between prestas wedding fans who were sick of each work in their corner and dreamed of making a crazy blow breeze on marriage in the world, drawing in different worlds which they bathed (fashion, music, videos / movies, snow sports etc) ...

Their hearts? Work together to offer you the wedding that fits your personality and your most crossed dreams! Their only goal is that you are surrounded by prestas that YOU like.

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