Friday, June 5, 2015

One day: Corinne & Mark

Corinne is French, Mark is English, they live in Australia and married in France.

Our married the day well show that nothing is impossible. So trust yourself and go for it

 That was six and a half that Mark and I were together we had just moved from London to Melbourne, very happy to live in this two exciting time.

I had no idea that Mark was going to make his request, so I was speechless when he got down on one knee in front of me near the Sydney Harbour Bridge as the sun was setting. It was a moment even more beautiful than we were just both. "

Parisian, but New Yorkers adoption, Pierre works in advertising and fashion for over 10 years: "I am not a wedding photographer but a photographer at your wedding ..."

This is how he sums up his very journalistic approach. He realizes that some benefits per year for it to remain a pleasure.

Based in Paris, he worked around the world accompanied by a good humor.

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1 - Make the most of your engagement: there is no such thing.

2 - D-Day, everything will fall into place so do not spend your days bother you with every detail and planning.

3 - Provide a week in addition to your day. You will have unforgettable memories with you by having your family and friends.

Since we had just moved, we decided to take our time and enjoy our engagement.

It is not particularly eager to share the news with our loved ones and start buying wedding magazines. Therefore, we spent about a year and a half to prepare for our wedding in the South of France.

Living in Australia, we hired a wedding planner to help us put in place the arrangements and the details of our day. It was essential for us here and to ensure that everything goes as planned.

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