Thursday, June 18, 2015

Five amazing wedding dresses made with toilet paper

For eleven years in the United States a contest seeking the best design made with this material is held

For eleven years in the United States held a contest looking for the best wedding dress made of toilet paper. Participants must design the dress and can use any type of tape or glue for its creation. It is also allowed to use needle and thread. The photo design is one of the ten finalists of the 2015 edition of this competition.

The design of the photograph has made Donna Vincler, Miss Mississippi 1980. She used 22 rolls of toilet paper to make this wedding dress.

Carol Touchstone, responsible dress photography, used 74 rolls of toilet paper for this elaborate design. According to the contest rules, the dresses are nominated must pass certain tests, for example, a person has to be able to use it and remove it without damage. The contest is sponsored by a brand of toilet paper. The winner will be announced at an event on 17 June.

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