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One day: Céline Vincent &

Céline and Vincent organized a lovely day of their own. They decided to draw the symbol of their family: the tree, to create a personal décor and a special atmosphere. We love the result.

We leave you with the beautiful images of You Made My Day, their photographer.

 Top a panoramic skyscraper in New York in July 2013. Cliché but so romantic.

We knew we wanted to get married, but decided that the application should remain a surprise. And what a surprise it was when he took out the ring at the end of the meal.

This was the moment, the good, and in retrospect, we would not want that to happen otherwise. "

You Made My Day actually hides Baptiste Hauville, photographer specializing in wedding photography.

His credo? More spontaneity for more authenticity! Attentive to detail, Baptiste will capture those little moments of complicity and emotions that make the strength of a wedding day.

Coming from the "Street Photography" Baptiste Hauville is animated by the magic of the moment. His work reveals a personal look replete with romanticism and simplicity.

Thanks to its strengths, the result will be exciting and full of spontaneity.

I do not know if I'm really in a position to give advice, I think that each organization has to live her marriage as she feels. But if I have to emphasize three points from this experience, it would be especially:

1 - To know how to delegate, whether family, friends or a wedding planner, and especially the big day!

2 - From stress before, but not the big day. Whatever happens, even if everything does not go as expected, the day will remain perfect. It is not in the details but the ambient atmosphere and the love that we share with its own.

3 - And above all, take three minutes during the marriage tumult, look around, and live fully in those few minutes saying that this particular time response to the memory for life. As we know all happening too fast, like all good things.

A good year was set being organized. The organization is mostly made crescendo, with the selection and reservation of place in August 2013, as well as the photographer.

After we have matured our project, as further defined our budget and we decided to get help from a wedding planner in view of our respective work taking.

The following steps were choosing the caterer, the dress, the DJ, florist, organization of the ceremony and finally the refinement of the decoration of the dining room. "

The budget >> <<

"We had an initial budget that we have somewhat exceeded!

Everything depends in fact the number of guests because the caterer is the most important position financially. We nevertheless tried to allot a certain amount per position, but it was also fun.

My whim to me was not the dress, although very important, but the decoration and flowers. I wanted everything to be like a dream for us and our guests with sometimes unrealistic ideas!

It has also made it a point of honor to ensure a festive atmosphere, and suddenly we invested in a open bar with cocktails and a cigar bar: a success! "

>> << A beautiful place

"We wanted to get married near Lyon, birthplace of my husband. So we spent several days tracking down places for weddings in the area, the addresses were noted, and took the car Scent of a Woman to travel the roads.

What mattered to us was to find a place that looked like us and have a good contact with the owner. There are too many people who see marriage as an industry and lay down rules (too) strict about the use of the place.

It has finally found the Ailly Castle in the Loire, a magical place where time seems to stop and where the owner greets you with an incomparable kindness. "

Beautiful inspirations >> <<

"At the decoration level, I am much inspired in specialized newspapers and I am registered on various websites and wedding blogs.

I also went to see what was happening in other countries, including the United States where they have delusions of grandeur.

We finally opted for Deco chic and nature 'inspired by the tree, source of life and symbol of the family. The idea was to have a cozy atmosphere, warmed by candle light and soft colors (white and taupe, punctuated with powder pink).

The wedding planner really helped us realize our ideas, but it also kept us in heart to do things ourselves. With the help of our family, it was pushed small oaks to offer to each of our guests. We also occupied the seating plan, a large screen on which were displayed the arrangement of tables and guests. "

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