Friday, June 12, 2015

Our picks for finding a wedding dress for cheap

Who has not dreamed of a beautiful wedding dress for the big day? Unfortunately, reality often overtakes our wildest dreams ... and the budget too! Do not worry: there is a solution to everything. Here are our picks for finding a cheap wedding dress.

A wedding dress in a large sign

Yes, it is now possible to find the perfect outfit for the big day in major retailers. They develop increasingly their wedding radius. The Tati store it is put for a long time and offers a wide range of long or short dresses. But you can also decide for a short white dress while remaining chic. Do not hesitate to go digging in evening dresses ray C & A, Asos or Best Mountain.

A used wedding dress

The idea may shock, but the practice is already widespread in Anglo-Saxon countries. The Used wedding dress offers different advantages. First, it is the green trend that opposes the waste: why buy so expensive a dress that is worn anyway one day? Above all, it allows to be seduced by brand dress, because by buying used you pay on average 75% of the new price.

On the website Le Dressing Club, for example, you can even find a dress at 30% of its original price. It also offers Consignment alterations and custom personalization. sells meanwhile trademarks of dresses, such Elie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent. Oh my Dress also offers wonderful opportunities for brands.

Rent her wedding dress

In the same philosophy as the occasion, one can also choose to rent her wedding dress. The site Seed Cotton, for example, is entirely dedicated to marriage. One can buy used dresses or rent them for about half of their value in store. Dream Dress Hire specializes in the Pronovias brand, but also provides robes, trying in his showroom. The bridal shop is also a very good site to rent her wedding dress.

A wedding dress made by a dressmaker

We often think that using the services of a seamstress for her wedding dress is more expensive. This may be the case, but if you have fallen for a big brand dress or the wedding dress of a people whose cost would you syncope, the seamstress can be a solution. Indeed, with it you can get a tailor-made dress, personalized and high quality in a price range between 1 000 and 2 000, which is still a very decent rate compared with prices in stores. Of course, the best is to find a seamstress near you to facilitate the fittings, you will find contacts in the organized wedding fairs in your area. But in general, attention to too expensive and unoriginal seamstresses: bet on word-of-mouth.

Get a wedding dress and customize

Have you considered watching your mother's wedding dress, grandmother or, why not, stepmother? The idea is not new and has already been proven. In terms of costs, it is at the top. In trend terms, perhaps he will take some adjustments and customizations, but retro is back. The interest is twofold: you'll save while having an exceptionally original dress. And so you will be sure not to have the same dress as your neighbor who is getting married, too, next month.

Discover also in images, our selection of the best dresses 2015 wedding, and our advice to choose according to your morpho. And for a small budget, ideas of chic dresses and original shopper at your favorite stores.

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