Friday, December 26, 2014

The Buzz holiday spirit, part 2: wedding disaster averted

Businesses, individuals and groups of students have gotten into the holiday spirit over the last few weeks and stepped in to do some heartwarming things. This week, I'm featuring a few feel-good stories that have come across my desk. (Want to see more? These stories run year-around on the Good Neighbors page inside Sunday's Life or Travel section.)

Today: The high school students and the wedding.

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For the past three Saturday afternoons, band students from Appleton East and West high schools played Christmas music in the lobby of the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in the heart of downtown Appleton.

On the Dec. 13, a wedding taking place in the hotel ran into a last-minute jam, and students came to the rescue.

"We had a small wedding ceremony and reception for about 60 people in the hotel. I do not know the background, but their DJ was not able to provide music for the ceremony that started at 2 p.m.," said Jay Schumerth, the hotel's senior general manager.

The students responded quickly when they heard about it.

"They situated themselves in the back of the room where the ceremony was being held and provided live music for the procession to the altar and at the conclusion of the ceremony. Then they went back to the lobby and continued to provide entertainment to visitors to the hotel," Schumerth said.

Besides thanking the students, he praised band teachers Margaret LaFleur from East and Michael Ross from West.

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