Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Flower girl procession in the wedding

Flower Girl of honor is this mignonnissime tradition that will crack the meeting and we probably have no desire to depart, especially if you are a parent or if some of your family with young children.

If you have decided that a procession will accompany you during the day, you will surely look you soon on the issue of outfits. In general, a procession is composed of several children (between 3 and 6 max - but it's up to you) and to make it pretty, you have ... a minimum of harmony.

For this, you have two main options:

Let the flower girl wear the same outfit or after holding a same collection (or set top dress + skirt / shorts set shirt + pants / shorts). This is the simplest solution because you are sure not to make any mistakes.

Either they wear a different outfit that will blend with a color (same or pretty shades) or a common pattern (floral, striped, etc.).

And, if you really do not want to complicate your life, you can also match your bridal party with a common accessory: bracelet, hat, cap, etc. It works very well and it's great for small budgets.

Gossip aside, today it reveals our favorite: the new collection Les Petits Inclassables. Outfits for girls and boys (aged 6 months to 14 years) that will adapt to many topics: retro, bohemian, romantic ... In addition, the brand offers the cutest accessories which, as you said, are perfect to match children: crowns and straps for girls, suspenders and bow ties for boys.

We'll let you discover it with pretty pictures of Alex Tome. If you crack on a garment, you simply fly over the photo and the model name appear;)

Find The Flower girl dresses visit :


DIY flowery letters in the wedding

In a week, it will be spring! Unable to offer anything other than a DIY flowery letters! While pretty as decoration for the buffet, candy bar or entering a place of reception a little sad, they have many advantages: they do not weigh heavy, can be fixed to the wall using a little patafix, and stand up by themselves if you put them on a table. It has 100% all good, however.

For a more modern result, it was resolved to use only one flower, like the incredible shooting of French Antique Wedding (remember?) Where bunches of flowers of one color created an atmosphere really special. An almost magical atmosphere ... We chose the gypshophile, very small symbolic flower of marriage (and who also has the advantage of not costing much).

The equipment you need:
- Letters paper maché
- Flowers of your choice
- From the floral foam
- A cutter
- A pair of scissors
- A bucket of water

First of all, here is a list to help you find the supplies:

- Floral foam brick
- Letters papier mache (here about 20 cm high)

1. The first thing to do is prepare your letters. It could not be simpler: you just have to disembowel them with a knife, to remove the front and small pieces of cardboard that keep your letter shape. Draw a slit in the middle of the letter, slide some the fingers and gently tear. You can then paint or bulging of the color of your choice. From our side, we preferred to leave the white.

2. Then cut the floral foam with a cutter to it adjusts perfectly to the shape of your letters, you can gently apply the foam on the edge of the letter to a guide and then cut the cutter and adjust to the desired height: do not hesitate to prune at the right so that the foam stays in place and does not move when inserted.

3. The day before or the morning of D-Day: Put the foam in a bucket of water and wait until it is soaked. Meanwhile, upholster your clear plastic letters for waterproofing. After thoroughly wet moss, fill your letters.

4. At this point, you just have to cut your flowers (small rods 4 to 5 cm) and stitch them into the foam. To effect a more "fluffy" feel free to collect several stems to form small bunches before diving.

5. Finally, if you find that your letter lost some of its shape (if small flowers clog some loops, for example), simply cut those above with a pair of scissors, like haircut. Tadaaaaa: your floral creation is ready!

First edition of "Once upon a time ... the wedding" this weekend

The first edition of the show "Once upon a time ... marriage" takes place over two days on Saturday 12 and Sunday, March 13, Hall of Salorge in Olonne-sur-Mer.

A new wedding show appeared in Vendée. This is the show "Once upon a time ... the wedding" organized by Du Chili. This event follows the "Wedding in Vendée" magazine was born there two years now. So the organizers rendezvous future married this weekend, on 12 and 13 March in the hall of the Salorge in Olonne-sur-Mer.

Find in one place all the interlocutors essential to the organization of a wedding. Here are the major argument of a wedding fair for couples who have decided to unite and who have joined the race for the organization of what will be the best day of their life together. Twenty-five professionals will be present: reception venues, florists, photographers, wedding planners, caterers, decorators, animators, jewelers, tour operators, wine merchants, etc., and, of course, specialists and married dress suit.

"This show follows the creation of our magazine" Wedding in Vendee "but professionals present Saturday and Sunday will not just those in our publication. There will be new "insists Katel Le Jeune, of Du creative event Pepper.

Spice up your wedding night!

The organizers, Katel and Anne Le Jeune, absolutely wanted to make their wedding fair stands out. To do this, visitors can enjoy many activities like traditional dresses shows, theme gospel singing or skin makeup demonstrations but mainly workshops. "They will be eleven in number spread over two days. We advise people to register in advance on the website of lounge because the number of seats is limited for each workshop, "announces Le Jeune Katel. An original initiative. The future (s) married (s) will be able to participate in an oral expression workshop to refine their speech D-Day, learn how to make a floral accessory, concoct a harmonious decor, decorate a wedding cake, make will dress elegantly fold to their tables (origami), learn to dance for the very important prom opening and even spice up her wedding night by learning to dance flesh (understand the dance of the chair)! "All these workshops, an hour, will take place in a friendly atmosphere and will be led by professionals. We hope that this proximity will create links because it is important to entrust the most beautiful day of his life to the professionals you trust. "

• "Once upon a time ... the wedding", Saturday 12th and Sunday, March 13, 10 am to 18 hours at Salorge, 1 block from the rope Olonne-sur-Mer. Admission: 4 euros. Information about the exhibition and workshop registration on the website; 15 euros per workshop participation and person.