Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pierre Moscovici: the wedding album

Saturday in the town hall of the sixth arrondissement of Paris, Pierre Moscovici married Anne-Michèle basteri. Anne Hidalgo celebrated civil union under the eyes of some politicians including Marisol Touraine, Lionel Jospin or Vincent Peillon.

It is under the sun that bathed Paris Saturday morning that Pierre Moscovici married. Former Economy Minister became European Commissioner for Economic Affairs married his girlfriend Anne-Michelle basteri, a Corsican énarque 35 years whom he met when he was in Bercy and exercising the profession of inspector Finance .

As announced, this is the mayor of Paris who celebrated their uniondans the wedding room of the Town Hall of the Sixth Arrondissement of Paris, where also married major political figures such as François Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac. Anne Hidalgo was first joked about the fact that this was the first marriage of Pierre Moscovici, 57, who took time to find the woman of his life. There are eighteen more months, he lived with Marie-Charline Pacquot. "I do not expect to marry Pierre ..." said Anne Hidalgo before drawing up a lovely portrait of the married "two beautiful people, beautiful two identities, two beautiful courses, both formed in the ideal of public service, shared values ​​of liberty, equality, fraternity. "The comments reported by Le Parisien.

In the audience could recognize Lionel Jospin, Vincent Peillon, Marisole Touraine, Jacques Attali or Otokoré Safia, Vice President of the Burgundy region and witnessed Pierre Moscovici who posted on Twitter a photo of the couple with this comment: " thank you Anne Hidalgo wonderful speech, moving ... honor of being the best man Pierre Moscovici. "

For the occasion, Pierre Moscovici was wearing a dark suit and a white shirt while Anne-Michelle wore a basteri Delphine Manivet wedding dress online.

Amandine, the fire sale Wedding Dress

Amandine, who married the old sellout, bet that she will come in princess dress. And WAREMMIENNE did.

This is an event for which less original people who attended the fair of Waremme attended. Indeed, Amandine came to work in his shop Hush Up, street Joseph Wauters in Waremme, dressed in wedding dress ... Shortly before, the young woman had made a bet with another shopping and she wanted to keep their word.

"Jerome and I, we got married on Saturday, the young woman told us last Sunday. Since the event was at the same time that the sellout, I promised that I would come in wedding dress! I kept that promise ... It's a little difficult to keep going after the party and the few hours we slept, but we drink bubbles. This helps us stay awake. "Indeed, after partying all much of the night, the store manager still wanted to be part of and participate in the sell.

"I am here, sitting in my chair," she quipped before adjusting her beautiful white dress that contains metal hulls moderately easy to endure while sitting. "Since I knew that I had today, I screamed all evening yesterday on who came too close to the dress. I was afraid they spoil me! "The bet was totally won since Amandine dress was still immaculate. And for sure, passersby have been constantly throughout the day, to wish much happiness to the newlyweds.

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Marriage: 30 princess dresses that make you dream

Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine ... wedding dresses fairy tale princesses make us dream. Discover chic and romantic selection.

"One day my prince will come ..." Sweetheart, drags, lace, satin fabric ... When we were little, we dying to have the wardrobe of Cinderella, the Sleeping Beauty and / or Blanche- Snow. Now that the big day has arrived, it's time to have fun! Good thing: we ferreted out 30 romantic and elegant models, to be dazzling the big day

But beware: to wear a wedding dress "Princess" without looking ridiculous (? Meringue, you see), some rules are necessary.

First, think pra-tick. A majestic dress with 4 hoops, petticoats and a train 3 of 4 meters long, ok, it's chic. But if can not enter the gates, it may be complicated to manage. And the fairy tale becomes a nightmare ...

Then play the card of sobriety on accessories. It does not make you design: diamond necklace + bolero Lace + shoes + sequined dress princess = Christmas tree. Finally, to give a modern twist to your outfit, avoid pure white: rather bet on ivory, off white, or downright dare color.

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The Spanish brand Pronovias has chosen to ride the trend for transparency its new collection of wedding gowns 2016. A daring measured and controlled through the lace association games and romantic embroidery.

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This is the lovely Irina Shayk who opened the Pronovias parade in 2016 in Barcelona. The supermodel curves to hell and incidentally ex-girlfriend of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is feeling in a long sheath dress covered with embroidery and finished with a tulle tail. A cut that sublime morphologies in 8GB and gives an impression of endless legs. But what impressed us even more was that the sham of the wedding dress. With a transparency effect on the bust, embroidered flowers in front and back seem very attached to his skin for a result more sensual. Chest revealed just enough, Irina Shayk shows that the bride can be very glamorous without being vulgar.

The backless star Wedding Dresses

Big trend too, the bare back. Romantic and comfortable version for the bride with a transparent fabric, crossed to sublimate back swimmer, diamond for a chic and graphic effect, deep V (rather small breasts), it is almost all the creations of the house . One detail that displays her femininity when you do not want too much away before. Kudos for this button sewn on a fully transparent back that really gives the impression that the body and the dress are one.

The cropped top dress Pronovias

It does not go unnoticed that room that we imagine made twice. Maybe is it a sham as the sign loves but what we appreciate this touch of modernity. It is rigid satin, with a long skirt imposing diameter. The belt appears, embroidered with small white flowers. A light and lovely detail. The top floats above the waist, his cut is straight, classic. But the back ... The back is shaped wrap-around reverse, a thick girl node which is fixed to the right shoulder. A false-wise all so chic and 100% mode. We said yes!