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Atelier 34 Eme presents the party line that joins to wedding dresses

Atelier Eme 'presents the new "Atelier Eme' party" cocktail in the new Milan flagship store in central Via Manzoni 17. A collection in style red carpet celebrated with a cocktail full of print, happy few - including Sandro Veronesi- President Calzedonia Group with Raffaella Fusetti, designer Atelier Emé - and celebrities (such as the beautiful Francesca Chillemi, Giulia Elettra Gorietti and Ilaria Sword) in the new frame of the shop Atelier Eme '. A luxurious light box all white, essential, essential glamor and modern, perfect shell for the valuable creations of the collection of wedding dresses in lace, tulle and lace precious by Atelier Emé and the brand new long dress, draped tunics and dresses corolla Collection party. All in the name of Made in Italy and most impeccable quality, as is always the creations Atelier Emé. As demonstrated by the "real" tailoring set up directly on the second floor of the store with premiere and "petits mains" busy finishing touches on handmade clothes, one more service for brides contemporary, but also for all those customers who choose the leaders of haute ranges of the new collection Atelier Emé Party.

Sophisticated clothes, but that certainly does not go unnoticed, like those worn by the three godmothers of the evening: Francesca Chillemi, Giulia Elettra Gorietti and Ilaria Spada who have chosen some of the most spectacular proposals of the new collection Party, including full skirts in organza prints " Love Letter "and" murals ", long dresses in chiffon and silk draped black lace combined with debrodè. Special DJ Set with the electronic sounds of Caroline Koch, Italian became known to the international scene with his single "Timeless", hit of the summer 2015. She also will choose a dress for her performance of the Party line.

But we know better the three special "ambassador" of Atelier Emé for the evening:
Giulia Elettra Gorietti born in Rome, 26 September 1988, is an Italian actress. Born in Rome on 26 September 1988, he studied acting attending some stages with Gisella Burinato and at the Cultural Association artistic world. In 2003, at age 14, she made her film debut with the film, Caterina in the city, directed by Paolo Virzì, where he stars with Margherita Buy and Sergio Castellitto. Subsequently starred in Three Steps Over Heaven (2004), directed by Luca Lucini, who also directs the short white night and participates in the film The broken man (2005), directed by Stefano Calvagna. In 2005, the cast of I Love You in all languages ​​of the world, the film directed by and starring Leonardo Pieraccioni. In 2006 he makes the film I want you, in cinemas from March 9, 2007; the film, directed by Luis Prieto, is the result of three meters above the sky. In 2007 he participated, paired with Federico Uslenghi, the second edition of the Nights on the ice, led by Milly Carlucci and broadcast by Rai Uno. In 2008 he returned to the big screen with the film Last of the class, directed by Luca Billon, and on the small screen with the television film The Wings, directed by Andrea Cardinals, on Rai Uno. The 2009 film Prisoner of a secret, directed by Carlo Fusco, and the last ultras, directed by Stefano Calvagna. In 2011 he took part in the third edition of The high school students, TV series Mediaset Francesco Miccichè. In August 2011, she starred in the movie You Are The Universe. In 2012 he interprets Calipso in the television program Colorado - 'I'm classic. Also in 2012, the cast of rebel Earth 2 - The New World, where he plays Clare. In 2014 he plays the role of Eva Cravero in the TV miniseries The secrets of Borgo Larches, broadcast on Channel 5. In 2015 is one of the stars of the film Suburra, Stefano Sollima. Also in 2015 it is in the cast of fiction Only love, directed by Raffaele Mertes and Daniel Falleri, broadcast in prime time on Channel 5.

Francesca Chillemi, born in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, July 25, 1985 is a model, actress and television personality Italian. Having started her modeling career by winning the beauty contest began working in television, participating in the fourth season of the television series A doctor in the family. In 2005 he leads to Rai 1 Variety, Waiting for Miss Italy, dreaming between the notes, Miss Italy: the challenge begins and participates in Sanremo Sanremo against. In 2007 he joined the cast of the TV series of Channel 5, Carabinieri; This commitment also involved in the following year. It is also co-starred in the second season of Seafarers. In 2008 he was awarded the Prize Margutta, in the fiction section. 2009 sees the debut on the big screen with Feisbum - The film, episode Gaymers, and fall from the clouds, directed by Gennaro Nunziante. In 2010 participates in the television miniseries Prefer Paradise, starring Gigi Proietti. In 2011, the cast of the miniseries Nightmare before '82 Series and God help us, where since then plays Azur Leonardi. In 2012 he starred in the television series Marry me instead, alongside Daniele Pecci. Meanwhile, on Oct. 27, 2013, in a single evening, leading the Seventy-edition of Miss Italy, with Massimo Ghini and Cesare Bocci.

Ilaria Spada, born in Latina, 27 February 1981, is an actress and TV presenter Italian. In 1998 he participated in Miss Italy, where she was elected Miss Elegance and Miss Berloni. Later in 2002 he participated in the transmission of Channel 5 Veline, created to select the new tissue of Strip the news, which comes to rank among the eight finalists. The following year was chosen as the first dancer of Hello Darwin transmission of Channel 5, together with Valentina Olla, and in 2004 took part in the transmission Free, with Teo Mammucari and Elisabetta Gregoraci, and Bubusette, conducted by Marco Balestri, both on Rai 2. In late 2006, he serves as a firefighter in the TV series of Channel 5 Code Red. The following April is among the protagonists of the TV series of Rai 1 Play It Again, Professor, with veronica pivetti and Enzo De Caro. In 2008 she acted in the TV series Don Matteo playing the recurring role of Amanda, was in the cast of the series Tell me and still in Play It Again, Professor; also in theaters with the movie This night is still ours. In the 2008-2009 season he is touring with the musical Pippin Tony Cucchiara, in which she plays the role of Berta, with Tuccio Musumeci, Pippo Pattavina, Anna Malvica and Mirko Petrini. In 2010 she acted in the TV series R.I.S. Rome - Crimes imperfect in the recurring role of Milena Spano. In 2014, the cast of the film The Royal Wedding, Charles Vanzinas, and oranges and hammer, Diego Bianchi.

One hundred dancers in costume for the "Grand Ball" in Miramare

A tribute to the sixty years of public opening of the castle

Patrizia Piccione

TRIESTE. After bubbling preview last Tuesday to the sound of waltzes and mazurkas with the dancers of the group Trieste Society of dance for the celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the opening to the public of the Miramare Castle, the association presents this historical dance afternoon rewriting and compact formation for "The Grand Ball in honor of Maximilian and Charlotte."

At 16, about a hundred skilled dancers perform in the suggestive natural parquet surrounding the castle, to revive a historically faithful version of the nineteenth-century dances at the Hapsburg court. The ladies dressed in lavish period costumes philologically reconstructed in detail by theatrical costume designers and riders in elegant tailcoats gallonate, frogs and polished brass, will stage a spectacular "Grand Bal", whose choreographic facility bears the signature of the director and teacher Group Trieste, Carla Hill.

Fifty pairs of dancers from the clubs scattered in the peninsula - including Rome, Livorno, Florence, Mantua, Modena, Bergamo, Turin and Padua - Company of Dance and Federated eponymous national association created by master Fabio Mollica, will revive the glamor the dances of the refined Central European society of the nineteenth century. Dance, music and costumes included the iconic ad hoc dwelling set on the sea of ​​the Archduke of Hapsburg, to the tune of Strauss senior and junior, for sparkling polkas and mazurkas, romantic waltz and languid polonaise.

The program will take place in two phases: the 16 will witness the "promenade" of the dancers coming down the stairs leading to the harbor under the castle, circling in groups with five dances representative of the era, including the famous "Waltz peals". "The book of the Grand Ball is centered mainly on the pages of music written by Johann Strauss father, like" Waltz à la Paganini ", while the composition of Strauss junior talent will fill the sky above the historic home with its lively mazurkas, marches and quadrilles, "anticipates the teacher and coordinator of the grand ball at the castle, Hill. For a glance of opulent grandeur, exit 17 in the couple of hundred dancers from the castle to the exhibition highlight of the event: the "Grand Ball in honor of Maximilian and Carlotta" on the esplanade of the castle with the dancers It will be arranged in two large circles, creating geometric synchronized choreography.

Besides the beauty of the historical review of the dances that inspired the noble houses of Europe, the event proposed by the Company of Dance is an opportunity to closely observe the spectacular costumes of yesteryear, reconstructed with meticulous attention to historical detail, modeled clothes taken from paintings and books of the era. Evening dresses in taffeta precious, delicate lace, lace and, still,

Tips for getting sexy prom dresses

The modern dance is an opportunity where teens wear their best clothes for banquets school. An important part of these banquets involves dancing. Needless to say, every teenager likes the idea of ​​being recognized as the best dressed couple. If you choose to go to the dance as a group, a couple or as an individual, the need to look beautiful and dashing does not change.

Usually there are many colors, fabrics, shapes and patterns to choose. This makes the entire process of selecting the right ball gown a daunting task for any teenager. There are useful tips that can reduce the stress associated with decision-making.

An important consideration is to keep in mind the nature of the decoration to the ball. If the atmosphere is modern and funky you might want to go with gold, silver, magenta or metallic colors. Classic or old world themes can go well with the pastel, soft or softer versions.

In the event that the prom has a theme, this could help you choose a style of dress material and color. If you're going to dance with a partner, consult and harmonize your look. Instead of trying to upstage them follow each other lead. For example, if your partner prefers a conservative look, stay on par.

On the other hand, if you plan to make a fashion statement, then let your partner to keep up with the inspiration. This is important because these moments are captured in photos to last an eternity. If your partner is in light gray or white suit, then the dress color should be light. If you prefer the black and the color of the dress appropriately should be bold or bright.

You do not need to match the color of the shirt or dress with accessories for a perfect look. This approach may be ill-advised as any slight difference in shades will be easily noticed. Moreover, it may end up looking like a place of costume if you hit a perfect game. It would be safer to match the colors secondary or accent of his shirt and tie.

When selecting an appropriate color, it is important to consider your complexion. If you have a fair complexion you might look better in pastels and other soft colors. You might also consider blue ocean, coral, tangerine, raspberry light, champagne and white. Visit to choose your favorite colors, have more than 50 colors available to choose from.

The darker skin tones look best in bright, lively colors. However, do not overdo it up. To require attention, select emerald green, orange, red or midnight blue.

To avoid disappointment make last-minute arrangements to get a ball gown hot early. This with giving your time to make any adjustments and modifications, if necessary. Waiting until the last minute can leave you with expensive items that you can not exchange or return.

Keep in mind that you're going out to have fun. Each dress you choose should be made of fabric that can withstand the action of the dance floor. Remember to relax, smile and have a good time, as you create memories of a lifetime.

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Marriage: 100 years of wedding dresses in 3 minutes

If fashion is constantly evolving, wedding dresses also follow trends. Flashback and back video through 100 years of white robes, signed

Each season our dressing reinvents itself. So we imagine that in ten decades, there has been change. A perpetual evolution which, not surprisingly, did not spare the wedding dresses. True reflection of the current fashion and more generally that of a time, they have known all styles. The proof video with site in October had fun compiling a 3:08 clip of 100 years of wedding dresses, sifting through the different styles of 1915-2015.

1915, rising collar, long skirt, lace applications in length and ruffled shoulders, we recognize the middle of 1910. 1925 significantly shortens the skirt, neckline and satin emerges appeared. The beads are also more and more back the veil on the forehead. 1935, with the war is somewhat sexy stored in the closet. Eventually, the mixed lace and satin dress with a collar wise. Only eccentricity, the top most impressive jewel. 1945, the war is over, we again allows some liberties. Velvet, this piece wife more the waist and chest. The neckline is almost back.

100 years of wedding dresses.

1955 ankles are revealed, changing volumes and shoulders bare. Marked waist and flared skirt are required. 1965 elegance prevails, arms are discovered but the neckline while the skirt back down again. 1975 obliges hippie period, the dress is long, square neckline, hook replaces lace and flowers are worn in the hair. 1985, the arrival is too much. Hair through the middle oversized or beadwork, plus there are the better. And we do not even talk makeup. 1995 full decade Calvin Klein back to the blueprint. Only particularly chic audacity of this release, revealing her shoulders. 2005, the bustier is raging. Associate it with the satin dress and get the type of the decade. 2015, lace and transparent applications all with a vintage notes, this is the bestseller in recent years.

Puretrend find on wedding trends in 2016 with Laure collections Sagazan and Elise Hameau.

For 120 years, they wear the same wedding dress

The American Abigail Kingston, 30, ignored superstitions. A Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is proud to perpetrate the tradition from generation to generation: wearing the same wedding dress since 1895.

Show her wedding dress before the wedding would bring bad luck
? Kingston Abigail, 30, is anything but superstitious! Proudly adorned her dress, she poses in front of the dozen bridal portraits that decorate the walls of his living room. All these brides are his ancestors.
A sublime satin and silk

For a hundred and twenty years, they bequeath the sublime satin and silk champagne color of their marriage. A family heirloom pledge of happiness. "I always wanted this dress, which was raised for the first time in 1895 by my great-grandmother," said the bride.
It will be the eleventh to the dress

Over the years, the dress has been resized to measurements of each bride. To realize his dream and be the eleventh clothe the family relic, Abigail has had to do to restore. Meticulous work that required 200 hours of work. "I feel like Cinderella going to the ball. "And, as in a fairy tale, they married ...

IMAGES. The collection of wedding dresses 2016 Delphine Manivet

Wedding dresses designed by the designer Delphine Manivet for this 2016 rival of elegance and sensuality. Read their cuts and their unique style.

For this year 2016, the designer Delphine Manivet has designed wedding dresses 2016 slightly retro but still very contemporary. Fluid line or skirt above the knee, ribbons or transparent lace top, all models have in common originality and sensuality of cuts that suggest to choose the lower back, the hollow breasts or even hips. The worst is yet to make his choice!

4 tips to choose her wedding dress

After peeling wedding dresses sites, toured the bridal shops in your town and surrounding areas, you've finally found your princess dress. Finally, it is controlled, and you can try it! Even if you are in ecstasy before your wedding dress, remember to check these points to avoid unpleasant surprises on D-Day

                                       Photos : cheap wedding dresses

You probably remember this beautiful angora sweater you paid a fortune and you have brought that 30 minutes because it itched too much? You certainly do not want to do the same with your wedding dress. Certainly, you have to wear a single day, but a very long day. Try to wear more than a few minutes to check that nothing scratches you, especially if there is lace. You do not want to spend the most beautiful day of your life to scratch your back, or to have red patches on the body.


Stars sometimes complain of not being able to sit or move in their sumptuous evening gowns. It would be unfortunate if this happens with your wedding dress. Then try to move, sit, climb stairs and even dance. Certainly you will not make Zumba the day of your wedding, but you will need to walk and dance a little during the evening. A corset too tight or too fitted wedding dress that bothers you when you are seated would not be very pleasant. You must feel comfortable in your dress early at the end of this magical day.


Examine yourself from all angles: front, back, profile and three quarters to be certain that the wedding dress fits you perfectly. At this point you will see the latest small touches to make your dress. Also remember to check the color of your wedding dress in natural light and indoor spots. This will allow you to ensure that the color does not fade turns yellow in the light of day and it is not transparent!


After several fittings, you did make some adjustments: length, chest, back, shoulder straps, waist, hips ... so your wedding dress "you stuck with it." For your final fitting, make sure that the length is perfect with your wedding shoes, the size is adjusted, and you have a little room to be able to eat without missing could not breathe at the end of the meal. In short, we check all the little details that could be embarrassing to the wedding day and it would be impossible to correct at the last minute emergency.

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Bride chooses her grandmother as a bridesmaid

Christine Quinn for her wedding as a bridesmaid chooses grandmother almost ninety. The story of the bride does move America and ends up in the pages of the Huffington Post.

You're never too old to be a bridesmaid dress. To prove it with facts is Nana Betty, un'arzilla grandmother of 89 years in Pennsylvania, chosen by his granddaughter Christine Quinn as special lady for her wedding. The bizarre, but very sweet story, released by the protagonists in an interview to the pages of the Huffington Post, is unique and is the first case in the world of a bridesmaid so get older.

"When I asked her if she wanted to be my bridesmaid - tells the bride - Nana Betty asked me 10 times if I was sure of my choice and because I wanted an elderly lady at her bachelorette party and wedding. [...] I replied simply that she is my best friend "and so beloved granny is over with the other girls on the bus of the festivities, instead of rushing home to rest. A wonderful experience for Nana Betty, who on the day of the wedding thanked the nephew for having given us a day from "young", feeling he had not felt for a long time.

So, from octogenarian timid, Nana Betty, was soon transformed into the centerpiece of the festival, ending the center of attention of all the guests. Not only that, scared of having to show up next to women with the half of the half his age, grandmother Betty, is, however, appeared in great shape, the same dress that wrapped the other bridesmaids with a third his age. An unforgettable moment, which was immortalized in the pages of American news and that could be an inspiration for many other brides like Christine.

And 'Versilia the Bridesmaids mothers Italian

Her name is Sonia and entrepreneur Paul di Camaiore. The competition highlights the role of the mother as a woman engaged in family, at work and in society.

 CAMAIORE. Sonia Paoli, 40, businesswoman Camaiore, won in Gatteo Mare in Romagna, the end of Maid of honor at the 22nd national final of "Miss Mom Italian" event dedicated to all mothers with an age between 25 and 45 years.

The competition (the first in Italy dedicated to mothers) do not want to reward only the beauty but intends to enhance the role of the mother as a woman engaged in family, at work and in society.

With the presence of the cameras of the national and regional television, the 19 mothers finalists from all over Italy, paraded before clothes (which they own) that represented their personalities then in bathing suits.
All participants have supported a skill like sing, dance, engage in physical exercises and various creative tests involving her husband and children.

The jury, chaired by the Mayor of Gatteo Gianluca Vincenzi, proclaimed winner, with the band and the crown of "Miss Mom Italian 2015" Elisa Marcuccini, 33, a hairdresser, of Montefelcino (Pesaro), ranked second in the Versilia Sonia Paoli, mother of Federico 8 years.

Giuseppe Papini wedding dresses 2016: the new collection

The new collection of wedding dresses in 2016 by Giuseppe Papini has a very contemporary and particular mood. It is designed for women who want to surprise and amaze the day of his wedding, wearing creations anything but traditional. Within a line bridal we find, in fact, creations asymmetrical shapes, decorations and unusual embroidery, tulle and polka dots waterfalls organza, ruffles and pleats anything but ordinary. However, despite research that turns into the most pure modernism, the color chosen for the entire bridal collection of Giuseppe Papini 2016 remains white, universal and delicate, perfect for the wedding day.

If you do not like the traditional wedding dresses and classic and you are looking for something modern but not overly particular or excessive, probably the collection of Giuseppe Papini in 2016 is the one for you. The catalog of proposals made by the Atelier bridal creations are sublime and contemporary but also cut quite simple and clean. Among the models we find bridal dresses shaped slip and slightly flared, with silk tops and skirts in tulle, is both smooth polka dots, taken at the waist with a thin belt of satin. Some also have some very chic details like decorations laser effect lace basques decorating as part of the hips.

The flakes are among the ornamental elements and female Papini used largely in this collection, especially by placing them on the back to complement the wedding dresses characterized by open back. Another important detail is the length of the proposed models, because there are many bridal dress cut short and slipped, forming a sweet corolla, refined and carefree, definitely perfect for the younger ones, but there are also creations that leave the legs veiled, like dress with tulle skirt with polka dots applied just on a short wedding dress.

With organza Giuseppe Papini has deconstructed some of her clothes, and is between bustier top with sheets that open up, as if you were decomposing, to those who have special games of overlapping and curls on the skirt. Tar star in this collection we also find wedding dresses in Mikado, elegant solutions and very chic but also very simple and elegant, designed for all women of all ages. In our photo gallery you will see all the creations in the collection: look for the one that you like best!

Wedding dresses 2016, the crop top trend also altar

Among the wedding dresses 2016 returns tended crop top that women want a new look modern and fashion on the altar. Who pays attention to his own style and define a real fashion addicted, far from the traditional and classic proposals, will surely appreciate this trend overseas is literally depopulating. Among the most famous star who chose to marry a wedding dress crop top is Olivia Palermo, a real fashionista, who bet on a look broken and, since then, many can not help but look at her and be inspired by your mood. Let's see what we have reserved the studio and discover together the cropped bridal dress more glamorous.

There are many new trends regarding wedding dresses 2016 but without doubt the most modern and fashion is focused on clothes crop top. The most beautiful come from America, the workshops that have experienced this look so contemporary and stylish and that caught the attention of European girls coming to the wedding. That's why, today, we have a wide range of creations signed also by the most famous designers to us: just think of Alberta Ferretti, who in his collection Forever included among the many models, a beautiful wedding dress boho chic with crop top light with subtle embroidery on the front.

Wedding Dress 2016 Style

Very beautiful creations in the new line of bridal Yolan Cris 2016, which has staged several two-piece dresses with bodices very refined and glamorous. Sarah Seven filed suits with skirts smooth and simple accompanied by scalloped lace cropped top, while Jesus chose Peirano style superimposed on inserting his models mesh embroidered with cuffs in contrasting blacks. About Black, not passing unnoticed new wedding gowns by Vera Wang allure dark rock, while they are definitely the most romantic ones proposed by Theia, among which are also colored bridal dress 2016.

                              Wedding Dress 2016

Among the most beautiful we have no doubt tell you the wedding dresses Reem Acra 2016, he signed a series of crop top tattoo tulle with delicate lace appliques macramé, for a style very sophisticated and unique.

For those who want to get out totally outside the box, we offer a short wedding dress, with shorter top and skirt, fluffy and very fifties Delphine Manivet. Browse our gallery to find out all the wedding dresses crop top in 2016 not to be missed.

Visit look for more wedding dresses 2016 

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Pierre Moscovici: the wedding album

Saturday in the town hall of the sixth arrondissement of Paris, Pierre Moscovici married Anne-Michèle basteri. Anne Hidalgo celebrated civil union under the eyes of some politicians including Marisol Touraine, Lionel Jospin or Vincent Peillon.

It is under the sun that bathed Paris Saturday morning that Pierre Moscovici married. Former Economy Minister became European Commissioner for Economic Affairs married his girlfriend Anne-Michelle basteri, a Corsican énarque 35 years whom he met when he was in Bercy and exercising the profession of inspector Finance .

As announced, this is the mayor of Paris who celebrated their uniondans the wedding room of the Town Hall of the Sixth Arrondissement of Paris, where also married major political figures such as François Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac. Anne Hidalgo was first joked about the fact that this was the first marriage of Pierre Moscovici, 57, who took time to find the woman of his life. There are eighteen more months, he lived with Marie-Charline Pacquot. "I do not expect to marry Pierre ..." said Anne Hidalgo before drawing up a lovely portrait of the married "two beautiful people, beautiful two identities, two beautiful courses, both formed in the ideal of public service, shared values ​​of liberty, equality, fraternity. "The comments reported by Le Parisien.

In the audience could recognize Lionel Jospin, Vincent Peillon, Marisole Touraine, Jacques Attali or Otokoré Safia, Vice President of the Burgundy region and witnessed Pierre Moscovici who posted on Twitter a photo of the couple with this comment: " thank you Anne Hidalgo wonderful speech, moving ... honor of being the best man Pierre Moscovici. "

For the occasion, Pierre Moscovici was wearing a dark suit and a white shirt while Anne-Michelle wore a basteri Delphine Manivet wedding dress online.

Amandine, the fire sale Wedding Dress

Amandine, who married the old sellout, bet that she will come in princess dress. And WAREMMIENNE did.

This is an event for which less original people who attended the fair of Waremme attended. Indeed, Amandine came to work in his shop Hush Up, street Joseph Wauters in Waremme, dressed in wedding dress ... Shortly before, the young woman had made a bet with another shopping and she wanted to keep their word.

"Jerome and I, we got married on Saturday, the young woman told us last Sunday. Since the event was at the same time that the sellout, I promised that I would come in wedding dress! I kept that promise ... It's a little difficult to keep going after the party and the few hours we slept, but we drink bubbles. This helps us stay awake. "Indeed, after partying all much of the night, the store manager still wanted to be part of and participate in the sell.

"I am here, sitting in my chair," she quipped before adjusting her beautiful white dress that contains metal hulls moderately easy to endure while sitting. "Since I knew that I had today, I screamed all evening yesterday on who came too close to the dress. I was afraid they spoil me! "The bet was totally won since Amandine dress was still immaculate. And for sure, passersby have been constantly throughout the day, to wish much happiness to the newlyweds.

View : cheap wedding dresses sale

Marriage: 30 princess dresses that make you dream

Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine ... wedding dresses fairy tale princesses make us dream. Discover chic and romantic selection.

"One day my prince will come ..." Sweetheart, drags, lace, satin fabric ... When we were little, we dying to have the wardrobe of Cinderella, the Sleeping Beauty and / or Blanche- Snow. Now that the big day has arrived, it's time to have fun! Good thing: we ferreted out 30 romantic and elegant models, to be dazzling the big day

But beware: to wear a wedding dress "Princess" without looking ridiculous (? Meringue, you see), some rules are necessary.

First, think pra-tick. A majestic dress with 4 hoops, petticoats and a train 3 of 4 meters long, ok, it's chic. But if can not enter the gates, it may be complicated to manage. And the fairy tale becomes a nightmare ...

Then play the card of sobriety on accessories. It does not make you design: diamond necklace + bolero Lace + shoes + sequined dress princess = Christmas tree. Finally, to give a modern twist to your outfit, avoid pure white: rather bet on ivory, off white, or downright dare color.

Read more : beach wedding dresses


The Spanish brand Pronovias has chosen to ride the trend for transparency its new collection of wedding gowns 2016. A daring measured and controlled through the lace association games and romantic embroidery.

                                              Souce : cheap wedding dresses

This is the lovely Irina Shayk who opened the Pronovias parade in 2016 in Barcelona. The supermodel curves to hell and incidentally ex-girlfriend of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is feeling in a long sheath dress covered with embroidery and finished with a tulle tail. A cut that sublime morphologies in 8GB and gives an impression of endless legs. But what impressed us even more was that the sham of the wedding dress. With a transparency effect on the bust, embroidered flowers in front and back seem very attached to his skin for a result more sensual. Chest revealed just enough, Irina Shayk shows that the bride can be very glamorous without being vulgar.

The backless star Wedding Dresses

Big trend too, the bare back. Romantic and comfortable version for the bride with a transparent fabric, crossed to sublimate back swimmer, diamond for a chic and graphic effect, deep V (rather small breasts), it is almost all the creations of the house . One detail that displays her femininity when you do not want too much away before. Kudos for this button sewn on a fully transparent back that really gives the impression that the body and the dress are one.

The cropped top dress Pronovias

It does not go unnoticed that room that we imagine made twice. Maybe is it a sham as the sign loves but what we appreciate this touch of modernity. It is rigid satin, with a long skirt imposing diameter. The belt appears, embroidered with small white flowers. A light and lovely detail. The top floats above the waist, his cut is straight, classic. But the back ... The back is shaped wrap-around reverse, a thick girl node which is fixed to the right shoulder. A false-wise all so chic and 100% mode. We said yes!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Yesterday, on TF1, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has answered some questions, including returning her pregnancy as "Closer" was revealed in exclusivity, but also news on presidential campaign fund.

"It's hard to hide after a moment," said the smiling First Lady of France, referring to her pregnancy. A month and a half of labor, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, already the mother of a boy, said not wanting to publicize her unborn child.

A child whose presidential couple apparently did not know the sex. But the wife of the President of the Republic "hope" that her husband may be present at birth.

As for what is to raise this child, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy she dreads having to do it alone, in the first months, if her husband agrees again in a presidential campaign? "Oh! That's a thing I had not thought ..." she replies, a finger to his lips, looking up towards the ceiling.

"And the campaign is not running. I do not know if he will commit," she adds. Nicolas Sarkozy, the Elysee drop for pampering? We dare to believe it


Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, celebrated this Saturday, June 20, 2015 the marriage of the patron saint of the Greens Emmanuelle Cosse and his companion Denis Baupin. Claude Bartolone, President of the National Assembly, sent their congratulations.

"When a vice president and a nationalDenis_Baupinemmacosse Secretary marry must celebrate! My good wishes to them." It is with this message that Claude Bartolone, President of the National Assembly, congratulated Emmanuelle Cosse, the patron saint of the Greens and Denis Baupin, the deputy EELV, also vice chairman of the National Assembly, which are united in the ninth arrondissement of Paris.

When a Vice-President and National SecretaryDenis_Baupinemmacosse marry must celebrate! My good wishes to them.

- Claude Bartolone (claudebartolone) June 20, 2015

It is the Socialist Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, who played ceremonial mistresses whose dresscode was the colors of the political formation of the two newlyweds. The bride wore a white pantsuit with a high green farting, enough to claim their political views, complemented by beautiful flowers and red boots.


Denis Baupin answered these congratulations with a tweet: "Many thanks to all friends present and all messages received even stronger if it is shared Happiness.". The bride, she has received many messages of congratulations, even from his political opponents, and she took the time to answer all of them, and even shared a message posted by Cécile Duflot, accompanied a photo: "The smiles of the day (& the price of the most beautiful bridal shoes;) greetings!".

EELV: the Socialist gratin wedding Emmanuelle Cosse

The national secretary of Europe Ecology-Greens invited Cambadélis, Carvounas, near Valls and Bartolone his wedding Saturday. Ecumenical.

So Emmanuelle Cosse regularly criticizes the government, the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, appeared this Saturday afternoon among the guests at her marriage to Denis Baupin, EELV deputy and vice chairman of the National Assembly. Even the current Valls - reviled among the Greens - was represented at the ceremony in the person of Luke Carvounas, a close associate of Prime Minister elect of Val-de-Marne.

Are we to think that Jean-Vincent Place is not only among environmentalists personalities to do anything to enter the government? Anyway, regional elections require, Claude Bartolone was also present, as well as his former rival for the presidency of the Ile-de-France the elected PS Marie-Pierre de La Gontrie.

Sofia and Carl Philip: wedding under the sign of emotion

Sofia and Carl Philip were able to make their wedding an event that resembles them. Thus a ceremony full of emotion, placed under the joint signs of good humor and music, from Bach to Rihanna. Point de Vue says.

And if she did not come? It is 4:30 p.m. ET the door of the royal chapel was closed. In his uniform of the Swedish Navy, Carl Philip just up the nave. The officer looks great prince. Only back to the altar, he deceives his impatience by exchanging hand signals with his niece Leonore, which does not take up on the lap of his father.

                                            Images : chiffon beach wedding dresses

For more than half an hour, the small church of rococo was packed with guests robes and ceremonial costumes. In the front row to the right of married, stand the royal guests and their tiaras, more impressive as each other. Between Margrethe of Denmark and Sonja of Norway, that is who has the most flashy dress, bright red for the first and canary yellow for the second. Maxima of the Netherlands and Mathilde of Belgium, came solo, sit side by side. After chained bridal marches of Bach and Handel, the organ was silent. And the silence is heavy while we watch the back of the church in the hope of seeing the bride. The minutes tick Carl Philip became more nervous. Sofia would it have changed your mind?

The couple back tears
But soon the shouts of the crowd, from the outside, reassure him. The door finally opened, revealing the adorable picture of four bridesmaids: Estelle, daughter of Princess Victoria, leads the way in her little white dress with lace sleeves, surrounded by Anaïs and Chloe Sommerlath, cousins Carl Philip, and Tiara Larsson, goddaughter of the bride. Sofia advances in turn to the arms of his father, Erik Hellqvist, accompanied by a cello vibrato.

Gay marriage is now legal everywhere in Mexico

The Mexican Supreme Court ruled Monday in favor of gay marriage. Indeed, denying the right to marry to persons of the same sex, would be to consider them as second class citizens and question their integrity and their dignity.

So far, only three States 32 had legislated in favor of gay marriage in Mexico. The ruling overturns the most conservative states must harmonize their laws on pain of being declared unconstitutional.

The argument of procreation - the ultimate goal of marriage - advocated by these States was swept by judges who give priority to "the protection of the family as a social reality."

The Catholic Church hardly limping along while the Mexican episcopate was quick to criticize the supreme court which would, according to him, no authority in the creation of new forms of marriage.

Abused during his childhood, it sends a very special wedding invitation to his parents

While the dream of every child that his parents attend the happiest day of their lives, this was not the case of this Australian who has made them understand.

Alyssa Pearce is a young woman of 23 years who has experienced a rather tumultuous childhood and adolescence during which her parents mistreated. Abuse that have stopped when she was 16, when she decided to leave home.

Now adult and about to get married, her parents resurface because they want to attend the wedding of their daughter. Inconceivable for her. And, determined to make them understand, she prepared and sent an invitation just for them.

 In this announcement, she invites them very clearly not to come to the ceremony and go "to hell" as she celebrates her wedding without them. It was the first time she came back in contact with them for nearly seven years, while his grandparents still insist to reconnect with them.

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Five amazing wedding dresses made with toilet paper

For eleven years in the United States a contest seeking the best design made with this material is held

For eleven years in the United States held a contest looking for the best wedding dress made of toilet paper. Participants must design the dress and can use any type of tape or glue for its creation. It is also allowed to use needle and thread. The photo design is one of the ten finalists of the 2015 edition of this competition.

The design of the photograph has made Donna Vincler, Miss Mississippi 1980. She used 22 rolls of toilet paper to make this wedding dress.

Carol Touchstone, responsible dress photography, used 74 rolls of toilet paper for this elaborate design. According to the contest rules, the dresses are nominated must pass certain tests, for example, a person has to be able to use it and remove it without damage. The contest is sponsored by a brand of toilet paper. The winner will be announced at an event on 17 June.

6 cases in which you say no when you ask to be lady

If you agree with any of these points, maybe you should not be a bridesmaid ...

We panic seems to say "no" to a friend who asks us to be part of the biggest day of his life. Do you think that if he really was your friend is angry with you?

On the other hand, it is vital that you are sure you can handle that responsibility, because otherwise you could spoil the day the bride and groom. Considers these points and if you relate to any time, for the good of all, perhaps better than reject proposal:

1. You have no money
This is the most valid reason of all. Brides should not think that just because it's your wedding all have the same economic opportunities. If you feel up to their necks in debt and do not really want to spend on a new dress, on a trip, in the farewell and also on several gifts, better tell that by now you do not have the money or go to the idea of ​​living water and bread for several weeks.

2. No time
This explanation may sound rude, but seeks to tell the bride best. Let's be honest, be lady, for some weddings, is a part-time job. It may be that you do not ask anything, but otherwise will tell you to do the anti-raw kit or decorate the place or you to take care of the flower arrangements, well, if you know you can not give your 100 percent talk it with girlfriend from before.

3. Do not like her boyfriend or family
You'll have to live with both to plan the wedding or farewells, so if you put the willies save yourself the stress. Obviously you can not say that the bride, you might have a bigger problem, just give another reason and say that of all the ways you can support anything else.

4. Do you like cheesy stuff
All dislike start planning farewells with hearts and romantic games. Note that if you are lady, you have to get in the romantic mood until the big day and the bride can not see you upset or unhappy.

5. Do not really like the bride
Let's say you get on with it and you invite for coffee occasionally, but do not really consider yourself a friend why you be willing to spend time and money.

Or maybe you get on with it, but you know it is a demanding and obsessive person. If that's the case, better not get into the planning, because if your personalities clash, it will not be a good result. You can always support it in other tasks, but it is valid to say "no"

6. You are pregnant
Planning a family is not anything, time and some sacrifices are needed. If you do not want to walk down the aisle with pregnant belly then you have every right to refuse your proposal. Maybe you have a baby before the wedding, but nobody really wants to be a lady after giving birth. You will be exhausted!

Source : wedding dresses online


In the afternoon yesterday in the village of St Mary of the Sea married in Chicago Marisol Terrazas, half of the duo Horoscopes of Durango with José Lechuga, lead singer of the group Northern Summit.

This place has great sentimental value for the singer because there they watched over the remains of his dead mother and it was that one of the reasons why it was chosen.

The bride wore a tight white lace dress with marked flamenco inspiration and a long veil of white tulle.

Awaited occasion for Terrazas was accompanied by his family. His sister Vicky who funfió as maid of honor, accompanied in the car that took the place lla. Once there, the bride entered the grand exhibition arm of Armando, his father who in hard openas containing his excitement.

Upon completion of the marriage the couple posed for photos with family and close friends, one of the perch that caught the attention which included the couple's daughter accompanied Terraces and the two sons of Lettuce fruits of previous marriages.

The husband already been chosen as a destination for their honeymoon several cities in Italy and France including Paris, a city that is most often associated with love.

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Eva Longoria, Kunis, Lady Gaga ... The ladies of honor VIPs do not go unnoticed

Many celebrities have proudly served as bridesmaids at the wedding of her best friends, becoming co-stars of the evening and in most cases, stealing all the attention, looks and flashes the bride. Discover them!

The tradition of the bridesmaids emerged in Europe in the Middle Ages, however, it is in the US where this tradition is lived more intensely. Generally, it is a cast consisting of sisters and people closest friends to the bride, wearing the same color and with similar designs, each also bears a replica of the bride's bouquet.

Eva Longoria is one of the most experienced VIPs be one of the stars of a wedding without taking the place of the bride. The first time I practiced was bridesmaid at the wedding of actor Mario Lopez. A pleasant experience that has been revived only a few weeks ago in Cordoba, with Mary Bravo, both enjoyed a wedding with 100% Spanish flavor.

Another famous experienced in the art of acting as a bridesmaid is Jessica Simpson. On two occasions we could see the singer in this role, in both pregnant. Despite being almost ready to give birth did not prevent him enjoy the wedding of one of his best friends in Palm Springs, where also her sister Ashlee, was cast.

The world famous Lady Gaga, abandoned its controversial looks and impossible to exercise a bridesmaid at the wedding of some close friends in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) outfits. Wearing a sensual and steamy pink chiffon dress, which completed with a flower in her hair.

Another singer, Selena Gomez, also played this role in Mexican beaches in 2011, with Justin Bieber, she enjoyed a fun and casual wedding.

Jennifer Garner is topical these days by his unexpected separation from actor Ben Affleck. In 2006, a smiling Garner went to the wedding of his assistant among the cast of bridesmaids with a strapless silver gray.

The star of "Sex and the City ', Sarah Jessica Parker, like Garner, last year attended the wedding of his assistant despite the impressive Oscar de la Renta, haute couture, the bride donned, shadow, of which he was one of the muse precisely this designer, is very long and grabbed everyone's attention and leadership.

The first and only time we saw Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at the foot of the altar was last year at the wedding of the brother of actress, Michel. Where Kunis, was one of the bridesmaids and wore a strapless dress cheerful with detail at the waist, from which arose a skirt with volume, accompanied by a bouquet of white roses.

Images : beach wedding dresses

Not only was a bridesmaid Kunis his brother, other hermanísimas were also co-stars and decided to break the rules, employing the same color as the bride: White.

The first to contradict the standard white (it is only reserved for the bride) was Pippa Middleton at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The sleek elegant dress that Sarah Burton designed, high profile stole her sister Kate, wife of the grandson of Isabel II.

Kim Kardashian is not duchess nor royal blood in his veins, but it is one of the undisputed queen of the tabloids. The 'socialite' performed a wedding in which he spared no expense and which echoed some trends are made, such as that created Pippa, therefore their hermanísimas dressed in white.

The 'it-girl' and Poppy Delevingne model, featured a cast of 17 bridesmaids dressed all in white. Like Knowles, Beyonce and sister Solange, who bet 100% White, to attend the wedding of his mother, Tira Knowles with actor Richard Lawson, as bridesmaids.

Paris Hilton was a bridesmaid at the wedding of his cousin in Mexico

Photo: Social Media Paris Hilton was partying on Mexican beaches, then traveled to Los Cabos to accompany her cousin Brooke Wiederhorn, where he was a bridesmaid. Paris, 34, could not miss the wedding of his cousin wanted, where he was one of the bridesmaids, along with other family members who accompanied the happy bride. After sharing with her family link his beloved cousin, he traveled to Paris Ibiza, place socialite says, "It is the most beautiful place on earth."

Rachel McAdams, an excited bridesmaid at the wedding of his sister

It has maid of honor on many occasions on the big screen, but this time the wedding was not in any film, but her sister, Kayleen. In a blue dress at the knee and halter neckline, gold sandals and wearing his hair short, Rachel McAdams accompanied her sister as maid of honor at the ceremony held in his native Canada, he could not help getting excited and that he to tears. The actress is now going through a great professional moment, because next month will premiere the second season of the hit series True Detective.

Source : bridesmaid dresses at

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wedding 103 years

The centenary Goerge Luckie Kirby and Doreen, 91, has become the world's older boyfriends who decide to marry

Despite being grandparents, George Kirby, 103 years, and Doreen Luckie, 91, did not give up their desire to join in marriage and gave the "yes" on Saturday in Eastbourne (East of England), becoming more married elders of the world.

The two lovebirds were married in a room Langham Hotel in Eastbourne, belonging to Neil, son of George, before family and friends, in a discreet ceremony wanted out.

Doreen, dressed in a white dress with blue floral, rose to kiss her new husband, sitting in a dark suit in a wheelchair with the colors of the Paralympic Games in London 2012.

The pair added 194 years in total, which exceeds the previous record of 191 years that had since 2002 the French François and Madeleine Fernandez Francineau, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

George, Doreen decided to marry after 27 years of living together, "no regrets not having married before me," it told AFP.

"I do not want to worry about before the wedding, but finally we have done," he explained.

No surprise
A similar age marriage could have astonished family and friends, but Doreen says it was not "Georges and I took so much time together that not too surprised when we announce our engagement."

On Tuesday, five days before the wedding, the couple spent a scare when George suffered a fall, but without consequences, his son Neil explained.

It has "some bruises but nothing serious," he explained.

The centenary should be accustomed to blows after a glorious boxing career in which he participated in 60 fights, "all won," Neil tells proudly.

The newlyweds, who "had not prepared anything special for the ceremony," have not "decided yet where to go for the honeymoon," Doreen said.

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The first annals of the Royal Wedding in Sweden

06/12/2015 19: 26h.

  Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and his fiancee, Sofia Hellqvist, have staged the first events to mark your link to be held this Saturday in Stockholm

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (d) and former model Sofia Hellqvist (i) have staged a party on the ship M / S Stockholm, on the occasion of his bond, to be held this Saturday in Stockholm, Sweden.

The fiancee of Prince model has worn a blue sky with paillettes and transparencies with loose hair and understated makeup.

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (d), and his wife, Queen Silvia (i) have served as hosts at the private dinner held at the M / S Stockholm boat for the wedding of his youngest son.

Princess Victoria (i), heir to the throne of Sweden, and her husband, Prince Daniel (d) arrived smiling at M / S Stockholm.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden (d) in the final stages of her pregnancy, arrived smiling arm of her husband Christopher O'Neill (i) the party before the wedding of his brother to be held this Saturday in the chapel of the Royal Palace Stockholm, the same stage where she and O'Neill were married in 2013.

                                                          Photo:plus size wedding dresses
Carlos Felipe, 36, third in line to the throne, and Hellqvist, 30, were married in the chapel of the Royal Palace in Stockholm, the same scenario in which married in 2013 her younger sister, Princess Madeleine and British-American financier Christopher O'Neill.

Princess Victoria (i), heir to the throne of Sweden, which has opted for a collected and silver chiffon dress adorned with rhinestones, accompanied by her husband Prince Daniel (c), and Princess Mette-Marit of Norway ( d), he is wearing a flowered dress.

Norway's Princess Mette-Marit (i), the writer Ari Behn (c) and his wife, Princess Martha Louise (d), smiling to greet onlookers were gathered there.

The ship M / S Stockholm has welcomed Friday the private party to mark the link between Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and former model Sofia Hellqvist to be held on Saturday June 13.

A wedding and a funeral

The government team had its last day while receiving condolences to Kichi were the congratulations on a fleeting visit to the City

                               Mayor of Cadiz, Teofila Martinez, in one of his last public appearances.

Farewell hugs, hugs welcome. Sad hugs, others with joy. Weddings were held yesterday at City Hall lived a historic day because they are the last to be held under the cloak of PP. The official marriageable Government team has been José Blas Fernández that like almost every Friday received in the hall of the couples who were joined in marriage. The mayor with the longest tenure in the Consistory, 32 years contemplate him, married the baton of City Hall, the same as today will be delivered to José María González Santos being the oldest member of the Corporation.

The news that the PSOE had certified it was an open secret, that will give its support to members of Podemos, ran quickly into the town hall, especially among the popular councilors who already knew yesterday that they were virtually out City government.

Participants at the wedding saw that something was wrong. Mayor's office yesterday a constant arrival and departure of people who came to greet and say goodbye to Teofila Martinez, a kind of scene condolences. Did his party councilors and other officials and people who have maintained a relationship with the mayor another.

This still working on his final day as councilor of Cadiz in a much more impersonal than days ago office, because there were no personal details that have accompanied him over the years, such as his own photos.

In the hall of the Local Government members of the press office of the City of Cadiz explaining to borrowers the full investiture of this development and they will take place in the hall of journalists. They also lived yesterday his last day of work and received the affection of his colleagues after so many years working side by side.

Juan Antonio Guerrero, one of the few remaining of the Corporation in 1995 where Teofila Martinez came in, I knew I was leaving since I decided not to repeat in the lists of the Popular Party to enjoy your retirement. One of the most amiable men of the government team, has for several days visiting delegations in which he has worked for the past 20 years, which totaled 15. In them was firing of technicians and officials with whom he has state because it is among those who believe are fundamental to push through any task of government.

Weddings witnessed the farewells, the end of an era that has lasted 20 years and so were the beginning of another. Which today will be sworn in as mayor, José María González, he came at the end of the morning to the city of Cádiz accompanied by one of his councilors, David Navarro, to visit the city clerk.

On departure, members of the wedding celebration was still in front of City Hall realized that here was the future mayor of the city and came to him. Kichi is a character not only locally but also nationally. Greetings and congratulations were effusive, more appropriate for a funeral wedding that was living above.

Today there will come a day of change and many of the stars of yesterday because José Blas Fernández officiate the formation of the corporation, Teofila Martinez live their own mourning after leaving city government after 20 years and Kichi have their particular wedding perocon moon Honey will last just two days, it will take to start working at City Hall.

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How to rent her wardrobe in Toulouse

Hallway Toulousaines offers a different way to refresh their wardrobe: borrowing clothes, like books in a library. Discovery.

It was enough to think about it: Lucie Baros was the first to do so. It opened in Toulouse a "vêtithèque" where one can, on a subscription basis, borrow clothes.

Admittedly, this is a fan of clothes. But that's mostly because she thought to consume differently and to avoid waste, that Lucie had this idea. "We know it all: a closet full of clothes that one door once or twice, and the impression of having nothing to wear! ". Far from advocating "zero consumption" Lucia hopes especially encouraging, with Hallway, to "think and eat better."

Internet Leaving the luxury sector, it opened two years ago his Taur street shop and proposes clothes to wear in everyday life, she chose on quality and style criteria.

Some subscribers see the Hall as an annex to their dressing room. Others come for a specific need: wedding, business meeting, etc ... Each is benefiting.

Rather than rent, Lucy speaks borrowing. "The concept of sharing is important to me." This is also why she wanted a real shop, to make it a place of exchange. The lobby offers new, discover new brands and young designers, trends, events. "I want this to be fun! ". People come girlfriends to try and be advised. Here one can dare, test, without risking crashing!

Our picks for finding a wedding dress for cheap

Who has not dreamed of a beautiful wedding dress for the big day? Unfortunately, reality often overtakes our wildest dreams ... and the budget too! Do not worry: there is a solution to everything. Here are our picks for finding a cheap wedding dress.

A wedding dress in a large sign

Yes, it is now possible to find the perfect outfit for the big day in major retailers. They develop increasingly their wedding radius. The Tati store it is put for a long time and offers a wide range of long or short dresses. But you can also decide for a short white dress while remaining chic. Do not hesitate to go digging in evening dresses ray C & A, Asos or Best Mountain.

A used wedding dress

The idea may shock, but the practice is already widespread in Anglo-Saxon countries. The Used wedding dress offers different advantages. First, it is the green trend that opposes the waste: why buy so expensive a dress that is worn anyway one day? Above all, it allows to be seduced by brand dress, because by buying used you pay on average 75% of the new price.

On the website Le Dressing Club, for example, you can even find a dress at 30% of its original price. It also offers Consignment alterations and custom personalization. sells meanwhile trademarks of dresses, such Elie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent. Oh my Dress also offers wonderful opportunities for brands.

Rent her wedding dress

In the same philosophy as the occasion, one can also choose to rent her wedding dress. The site Seed Cotton, for example, is entirely dedicated to marriage. One can buy used dresses or rent them for about half of their value in store. Dream Dress Hire specializes in the Pronovias brand, but also provides robes, trying in his showroom. The bridal shop is also a very good site to rent her wedding dress.

A wedding dress made by a dressmaker

We often think that using the services of a seamstress for her wedding dress is more expensive. This may be the case, but if you have fallen for a big brand dress or the wedding dress of a people whose cost would you syncope, the seamstress can be a solution. Indeed, with it you can get a tailor-made dress, personalized and high quality in a price range between 1 000 and 2 000, which is still a very decent rate compared with prices in stores. Of course, the best is to find a seamstress near you to facilitate the fittings, you will find contacts in the organized wedding fairs in your area. But in general, attention to too expensive and unoriginal seamstresses: bet on word-of-mouth.

Get a wedding dress and customize

Have you considered watching your mother's wedding dress, grandmother or, why not, stepmother? The idea is not new and has already been proven. In terms of costs, it is at the top. In trend terms, perhaps he will take some adjustments and customizations, but retro is back. The interest is twofold: you'll save while having an exceptionally original dress. And so you will be sure not to have the same dress as your neighbor who is getting married, too, next month.

Discover also in images, our selection of the best dresses 2015 wedding, and our advice to choose according to your morpho. And for a small budget, ideas of chic dresses and original shopper at your favorite stores.

6 shops to find the perfect prom dress

This is not because spring is slow to point the tip of the nose that shopping for prom dress should be neglected. Indeed, this crucial time of year marks the return of shopping for holding graduation evenings. It is never easy to find the place that meets all the requirements, such as budget, style, color and size. With that, we have researched the five shops to help you find the perfect fit for a fairy tale of Cinderella dress.


Laura, the owner of the Bella shop located in the Westmount area always takes seriously the crucial period ball gowns. During the year, she participated in various parades and makes the purchase of more 10,000 dresses, including more than 250 different styles. This worthy princesses outfits paradise gives each client a personalized service where employees actually take the time to choose the dress of our dreams, which suits our figure and our style. In addition, the store features exclusive brands that can not be found anywhere else. This is also one reason why Bella shop is so popular with customers in the Quebec City and Ottawa. The customized service is available for those who want it. To budget between $ 390 and $ 750.

1228 Greene Avenue, Montreal


If you are a lover of retro 50s or 20s style hat is the 1861 shop you unearth the absolute accoutrement that layer elegance of the time. Two facilities in downtown Montreal allows you to shop dresses very affordable and of excellent quality. Whether you want the short or long as Coco Chanel as the actresses of the golden age of Hollywood, 1861 has specially selected an impressive variety of vintage dresses for proms. Do not go there on a Sunday because vendors and fitting rooms are always very busy and frankly, traffic could spoil your shopping experience. To budget between $ 65 and $ 200.

3670 Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Sainte-Catherine Street in 1861


To encourage Quebec designers, one can also avail the service of Rush Couture, claw creative Claudette Floyd. For several years, this Montreal address has become a must for women's evening wear. We love wearing Rush Couture for the elegance of his clothes, the colors mat, the clean lines of its parts and, of course, for its reach in the world of Montreal's fashion. Although the online offering of ready-to-wear consists of trousers and jackets, these are her dresses that distinguish them in the market. To budget between $ 280 and $ 800.

3971 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal


High fashion amazes you? Herve Leger, Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, Diane Von Furstenberg and several other claws are part of the wonderful luxury collection that holds the Très Chic Styling store. It is impossible to go wrong because most of the pieces are timeless and classic. Their robes of time for graduation evening parade rows of small loft of Laurier Street. What we love most of all, it is the small price dresses that suit all budgets. In addition, the free service owners stylist Maryam Rafa and Angelina Kionis gives punch and chic to the place. Provide between $ 50 and $ 300.

1069 Laurier, Montreal


For those who do not know the BCBG warehouse, know that the property located in the Chabanel district fashion offers a wide selection of ready-to-wear dresses, very stylish, suitable for all young women. When you enter the building, a large living exposes sensational outfits perfect for this festive day that marks the end of secondary school. Just ask what you need as a short dress and will be pleased to bring you some to try in a cabin. Know that collections in future years, as well as shoes there. Finally, you save half the regular price in stores. To budget between $ 75 and $ 250. Prom Dresses Canada ON SALE

Finally recommended They provide high quality PROM Dresses at a reasonable price.


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Ideas to keep the kids

Surely you've received the last of your guests RSVP and all were present, even the children who will be numerous.
We're not going to lie, children can be a source of stress for you but especially for parents who may not enjoy the day too and evening whether to occupy and monitor.

We already touched on here but today we decided to deepen the tracks that exist to occupy (yes, a marriage that is nice but it can quickly become long for small).

Even if you decided to use one (or more) people to watch, prepare some small activities upstream you can be certain they are well entertained.

Feel free to share your experience in the comments, it may help in more than one (e).

In general, children enjoy being responsible for small missions. Their given a role may therefore involve them more and make them very happy.
This may be to announce the arrival of the bride, make alliances, distribute confetti, chopsticks just outside the town hall or the ceremony to announce the beginning of the meal or entertainment.
You see, some will take it very seriously. Be careful though to the smallest that can be a little intimidated.

You can totally provide a booklet of games to occupy your little guests during the ceremony (and the day).

There are all ready, but it can also be very nice to achieve it. You can call with coloring and small activities: points to be connected, words to find, maze, puzzle, game 7 errors, etc. related (or not) with some guests or the newlyweds.

For older children, you can also create small issues funny (anecdotes about the groom, the guests, the ceremony ...) to which they will meet throughout the day.

Remember to provide pencils;)

You can make available child some manual activities such as play dough, son of scoubidou, beads (but watch out for toddlers), small creative kits (like that available at Hema), etc.

Think also about the activity leading number 1: coloring. For a small budget you can make available a set of sheets (white and colors), crayons, stickers or stickers and stamps (you can find super cute with Hema: here, there, here, there).

And for larger, you can customize a cloth bag or a T-shirt. Just provide media (blank bag or T-shirt-), textile markers and stencils (alphabet and different forms).

Another idea 2 in 1, the coloring masks: you can find here and there (among others). Then we color plays followed.

You can also opt for a giant poster, placemats to color, etc. We advise you to take a ride in OMYA, specialist in the field, but there are also like this.

Alternative leaves and pencils: slates and chalk.

Children will be delighted to find games at their disposal and will be able to have fun at several (or even alone).
You can think of building sets (kapla lego ...) that appeal in general to everyone (even more!), Propose puzzles (we warn you, it may run out of room the next day) supply small cars, small plastic animals, dolls, etc.

Owl idea Laetitia & Benedict: providing a safe themed toys (for them, cowboys and Indians) with costumes and accessories. Kids can play well and make up stories related to the theme (have trusted them for that;)).
You can also offer them a goodie bag filled with goodies of all kinds (sweets, key ring, mask, bouncing ball, bottle blowing bubbles ...) they will use throughout the day.

Do not hesitate to consult this article that also gives some ideas of outdoor and indoor games (valid for small and large).

As Jordane & Volkier, you may very well provide entertainment during the day. They have opted for small ponies tricks but there are many other things to offer: magician, clown, storyteller, etc.
You can also set up a competition (with small gift to the key): bending, drawing, dance, grimaces ...

To have fun memories, trust them a disposable camera. And to make it more fun, give them a list of things to photograph (pictured with married photo, decor, picture of someone with a hat, with a colorful dress ...).

A makeup workshop also surely please them. If you do, remember to print templates and ensure that someone feels capable of doing so.

A very nice idea but a little longer to organize: a treasure hunt or a puzzle to solve. It also prepares you something about that ... Patience!

Another idea that does not require a long preparation: the bubble machine! Guaranteed success with the little ones.

Images : Flower girl dresses


We remember the email Naouel who told us that with a small budget, Olivier and she had managed to organize a nice civil marriage.

For example, the complete outfit: dress, shoes, tights, wreath, hair and makeup he returned to 170 euros. Remember the trick to take a makeup class: useful for day and for the rest of your life.

"Olivier asked me to marry during a weekend in Vienna. We were together for the past 4 years. The fact that it ensures that there had a safe in the hotel room and apparent stress put me on the track! I wanted to say a very big YES but I admit I was much more timid than that. I was not ready ...

It's 4 years later, seeing on One Fine Day lovely photos and moving stories that the idea has finally sprouted. I had finally want to stop time, to bring our loved ones and say "I love you" in a setting that looks like us. "

Flo Moncenis chose to photograph what there is of best in humanity: sharing. What first interested in is the human is the exchange, is the encounter.

His first goal, the emotions, the atmosphere reflected in the photographic reportage. Also, it will have at heart to be closer to you, to your loved ones to immortalize this great moment of your life.

Wedding photos must be for her, like a good old piece of music that follows you all your life and you do not tire of listening to you.

His photographs are lively, colorful, contrasting with a hint of sweetness.

1 - If you've decided to make a nice wedding on a budget is possible. We must believe and do not want any.

It will make choices, stop comparing with the big budget weddings; you pleasure remains entirely possible. I had to repeat myself regularly (and my dear husband also made me understand) that the important thing was the substance and not the form. It's true that it's not always easy, but it made me finally removed tremendous pressure.

2 - Yes creative wedding dresses are beautiful, but it's also fun to choose a dress on Asos. Model rock or classical, finally there is something for everyone (especially short version, I grant you). And if you are wrong, it's okay, you can buy another one: mine cost 30 €. And I have not chosen by default, I even hesitated between several models.

"Our wedding at the town hall was organized quickly enough, in a few months. We wanted to make very simple, in small groups and with a mini budget. It was actually quite fun to have to find tricks to reduce costs, it was taken to the game.

I first looked at everything and read everything. I dreamed a lot, I was inspired and together with Olivier, we kept the essential: a white wedding dress, a suit, a beautiful urban setting and a superb photographer to embellish the whole.

Spending the day in Florence company was a pleasure and has greatly facilitated our couple photo shoot that was stressing me out a little. We live in Paris without a car and naturally, we decided to go to Metro Hall at the restaurant and that's the way we did the pictures. The result pleases us greatly. "

"The choice of the photographer was important for us because we like the picture in general and that is all that remains of D-Day finally then.

And then when photos are successful we enjoy sharing them later with friends and family and it will extend the good times.

For makeup I offered a course (it could also be an activity for the EVJF). That way I learned something that today is still useful to me every day and I could do it myself quietly on the day, with a hint of pride. Rather, it is a very good plan next price.

For hairdressing idea was the same but I finally remembered my teacher to come and the big day because it turned out that I was not very talented. But ultimately, choose an independent hairdresser can significantly reduce costs ... again it is negotiable!

Monsieur was offered his suit. He took care to make a costume that he regularly calls at work, he needed it anyway. "

>> << A beautiful place

"Olivier has taken some time to choose the restaurant where we had lunch after the town hall. Especially for the frame. Finally in the large cities the choices are many and there are different prices.

We were married in voluntarily week like this one could only enjoy the restaurant without having to pay extra to privatize the place. And then come on weekdays, allows to trade more easily with the restaurant (part of the wine was offered for example). In exchange, Head of life was simplified by choosing a single menu. "

"For accessories (YES ring where even the wreath), I went for a walk on Etsy.

Deliveries are sometimes stopping the cost of the object, but it was a real pleasure to browse the shops and buy a product handmade by a "real" person sending us a thank you signed by him .

And for decoration we chose very simple to do, all in white (we staked everything on the beauty of the setting: a glass barge at the foot of Notre Dame). Hearts origami brought a touch of peps and homemade (my fingers still remember the hours spent doing dozens of cores). "

A talented photographer >> <<

"I saw the work of Flo Moncenis on the blog One Fine Day.

Olivier and I have contacted three photographers whose work we liked enormously and whose prices given on their sites suited us. Was chosen by feel after meeting all three; and we did not regret our choice for a second.

One day: Céline Vincent &

Céline and Vincent organized a lovely day of their own. They decided to draw the symbol of their family: the tree, to create a personal décor and a special atmosphere. We love the result.

We leave you with the beautiful images of You Made My Day, their photographer.

 Top a panoramic skyscraper in New York in July 2013. Cliché but so romantic.

We knew we wanted to get married, but decided that the application should remain a surprise. And what a surprise it was when he took out the ring at the end of the meal.

This was the moment, the good, and in retrospect, we would not want that to happen otherwise. "

You Made My Day actually hides Baptiste Hauville, photographer specializing in wedding photography.

His credo? More spontaneity for more authenticity! Attentive to detail, Baptiste will capture those little moments of complicity and emotions that make the strength of a wedding day.

Coming from the "Street Photography" Baptiste Hauville is animated by the magic of the moment. His work reveals a personal look replete with romanticism and simplicity.

Thanks to its strengths, the result will be exciting and full of spontaneity.

I do not know if I'm really in a position to give advice, I think that each organization has to live her marriage as she feels. But if I have to emphasize three points from this experience, it would be especially:

1 - To know how to delegate, whether family, friends or a wedding planner, and especially the big day!

2 - From stress before, but not the big day. Whatever happens, even if everything does not go as expected, the day will remain perfect. It is not in the details but the ambient atmosphere and the love that we share with its own.

3 - And above all, take three minutes during the marriage tumult, look around, and live fully in those few minutes saying that this particular time response to the memory for life. As we know all happening too fast, like all good things.

A good year was set being organized. The organization is mostly made crescendo, with the selection and reservation of place in August 2013, as well as the photographer.

After we have matured our project, as further defined our budget and we decided to get help from a wedding planner in view of our respective work taking.

The following steps were choosing the caterer, the dress, the DJ, florist, organization of the ceremony and finally the refinement of the decoration of the dining room. "

The budget >> <<

"We had an initial budget that we have somewhat exceeded!

Everything depends in fact the number of guests because the caterer is the most important position financially. We nevertheless tried to allot a certain amount per position, but it was also fun.

My whim to me was not the dress, although very important, but the decoration and flowers. I wanted everything to be like a dream for us and our guests with sometimes unrealistic ideas!

It has also made it a point of honor to ensure a festive atmosphere, and suddenly we invested in a open bar with cocktails and a cigar bar: a success! "

>> << A beautiful place

"We wanted to get married near Lyon, birthplace of my husband. So we spent several days tracking down places for weddings in the area, the addresses were noted, and took the car Scent of a Woman to travel the roads.

What mattered to us was to find a place that looked like us and have a good contact with the owner. There are too many people who see marriage as an industry and lay down rules (too) strict about the use of the place.

It has finally found the Ailly Castle in the Loire, a magical place where time seems to stop and where the owner greets you with an incomparable kindness. "

Beautiful inspirations >> <<

"At the decoration level, I am much inspired in specialized newspapers and I am registered on various websites and wedding blogs.

I also went to see what was happening in other countries, including the United States where they have delusions of grandeur.

We finally opted for Deco chic and nature 'inspired by the tree, source of life and symbol of the family. The idea was to have a cozy atmosphere, warmed by candle light and soft colors (white and taupe, punctuated with powder pink).

The wedding planner really helped us realize our ideas, but it also kept us in heart to do things ourselves. With the help of our family, it was pushed small oaks to offer to each of our guests. We also occupied the seating plan, a large screen on which were displayed the arrangement of tables and guests. "

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