Friday, December 26, 2014

Hosea Feed the Hungry hosts Christmas wedding

It's one of Atlanta's most generous holiday traditions: Hosea Feed the Hungry serves a hot meal to thousands in need every Christmas Day. But Thursday's crowd wasn't just guests at the annual event; it also included wedding guests.

Jerald Lowe and his new wife, Nicole, chose the special wedding venue for a specific reason.

"We said we want to get married where we actually met at and it was Hosea," Nicole Lowe said.

It's not only where they found each other, but where they found hope to turn life around. Both were homeless when they walked through Hosea's door.

Hosea CEO Elisabeth Omilami says her work is less about giving away meals and more about nourishing lives and finding ways to get people standing steady with jobs, homes and, eventually, families.

"It's about creating families so that the children in our communities can have more support," said Omilami.

Omilami said the newlyweds are a perfect example -- both now employed and living in an apartment.They're grateful for the help and for each other.

"If God can bless me and my wife, I know that he can bless anybody else, you just got to put your mind to it," Lowe said.

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