Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jilted Woman Destroys Her Wedding Dress In Awesome Photoshoot

What do you do when, a week before the wedding, your fiance calls you and says "just realized I don't love you. LOL SORRY!"? Some people might throw themselves a well-deserved pity party. Shelby Swinke, however, was all "fuck that noise" and destroyed her dress in a joyous photo shoot. Hashtag girl power. (Sorry, I just watched Spice World again.)

Swink, who still wanted to do something to commemorate her wedding day and the beginning of her new life (after canceling everything, of course — although, I kind of feel like the person who said "I'm not going to do this" should be responsible for that?)decided that the best thing to do was get all her bridesmaids together, invite her parents and paint everyone by flinging paint all over everything. And you know what? That actually sounds pretty awesome. I would also probably do that if this ind of thing happened to me. I would probably dissolve into tears and clutch my stomach while curling up in a fetal position, but I'd also at least try.

Many are finding Swink's attitude inspirational. Her painted dress will be on display at a local dress shop (she lives in Memphis) and a portion of the proceeds from every dress sold during the beginning of January will go to Be Free Revolution. And the photos, taken by photographer Elizabeth Hoard are gorgeous.

As for her ex, Swink has nothing but nice things to say in public:

Wouldn't it be great if we could all be like her and not cry and plot a revenge that we'd never carry out if it happened to us?

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