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Marriage: 100 years of wedding dresses in 3 minutes

If fashion is constantly evolving, wedding dresses also follow trends. Flashback and back video through 100 years of white robes, signed

Each season our dressing reinvents itself. So we imagine that in ten decades, there has been change. A perpetual evolution which, not surprisingly, did not spare the wedding dresses. True reflection of the current fashion and more generally that of a time, they have known all styles. The proof video with site in October had fun compiling a 3:08 clip of 100 years of wedding dresses, sifting through the different styles of 1915-2015.

1915, rising collar, long skirt, lace applications in length and ruffled shoulders, we recognize the middle of 1910. 1925 significantly shortens the skirt, neckline and satin emerges appeared. The beads are also more and more back the veil on the forehead. 1935, with the war is somewhat sexy stored in the closet. Eventually, the mixed lace and satin dress with a collar wise. Only eccentricity, the top most impressive jewel. 1945, the war is over, we again allows some liberties. Velvet, this piece wife more the waist and chest. The neckline is almost back.

100 years of wedding dresses.

1955 ankles are revealed, changing volumes and shoulders bare. Marked waist and flared skirt are required. 1965 elegance prevails, arms are discovered but the neckline while the skirt back down again. 1975 obliges hippie period, the dress is long, square neckline, hook replaces lace and flowers are worn in the hair. 1985, the arrival is too much. Hair through the middle oversized or beadwork, plus there are the better. And we do not even talk makeup. 1995 full decade Calvin Klein back to the blueprint. Only particularly chic audacity of this release, revealing her shoulders. 2005, the bustier is raging. Associate it with the satin dress and get the type of the decade. 2015, lace and transparent applications all with a vintage notes, this is the bestseller in recent years.

Puretrend find on wedding trends in 2016 with Laure collections Sagazan and Elise Hameau.

For 120 years, they wear the same wedding dress

The American Abigail Kingston, 30, ignored superstitions. A Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is proud to perpetrate the tradition from generation to generation: wearing the same wedding dress since 1895.

Show her wedding dress before the wedding would bring bad luck
? Kingston Abigail, 30, is anything but superstitious! Proudly adorned her dress, she poses in front of the dozen bridal portraits that decorate the walls of his living room. All these brides are his ancestors.
A sublime satin and silk

For a hundred and twenty years, they bequeath the sublime satin and silk champagne color of their marriage. A family heirloom pledge of happiness. "I always wanted this dress, which was raised for the first time in 1895 by my great-grandmother," said the bride.
It will be the eleventh to the dress

Over the years, the dress has been resized to measurements of each bride. To realize his dream and be the eleventh clothe the family relic, Abigail has had to do to restore. Meticulous work that required 200 hours of work. "I feel like Cinderella going to the ball. "And, as in a fairy tale, they married ...

IMAGES. The collection of wedding dresses 2016 Delphine Manivet

Wedding dresses designed by the designer Delphine Manivet for this 2016 rival of elegance and sensuality. Read their cuts and their unique style.

For this year 2016, the designer Delphine Manivet has designed wedding dresses 2016 slightly retro but still very contemporary. Fluid line or skirt above the knee, ribbons or transparent lace top, all models have in common originality and sensuality of cuts that suggest to choose the lower back, the hollow breasts or even hips. The worst is yet to make his choice!

4 tips to choose her wedding dress

After peeling wedding dresses sites, toured the bridal shops in your town and surrounding areas, you've finally found your princess dress. Finally, it is controlled, and you can try it! Even if you are in ecstasy before your wedding dress, remember to check these points to avoid unpleasant surprises on D-Day

                                       Photos : cheap wedding dresses

You probably remember this beautiful angora sweater you paid a fortune and you have brought that 30 minutes because it itched too much? You certainly do not want to do the same with your wedding dress. Certainly, you have to wear a single day, but a very long day. Try to wear more than a few minutes to check that nothing scratches you, especially if there is lace. You do not want to spend the most beautiful day of your life to scratch your back, or to have red patches on the body.


Stars sometimes complain of not being able to sit or move in their sumptuous evening gowns. It would be unfortunate if this happens with your wedding dress. Then try to move, sit, climb stairs and even dance. Certainly you will not make Zumba the day of your wedding, but you will need to walk and dance a little during the evening. A corset too tight or too fitted wedding dress that bothers you when you are seated would not be very pleasant. You must feel comfortable in your dress early at the end of this magical day.


Examine yourself from all angles: front, back, profile and three quarters to be certain that the wedding dress fits you perfectly. At this point you will see the latest small touches to make your dress. Also remember to check the color of your wedding dress in natural light and indoor spots. This will allow you to ensure that the color does not fade turns yellow in the light of day and it is not transparent!


After several fittings, you did make some adjustments: length, chest, back, shoulder straps, waist, hips ... so your wedding dress "you stuck with it." For your final fitting, make sure that the length is perfect with your wedding shoes, the size is adjusted, and you have a little room to be able to eat without missing could not breathe at the end of the meal. In short, we check all the little details that could be embarrassing to the wedding day and it would be impossible to correct at the last minute emergency.

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Bride chooses her grandmother as a bridesmaid

Christine Quinn for her wedding as a bridesmaid chooses grandmother almost ninety. The story of the bride does move America and ends up in the pages of the Huffington Post.

You're never too old to be a bridesmaid dress. To prove it with facts is Nana Betty, un'arzilla grandmother of 89 years in Pennsylvania, chosen by his granddaughter Christine Quinn as special lady for her wedding. The bizarre, but very sweet story, released by the protagonists in an interview to the pages of the Huffington Post, is unique and is the first case in the world of a bridesmaid so get older.

"When I asked her if she wanted to be my bridesmaid - tells the bride - Nana Betty asked me 10 times if I was sure of my choice and because I wanted an elderly lady at her bachelorette party and wedding. [...] I replied simply that she is my best friend "and so beloved granny is over with the other girls on the bus of the festivities, instead of rushing home to rest. A wonderful experience for Nana Betty, who on the day of the wedding thanked the nephew for having given us a day from "young", feeling he had not felt for a long time.

So, from octogenarian timid, Nana Betty, was soon transformed into the centerpiece of the festival, ending the center of attention of all the guests. Not only that, scared of having to show up next to women with the half of the half his age, grandmother Betty, is, however, appeared in great shape, the same dress that wrapped the other bridesmaids with a third his age. An unforgettable moment, which was immortalized in the pages of American news and that could be an inspiration for many other brides like Christine.

And 'Versilia the Bridesmaids mothers Italian

Her name is Sonia and entrepreneur Paul di Camaiore. The competition highlights the role of the mother as a woman engaged in family, at work and in society.

 CAMAIORE. Sonia Paoli, 40, businesswoman Camaiore, won in Gatteo Mare in Romagna, the end of Maid of honor at the 22nd national final of "Miss Mom Italian" event dedicated to all mothers with an age between 25 and 45 years.

The competition (the first in Italy dedicated to mothers) do not want to reward only the beauty but intends to enhance the role of the mother as a woman engaged in family, at work and in society.

With the presence of the cameras of the national and regional television, the 19 mothers finalists from all over Italy, paraded before clothes (which they own) that represented their personalities then in bathing suits.
All participants have supported a skill like sing, dance, engage in physical exercises and various creative tests involving her husband and children.

The jury, chaired by the Mayor of Gatteo Gianluca Vincenzi, proclaimed winner, with the band and the crown of "Miss Mom Italian 2015" Elisa Marcuccini, 33, a hairdresser, of Montefelcino (Pesaro), ranked second in the Versilia Sonia Paoli, mother of Federico 8 years.

Giuseppe Papini wedding dresses 2016: the new collection

The new collection of wedding dresses in 2016 by Giuseppe Papini has a very contemporary and particular mood. It is designed for women who want to surprise and amaze the day of his wedding, wearing creations anything but traditional. Within a line bridal we find, in fact, creations asymmetrical shapes, decorations and unusual embroidery, tulle and polka dots waterfalls organza, ruffles and pleats anything but ordinary. However, despite research that turns into the most pure modernism, the color chosen for the entire bridal collection of Giuseppe Papini 2016 remains white, universal and delicate, perfect for the wedding day.

If you do not like the traditional wedding dresses and classic and you are looking for something modern but not overly particular or excessive, probably the collection of Giuseppe Papini in 2016 is the one for you. The catalog of proposals made by the Atelier bridal creations are sublime and contemporary but also cut quite simple and clean. Among the models we find bridal dresses shaped slip and slightly flared, with silk tops and skirts in tulle, is both smooth polka dots, taken at the waist with a thin belt of satin. Some also have some very chic details like decorations laser effect lace basques decorating as part of the hips.

The flakes are among the ornamental elements and female Papini used largely in this collection, especially by placing them on the back to complement the wedding dresses characterized by open back. Another important detail is the length of the proposed models, because there are many bridal dress cut short and slipped, forming a sweet corolla, refined and carefree, definitely perfect for the younger ones, but there are also creations that leave the legs veiled, like dress with tulle skirt with polka dots applied just on a short wedding dress.

With organza Giuseppe Papini has deconstructed some of her clothes, and is between bustier top with sheets that open up, as if you were decomposing, to those who have special games of overlapping and curls on the skirt. Tar star in this collection we also find wedding dresses in Mikado, elegant solutions and very chic but also very simple and elegant, designed for all women of all ages. In our photo gallery you will see all the creations in the collection: look for the one that you like best!

Wedding dresses 2016, the crop top trend also altar

Among the wedding dresses 2016 returns tended crop top that women want a new look modern and fashion on the altar. Who pays attention to his own style and define a real fashion addicted, far from the traditional and classic proposals, will surely appreciate this trend overseas is literally depopulating. Among the most famous star who chose to marry a wedding dress crop top is Olivia Palermo, a real fashionista, who bet on a look broken and, since then, many can not help but look at her and be inspired by your mood. Let's see what we have reserved the studio and discover together the cropped bridal dress more glamorous.

There are many new trends regarding wedding dresses 2016 but without doubt the most modern and fashion is focused on clothes crop top. The most beautiful come from America, the workshops that have experienced this look so contemporary and stylish and that caught the attention of European girls coming to the wedding. That's why, today, we have a wide range of creations signed also by the most famous designers to us: just think of Alberta Ferretti, who in his collection Forever included among the many models, a beautiful wedding dress boho chic with crop top light with subtle embroidery on the front.

Wedding Dress 2016 Style

Very beautiful creations in the new line of bridal Yolan Cris 2016, which has staged several two-piece dresses with bodices very refined and glamorous. Sarah Seven filed suits with skirts smooth and simple accompanied by scalloped lace cropped top, while Jesus chose Peirano style superimposed on inserting his models mesh embroidered with cuffs in contrasting blacks. About Black, not passing unnoticed new wedding gowns by Vera Wang allure dark rock, while they are definitely the most romantic ones proposed by Theia, among which are also colored bridal dress 2016.

                              Wedding Dress 2016

Among the most beautiful we have no doubt tell you the wedding dresses Reem Acra 2016, he signed a series of crop top tattoo tulle with delicate lace appliques macramé, for a style very sophisticated and unique.

For those who want to get out totally outside the box, we offer a short wedding dress, with shorter top and skirt, fluffy and very fifties Delphine Manivet. Browse our gallery to find out all the wedding dresses crop top in 2016 not to be missed.

Visit look for more wedding dresses 2016