Friday, December 18, 2015

Atelier 34 Eme presents the party line that joins to wedding dresses

Atelier Eme 'presents the new "Atelier Eme' party" cocktail in the new Milan flagship store in central Via Manzoni 17. A collection in style red carpet celebrated with a cocktail full of print, happy few - including Sandro Veronesi- President Calzedonia Group with Raffaella Fusetti, designer Atelier Emé - and celebrities (such as the beautiful Francesca Chillemi, Giulia Elettra Gorietti and Ilaria Sword) in the new frame of the shop Atelier Eme '. A luxurious light box all white, essential, essential glamor and modern, perfect shell for the valuable creations of the collection of wedding dresses in lace, tulle and lace precious by Atelier Emé and the brand new long dress, draped tunics and dresses corolla Collection party. All in the name of Made in Italy and most impeccable quality, as is always the creations Atelier Emé. As demonstrated by the "real" tailoring set up directly on the second floor of the store with premiere and "petits mains" busy finishing touches on handmade clothes, one more service for brides contemporary, but also for all those customers who choose the leaders of haute ranges of the new collection Atelier Emé Party.

Sophisticated clothes, but that certainly does not go unnoticed, like those worn by the three godmothers of the evening: Francesca Chillemi, Giulia Elettra Gorietti and Ilaria Spada who have chosen some of the most spectacular proposals of the new collection Party, including full skirts in organza prints " Love Letter "and" murals ", long dresses in chiffon and silk draped black lace combined with debrodè. Special DJ Set with the electronic sounds of Caroline Koch, Italian became known to the international scene with his single "Timeless", hit of the summer 2015. She also will choose a dress for her performance of the Party line.

But we know better the three special "ambassador" of Atelier Emé for the evening:
Giulia Elettra Gorietti born in Rome, 26 September 1988, is an Italian actress. Born in Rome on 26 September 1988, he studied acting attending some stages with Gisella Burinato and at the Cultural Association artistic world. In 2003, at age 14, she made her film debut with the film, Caterina in the city, directed by Paolo Virzì, where he stars with Margherita Buy and Sergio Castellitto. Subsequently starred in Three Steps Over Heaven (2004), directed by Luca Lucini, who also directs the short white night and participates in the film The broken man (2005), directed by Stefano Calvagna. In 2005, the cast of I Love You in all languages ​​of the world, the film directed by and starring Leonardo Pieraccioni. In 2006 he makes the film I want you, in cinemas from March 9, 2007; the film, directed by Luis Prieto, is the result of three meters above the sky. In 2007 he participated, paired with Federico Uslenghi, the second edition of the Nights on the ice, led by Milly Carlucci and broadcast by Rai Uno. In 2008 he returned to the big screen with the film Last of the class, directed by Luca Billon, and on the small screen with the television film The Wings, directed by Andrea Cardinals, on Rai Uno. The 2009 film Prisoner of a secret, directed by Carlo Fusco, and the last ultras, directed by Stefano Calvagna. In 2011 he took part in the third edition of The high school students, TV series Mediaset Francesco Miccichè. In August 2011, she starred in the movie You Are The Universe. In 2012 he interprets Calipso in the television program Colorado - 'I'm classic. Also in 2012, the cast of rebel Earth 2 - The New World, where he plays Clare. In 2014 he plays the role of Eva Cravero in the TV miniseries The secrets of Borgo Larches, broadcast on Channel 5. In 2015 is one of the stars of the film Suburra, Stefano Sollima. Also in 2015 it is in the cast of fiction Only love, directed by Raffaele Mertes and Daniel Falleri, broadcast in prime time on Channel 5.

Francesca Chillemi, born in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, July 25, 1985 is a model, actress and television personality Italian. Having started her modeling career by winning the beauty contest began working in television, participating in the fourth season of the television series A doctor in the family. In 2005 he leads to Rai 1 Variety, Waiting for Miss Italy, dreaming between the notes, Miss Italy: the challenge begins and participates in Sanremo Sanremo against. In 2007 he joined the cast of the TV series of Channel 5, Carabinieri; This commitment also involved in the following year. It is also co-starred in the second season of Seafarers. In 2008 he was awarded the Prize Margutta, in the fiction section. 2009 sees the debut on the big screen with Feisbum - The film, episode Gaymers, and fall from the clouds, directed by Gennaro Nunziante. In 2010 participates in the television miniseries Prefer Paradise, starring Gigi Proietti. In 2011, the cast of the miniseries Nightmare before '82 Series and God help us, where since then plays Azur Leonardi. In 2012 he starred in the television series Marry me instead, alongside Daniele Pecci. Meanwhile, on Oct. 27, 2013, in a single evening, leading the Seventy-edition of Miss Italy, with Massimo Ghini and Cesare Bocci.

Ilaria Spada, born in Latina, 27 February 1981, is an actress and TV presenter Italian. In 1998 he participated in Miss Italy, where she was elected Miss Elegance and Miss Berloni. Later in 2002 he participated in the transmission of Channel 5 Veline, created to select the new tissue of Strip the news, which comes to rank among the eight finalists. The following year was chosen as the first dancer of Hello Darwin transmission of Channel 5, together with Valentina Olla, and in 2004 took part in the transmission Free, with Teo Mammucari and Elisabetta Gregoraci, and Bubusette, conducted by Marco Balestri, both on Rai 2. In late 2006, he serves as a firefighter in the TV series of Channel 5 Code Red. The following April is among the protagonists of the TV series of Rai 1 Play It Again, Professor, with veronica pivetti and Enzo De Caro. In 2008 she acted in the TV series Don Matteo playing the recurring role of Amanda, was in the cast of the series Tell me and still in Play It Again, Professor; also in theaters with the movie This night is still ours. In the 2008-2009 season he is touring with the musical Pippin Tony Cucchiara, in which she plays the role of Berta, with Tuccio Musumeci, Pippo Pattavina, Anna Malvica and Mirko Petrini. In 2010 she acted in the TV series R.I.S. Rome - Crimes imperfect in the recurring role of Milena Spano. In 2014, the cast of the film The Royal Wedding, Charles Vanzinas, and oranges and hammer, Diego Bianchi.

One hundred dancers in costume for the "Grand Ball" in Miramare

A tribute to the sixty years of public opening of the castle

Patrizia Piccione

TRIESTE. After bubbling preview last Tuesday to the sound of waltzes and mazurkas with the dancers of the group Trieste Society of dance for the celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the opening to the public of the Miramare Castle, the association presents this historical dance afternoon rewriting and compact formation for "The Grand Ball in honor of Maximilian and Charlotte."

At 16, about a hundred skilled dancers perform in the suggestive natural parquet surrounding the castle, to revive a historically faithful version of the nineteenth-century dances at the Hapsburg court. The ladies dressed in lavish period costumes philologically reconstructed in detail by theatrical costume designers and riders in elegant tailcoats gallonate, frogs and polished brass, will stage a spectacular "Grand Bal", whose choreographic facility bears the signature of the director and teacher Group Trieste, Carla Hill.

Fifty pairs of dancers from the clubs scattered in the peninsula - including Rome, Livorno, Florence, Mantua, Modena, Bergamo, Turin and Padua - Company of Dance and Federated eponymous national association created by master Fabio Mollica, will revive the glamor the dances of the refined Central European society of the nineteenth century. Dance, music and costumes included the iconic ad hoc dwelling set on the sea of ​​the Archduke of Hapsburg, to the tune of Strauss senior and junior, for sparkling polkas and mazurkas, romantic waltz and languid polonaise.

The program will take place in two phases: the 16 will witness the "promenade" of the dancers coming down the stairs leading to the harbor under the castle, circling in groups with five dances representative of the era, including the famous "Waltz peals". "The book of the Grand Ball is centered mainly on the pages of music written by Johann Strauss father, like" Waltz à la Paganini ", while the composition of Strauss junior talent will fill the sky above the historic home with its lively mazurkas, marches and quadrilles, "anticipates the teacher and coordinator of the grand ball at the castle, Hill. For a glance of opulent grandeur, exit 17 in the couple of hundred dancers from the castle to the exhibition highlight of the event: the "Grand Ball in honor of Maximilian and Carlotta" on the esplanade of the castle with the dancers It will be arranged in two large circles, creating geometric synchronized choreography.

Besides the beauty of the historical review of the dances that inspired the noble houses of Europe, the event proposed by the Company of Dance is an opportunity to closely observe the spectacular costumes of yesteryear, reconstructed with meticulous attention to historical detail, modeled clothes taken from paintings and books of the era. Evening dresses in taffeta precious, delicate lace, lace and, still,

Tips for getting sexy prom dresses

The modern dance is an opportunity where teens wear their best clothes for banquets school. An important part of these banquets involves dancing. Needless to say, every teenager likes the idea of ​​being recognized as the best dressed couple. If you choose to go to the dance as a group, a couple or as an individual, the need to look beautiful and dashing does not change.

Usually there are many colors, fabrics, shapes and patterns to choose. This makes the entire process of selecting the right ball gown a daunting task for any teenager. There are useful tips that can reduce the stress associated with decision-making.

An important consideration is to keep in mind the nature of the decoration to the ball. If the atmosphere is modern and funky you might want to go with gold, silver, magenta or metallic colors. Classic or old world themes can go well with the pastel, soft or softer versions.

In the event that the prom has a theme, this could help you choose a style of dress material and color. If you're going to dance with a partner, consult and harmonize your look. Instead of trying to upstage them follow each other lead. For example, if your partner prefers a conservative look, stay on par.

On the other hand, if you plan to make a fashion statement, then let your partner to keep up with the inspiration. This is important because these moments are captured in photos to last an eternity. If your partner is in light gray or white suit, then the dress color should be light. If you prefer the black and the color of the dress appropriately should be bold or bright.

You do not need to match the color of the shirt or dress with accessories for a perfect look. This approach may be ill-advised as any slight difference in shades will be easily noticed. Moreover, it may end up looking like a place of costume if you hit a perfect game. It would be safer to match the colors secondary or accent of his shirt and tie.

When selecting an appropriate color, it is important to consider your complexion. If you have a fair complexion you might look better in pastels and other soft colors. You might also consider blue ocean, coral, tangerine, raspberry light, champagne and white. Visit to choose your favorite colors, have more than 50 colors available to choose from.

The darker skin tones look best in bright, lively colors. However, do not overdo it up. To require attention, select emerald green, orange, red or midnight blue.

To avoid disappointment make last-minute arrangements to get a ball gown hot early. This with giving your time to make any adjustments and modifications, if necessary. Waiting until the last minute can leave you with expensive items that you can not exchange or return.

Keep in mind that you're going out to have fun. Each dress you choose should be made of fabric that can withstand the action of the dance floor. Remember to relax, smile and have a good time, as you create memories of a lifetime.