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Zac Efron Really Needs a Date – to a Wedding

Hurry and get in line, ladies. Zac Efron is looking for a date!

Efron, 27, is set to star in a new 20th Century Fox comedy, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, due for release in July 2016, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The plot will follow Efron's character as he and his brother look for dates to a wedding. Thing get tricky for the duo after they post online dating ads seeking guests to the big event and Efron's goes viral.

Variety reports that casting is still underway for an actor to play the Neighbors star's sibling. The film will be directed by Jake Szymanski.

In real life, Efron is still taken as he continues his own romance with Sami Miró, a stylist and model.

The couple have been nearly inseparable since last fall after they celebrated Efron's Oct. 18 birthday with a trip to Europe and were seen "making out like crazy" at a Halloween party in October.

Miró joined Efron in Atlanta last week while he continued to film his other new project – Dirty Grandpa.

Bride treated to a fairy-tale wedding in Edmonton dies of cancer

On the day she got married last August, Megan Wolfe wore a beaded gown with a train that seemed to stretch across the Prairies, and grasped her partner’s hand.

Reciting her vows quietly, she choked back tears over words she realized would come true too soon: “until death do us part.”

Diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer in March, the sweet young woman whose story touched so many died Monday in a palliative care facility in Saskatoon. She was 28, and leaves behind a heartbroken spouse, five children, and a host of grieving friends and family members.

“She was my best friend in the whole world,” said her husband, Josh Melnyk.

“We worked together, and did everything together. Basically, there wasn’t anything about her I didn’t love.”

Inseparable since meeting by chance in a doctor’s office waiting room nearly four years ago, the couple had twin boys who just turned three, and three other children from previous relationships.

“When I think of her, I think of how great a mother of the bride dress she was, and about her kindness,” said Josh’s cousin, Shantell Scragg, said. “She never said a bad word about anybody. She was happy with her life and always smiling.

“She wouldn’t have changed a thing.”

Treated to a fairy tale wedding by friends, generous strangers and merchants in Edmonton who were moved by her story, Wolfe had been hospitalized since the couple returned from their honeymoon — a short trip to Jasper — a week after the ceremony. They had planned to move from Saskatoon to Edmonton so she could seek alternative treatments, but were unable.

“Honestly, I believed she (fought her cancer) and stayed healthy for the wedding,” said Scragg, who arranged the nuptials with resources garnered by a crowdsourcing firm. “I knew there was a possibility she would die, but in the back of my mind I always thought she might beat it.”

Plagued by abdominal pains, Wolfe was found to have stomach cancer early last year, underwent a round of chemotherapy that didn’t work, then had surgery to remove the tumour. During the operation, her doctor found the malignancy had spread and sewed her back up, saying nothing more could be done to help her.

She later underwent surgery a second time and had one more round of chemotherapy in an attempt to prolong her life. She spent her last month in the palliative care unit at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon.

“I have never seen anybody go through so much and still have a smile on their face,” said Megan’s cousin, Riana Wolfe. Riana visited Megan almost daily until only recently, and saw her briefly on Sunday night, hours before she died. “No matter how horrible her day was, she was still able to put a smile on her face.”

Fifi Geldof gets eyebrows tattooed for her wedding

Many women go on strict beauty regimes before their weddings, but Bob Geldof’s daughter Fifi has opted for something more permanent. Yesterday the 31-year-old PR girl had her eyebrows tattooed.

‘It’s so worth it,’ says Fifi, ‘and it doesn’t hurt that much.’

Fifi, who is to marry ‘sand artist’ Andrew Robertson this summer, visited Knightsbridge-based ‘permanent make-up artist’ Tracie Giles for the procedure, which costs £395 for each eyebrow.

Her sister Peaches, who died of a heroin overdose last April at the age of 25, also had a predilection for ‘body art’, yet said she regretted ‘every single tattoo I’ve ever had done’.

When restaurant owner Giovanni Fracassi saw that artist Damien Hirst had spilled red wine down his shirt, he kindly offered him one of his own.

Now Fracassi has disclosed that Hirst repaid the favour by doing a drawing for his restaurant which is worth thousands of pounds.

The signed picture of a skull surrounded by butterflies, has pride of place in Fracassi’s eatery in Venice, Da Ivo, where George Clooney held his stag night last year.

‘I whipped Damien’s shirt off and gave him one of mine,’ Fracassi tells me.

‘A few days later he sent my shirt back with a card thanking me.’

Next time Hirst was in Venice he saw his card on the restaurant’s wall.

‘But he couldn’t remember any of it,’ Fracassi says.

‘I reminded him and he said: “My God, tomorrow I’ll come round and make you a drawing.”

‘Now I’m a rich man!

'His drawings sell for millions so I can only estimate what this one is worth — but it’s a lot of money, maybe even £1million.’

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Mayan Riviera, Tulum, Mexico: Destination Weddings beckon

What a difference a few hundred centuries makes! Back when the ancient Mayans were getting married, parents and priests would negotiate who married whom, a matchmaker would check the horoscopes and the father of the groom picked up the tab for the whole shebang. The idea was to secure lots of children. The bride and groom often didn’t even speak until the day they got married.

Love had very little to do with it.

It’s all a little more romantic now.

Every year, thousands of North American couples amp. up the amour by heading south for a destination wedding. So many wedding parties arrive in Mexico that the custom forms specifically mention “bridal trousseau.” (A survey suggests the number of Canadian couples considering fleeing the coop to tie the knot has doubled since 2009. Of the roughly 162,000 Canadian couples getting married in 2014, 15 per cent are having a destination wedding.)

While that used to mean a beach, any bride worth her bouquet can tell you that’s only one of the choices now. You can get married in a private garden dwarfed by greenery, walk down the aisle in a pretty little Mexican chapel, or have a three-day South-Asian wedding with little gold elephants leading up to the henna tent. Or have a Mayan shaman on the beach.

Picking the spot to say “I do” is only one of about a zillion wedding decisions.

“Brides can have a hard time choosing,” says Amanda Davis, who knows because her title is product manager, romance for AMResorts, which prides, itself, on offering “full customization.” Any colour. Any flower. Any chandelier. (The Mayan matchmakers had it easy.)

The infinity of choices on show on the Internet has led some wedding planners and venues to start writing a no-changing-your-mind clause into the contract. Picking the spot depends in part on the number of guests. (Generally destination weddings have fewer guests: 102 versus 142, according 2014 Brides American Wedding Study.)

The average cost of a wedding in Canada is more than $31,500 and budgets for a destination wedding can vary wildly. But whether she is spending $5,000 or $50,000 (or more), every bride is looking for a personal experience. Such as a harpist playing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” surrounded by a dozen parrots, including one that arrived with hurricane Wilma and has its own Facebook page. Or a few pink bows on a beach.A

All couples have one thing in common: They’re generally advised to get married before they arrive at their destination wedding. Not only will a quickie ceremony at the local City Hall save the blood test, about $1,000 and six months of Mexican paperwork, getting hitched at home will — how to put this delicately? — make a divorce simpler if the happily-ever-after doesn’t quite . . . work out.

Divorce wasn’t a huge deal for the original Mayans; they could just up and leave each other because they “marry without love,” a Spanish bishop explained in the 16th century. And, if a spouse died, the remaining partner could remarry after a year with no repeat ceremony. The bishop probably wouldn’t approve, but second and third ceremonies and same-sex weddings are common now in Mexico.

There can be hundreds of weddings and vow renewals every day at resorts across the Mayan Riviera. The ancient Mayans would likely be pleased to know that at least a few of the ceremonies include a shaman who will drop a few seeds in the couples’ hands to bring hope and prosperity, and maybe a trip back to Mexico.

Jennifer Allford was hosted by AMResorts, which covered flights, accommodations and meals. Follow her on Twitter @jenniferallford and read more at

Just the Facts

You don’t have to get married on a beach. Here are three great locations for your wedding:

Go for the garden: At Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa at Tulum, you can walk up the aisle in a jungle-themed garden.

Get to the gazebo: At Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun, you can enjoy the ocean view while saying “I do” amongst billowing white ribbons at a gazebo by the pool.

Put the Maya in Mayan Riviera: At Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita Riviera Maya near Cancun, you can have a Mayan wedding ceremony complete with shaman, drumming and blowing conch-shells.

Why I went the vintage route for my wedding dress

         I love the hunt, the search for something I didn’t know was right until I saw it. It’s why I rarely shop online. How can I enter a search term for something I haven’t seen yet?

That’s how I felt when I began looking for a wedding dress.

I knew that there were hundreds of styles that I could be happy with. The idea of finding the one dress that is supposed to mean something, the one you’re allowed (expected?) to spend a bit more on, was overwhelming.

I knew I had a budget, but the thought of actually spending it made me feel nauseous. I visited a bridal boutique and drooled over beautiful dresses, but I couldn’t fathom the $4,000 price tags. And while the industrial clamps they used did successfully secure the sample size-10 dress onto my size-0 frame, it didn’t feel – or look – particularly glamorous.

So I decided to shop for my wedding dress the same way I shop for clothes. And it turns out vintage stores were where I could shop like a normal person. The dresses had been worn before, so the salespeople usually didn’t mind when I browsed through them as they would with new dresses in their protective bags. Limited sizes meant it fit or I moved on. And the smaller sizes of dresses from earlier decades meant that I could try on dresses and actually see what they would look like. There were also no shopping appointments so I could walk by a window and decide, “I think I’ll try on a wedding dress today.” Which is what I did one evening the November before my wedding.

I passed a storefront on Toronto’s Queen Street West with a vintage white dress in the window and went inside to see if they had others. There were two that fit my criteria of “sort of white” and “it might fit.” The first was forgettable, but the second was ivory-coloured silk brocade with hand-painted flowers of yellow, green and rose. I’d wanted a dress with some intricate detailing, which I thought would be in the form of lace or beading, but the brocade and colour created a beautiful texture on an otherwise simple dress. The cut was solidly 1950s with a full A-line skirt, high boat neck and low V in the back. It would need a bit of tailoring in the bodice, but the potential was there. It was $349, as is, with a very small stain on the back and an old zipper.

I thought about it for a day, then returned to the store. The saleswoman wrapped the dress in tissue paper and put it in a shopping bag. I met my fiancé for pho with my future wedding dress tucked under the table. It felt spontaneous and grown-up and I worried if my dress would smell of broth in the morning.

The process of tailoring was a bit messier. I brought it to my mother in Massachusetts and she discovered that the skirt was lined with a stiff paper called pellon. We called my grandmother, who explained that it was a common way to create volume for the full skirts of the 1950s. We decided to lower the neckline a bit, drop the hem if possible and snug up the torso. We brought the dress to a tailor in my hometown and I wouldn’t see it again until just before the wedding.

In the meantime, my mother found a length of sparkly whatnot and sewed it to a piece of blush-coloured satin to create a belt. She washed and ironed my great-grandmother’s ivory veil from 1924. I found a pair of off-white and gold heels. My grandmother decided that if I was going to wear a veil from the 1920s, I should secure it with flowers, as her mother did. She bought some fabric roses in the colours of the dress and attached them to a hair comb with some thin wire.

When my family arrived in Toronto two days before the wedding, I tried the dress on. The bodice fit, but the dress was too short. It barely covered my feet, let alone high heels. I was angry with the tailor and annoyed with those trying to tell me it wasn’t so short when, obviously, it was, couldn’t they see that? But this quickly passed, because what could we do about it anyway? My sister and cousin ran to the Eaton Centre the day before the wedding dresses online and texted photos of options for gold flats.

Somehow it all came together. The dress, the belt, the veil and comb. My grandmother brought me a string of pearls with a side clasp made of blue opal. My husband wore a navy blue tuxedo with black shawl lapels. The $40 flats were comfortable on the hot August day. I broke out the heels later for dancing because, why not?

I don’t know what I’ll do with the dress. I think about shortening it to a tea length (but for what occasion?). But as much as I want to keep it as a beautiful thing to own, I think it might be best to gently place it back into the vintage-wedding-dress market. Hide it in a consignment store until another petite appreciator of 1950s silhouettes, and the convenience of buying her wedding dress off the rack, comes along and makes it her own.

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Perfect wedding location set to make it 67 in New Zealand

A couple who have already said 'I do' 66 times around the globe are getting ready to add New Zealand and Australia to their list of weddings in their mammoth quest to find the perfect location to tie the knot.

Hopeless romantics Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant, from Manchester, northern England, have been on a blissful mission for the past three and a half years and are now in New Zealand travelling down to Queenstown, in the South Island, to get married on January 28.

The adventurous couple have had a traditional wedding ceremony in every destination they have visited on their journey but are yet to legally exchange wedding vows.

Daily Mail Australia caught up with the intrepid pair at Arthur's Pass, in the South Island, while they were making their way to their 67th wedding.

Despite the big day only being eight days away, Lisa still knew very few details about the big bash.

'It's depends on the weather if we have it outside or inside,' she said.

'I think we are wearing fairly western clothing but a Maori cloak,' she said.

'The ceremony will be conducted in Maori and we will be greeted the traditional Maori way with a song.'

The relaxed bride-to-be was unsure if the haka - a traditional popular war cry and dance - would also be performed.

Far from a Bridezilla, a Kiwi photographer Emily Adamson is organising most of the finer details for the couple.

'She was one of the first people to contact us when we started in 2011 - that was when we expected the trip to only take two years,' she laughed.

'It's really cool that she has followed us through our journey from the beginning.'

The couple, who have a Facebook page and blog documenting their expedition, came up with the idea when they decided to move to Australia.

'We both applied for residency and thought we would circumnavigate the world testing out possible locations and then settle in Australia,' Lisa said.

The journey has taken a lot longer than they expected but the duo will finally arrive in the land Down Under in early February.

'We fly into Melbourne and first go across to Western Australia before going down the east coast,' she said.

'We plan to take three to four months but we have no idea at this stage where the ceremony will be.'

The travellers rely on the goodwill of friends and strangers all over the world to help them out after they both threw in their jobs and sold their possessions to take on the challenge.

'We just had to sell our house back in England - the world is bigger than it looks on a piece of paper,' she said.

'So now we are homeless in a campervan and couldn't be happier.

'We have warned friends that we will be turning up on their doorstep begging for a bed.'

The kindness from the complete strangers has been very overwhelming.

'We couldn't have done it without the help we have had,' Lisa said.

'It's not about spending and being lavish - it's about giving time.'

After their fair dinkum affair in our Great Brown land - the next and final stop on their adventure will be Singapore before deciding on which location - out of all 69 - will be the most idyllic to officially become husband and wife.

Lisa, 32, and Alex, 34, had been friends for eight years when they began dating in 2008.

In 2011, after four years living together, Alex and Lisa made the brave decision to uproot their lives and follow their dream to relocate in Australia, beginning their location hunt.

Just one day after they said I do for the first time in a traditional ceremony in their hometown of Didsbury, they started their search for the very best place Down Under and cheap bridesmaid dress online.

The couple rented out their house and sold their possessions to get funding for their trip. Lisa quit her job as a retail manager for Marks and Spencer while Alex sold his car body repair business.

On their way to Australia, the couple decided to travel the world and their idea slowly transformed into finding the best place in the world to wed, by trying each one out, embracing the local marriage cultures and traditions as much as possible in every location.

Their aim was to find the most exceptional and unique wedding locations possible, blogging about their experiences so others could better chose where to tie the knot themselves.

Mick and Jean Bardsley celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on January 7

WHEN Mick Bardsley first set eyes on his wife Jean as a teenager he quickly claimed her as his own and has not let her go since.

The Oakdale couple celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on January 7, which is one of the longest marriages in the region.

They held a party at the Oakdale Workers Club to honour their marriage milestone with their family.

Women in the family wore frangipani’s in their hair and Mrs Bardsley wore a frangipani corsage to signify her wedding day bouquet.

“I married such a beautiful person and am lucky to have such a lovely life and family,” Mrs Bardsley, 83, said. “I just love Mick to bits. My husband had the loveliest mother and I adored her but most people wouldn’t say that about their mother-in-laws.”

The pair met at a bush dance in Oakdale when Mrs Bardsley was 16 years old.

“We met at the Oakdale dance and the romance began there,” Mr Bardsley, 88, said. “I saw her sitting in the corner and had my eye on her and thought I better chat her up before anyone else does.”

The blue sapphire duo married at St Paul’s Catholic Church in Camden on January 7, 1950, and in 1954, they moved to Oakdale on five acres.

Mr Bardsley was a fitter in the mines and his wife was an assistant in nursing, a barmaid and a factory worker.

“We are very happily married. We have known each other for about 70 years and are very lucky to have each other,” Mr Bardsley said.

“We go everywhere together. We go to the local club and the movies. We always hold hands because if I let go, Jean wants to go shopping wedding dresses online.”

When asked what their secret to a successful marriage was, Mr Bardsley said: “The arguments are forgotten before we leave the room. We never hold any grudges.”

Mrs Bardsley’s advice for the younger generation is:

“When you get married, you should think it is forever and not any other way. As long as you’re happy.”

The pair enjoy gardening, going to the club and the movies.”

The couple have five children, Michelle, Michael, Vicki, Patrick and Terry, eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Chad Michael Murray marries Chosen co-star Sarah Roemer, couple ‘expecting baby together’

A rep for the former One Tree Hill heart-throb confirmed the wedding news, but didn’t share any details on the couple’s secret nuptials.

“Chad and Sarah are extremely happy and excited, and enjoying their life together,” Murray’s rep told Us Weekly. “We please ask that their privacy be respected at this special and personal time.”

Murray, 33, and Roemer, 30, who met on the set of their Crackle TV series, have been dating since at least August 2014. The couple is also reportedly expecting their first child together.
                      Images Source : Prom Dresses Canada

Murray clearly has a thing for his co-stars. He and his Left Behind co-star Nicky Whelan called it quits in May 2014 after a six-month relationship. The 33-year-old Australian actress also stars in Chosen.

In September 2013, Murray ended a seven-year engagement to fiancee Kenzie Dalton, whom he met while she was working as an extra on the set of One Tree Hill.

He was previously married to One Tree Hill co-star Sophia Bush. The couple separated after just five months of marriage amid cheating allegations and divorced in 2006.

Murray, best known for playing Lucas Scott on the long-running US series, and Bush, who portrayed Brooke Davis, starred together on the show for four years after their marriage ended.

The now 32-year-old actress said afterwards of their failed relationship: “We were two stupid kids who had no business being in a relationship in the first place ... To all the other co-stars who’ve worked it out, more power to you.”

This is the first marriage for Roemer, who is best known for her role starring opposite Shia LaBeouf in the 2007 thriller Disturbia. The American actress has also appeared in 2009 film Fired Up! and 2006’s The Grudge 2.

Weddings are getting out of hand

In light of the problem with housing affordability, perhaps the least sensible modern trend is the rising extravagance and cost of weddings.

There was a time, back in the 1970s when I got married, when wedding fashion was tending towards simplicity. You might have thought, and I did think, that this would just continue until the whole thing would eventually just became a sort of hippie expression of love in front of two families and a few friends, followed by a party at the pub.

But no, definitely not.

Big weddings are back with a vengeance, and are more the special, once in a lifetime, very expensive day than they have ever been.

Anecdotally, from my limited observation, it’s getting out of control. Statistically, numbers are hard to come by: the last definitive survey of the wedding industry was in 2011 by the research house IBISworld, which found that the average cost of a wedding was $36,000.

Since then the component costs -- hen’s party, buck’s party, catering, venue, dresses, flowers, fancy cars, photographs -- have all gone up in price … a lot, out of step with falling inflation.

The average price of a wedding now is probably approaching $50,000, which anecdotally sounds about right. Some I’ve been to obviously cost much more. That’s a deposit for a house.

So given the difficulty young couples now have in affording to buy a home anywhere closer than 50km from the city, the question arises: why are they blowing their deposit on a party?

Or perhaps more to the point, why don’t the parents give them cash for a deposit instead of an expensive wedding that is over in a day?

I suspect the answer, as it is for many modern perplexities, is Facebook. Social media, and Facebook in particular, seems to have done three things:

1. Dramatically widened everyone’s circle of friends, and therefore the number wedding invitees,

2. Allowed wedding photos to be published widely instead of kept in an album for rare private viewings later, and

3. Allowed not only those who have gone to a wedding to feel either inadequate or superior, but also hundreds of Facebook ‘friends’ who aren’t invited.

These are powerful social forces. Weddings used to be quite small, but now 100 guests is your starting point, and even then family numbers are probably getting squeezed by the proliferation of Facebook friends who need to be invited.

The fact that wedding photos are now widely published either on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is a huge change. It means there is immense pressure on the location and the clothing. To some extent weddings have become little more than elaborate photo shoots.

But I suspect the most important thing is envy, one of the most powerful forces in the universe. It’s much the same as when the publication of CEO salaries led to an explosion in their salaries because each could see what the others were getting and no company wanted to be seen as a low payer.

It used to be we only peeked at celebrity weddings in magazines, but the new ability for those planning a wedding to see what everyone they know has done, and a lot of people they don’t know as well, is leading to exponential growth in their extravagance and cost.

A wedding is supposed to be that ‘most special day’, but how can it be the ‘most special’ if Natalie and Jordan’s wedding was better? It’s simply not on.

This, I submit, is a key reason why housing has become unaffordable: newlyweds can’t raise the deposit because they blew it on the wedding.

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Elizabeth Hurley wears lace dress to dine out with mystery man in Los Angeles

She never seems to put a foot wrong when it comes to her sartorial choices - and Elizabeth Hurley got it right once again when she stepped out with a mystery man on Saturday night.

The 49-year-old stunner headed to upmarket restaurant Katsuya in Los Angeles and appeared to be quite close to her male friend - although their relationship status is not known.

Elizabeth wore a black lace dress which finished above her knee and looked upbeat as it transpires her new show, The Royals is renewed for second season ahead of season premiere

Wearing her brunette locks down in tousled curls, Elizabeth was dressed to the nines, while her date for the evening stuck to jeans, T-shirt and a zip-up jacket.

Earlier in the week, the mother-of-one tweeted: 'Loving being back in LA. About to catch up with cast of #TheRoyals.'

She also wrote, 'Jumping for joy. Just heard that #TheRoyals has been picked up for a second season. God Save the Queen.'

The actress stars as the fictional Queen Helena in new E! show The Royals, set to hit U.S. screens in March.

Elizabeth, perhaps best known as Hugh Grant's ex, plays the controversial wife of the future King of England in the upcoming show.

'This is an extreme, sexy adventure into royalty,' said Elizabeth of E!'s first scripted series, during an appearance on The Today Show last year.

The hour-long drama offers a fictional take on a British royal family and what may go on behind the closed doors of their palace.

'It's quite out there,' said the actress. 'For me this is like sex, drugs and rock 'n roll at Windsor Castle.'

MailOnline has contacted a spokesperson for Elizabeth Hurley for comment. 

Source : Bridesmaid Dresses

Answer Woman: Wedding dress recycling, gas below $2

Answer Nation, we've got a lot of wedding dresses, witchcraft and gas prices to talk about this week so there's just no time for joshing around. Onward to your burning questions, my smart-aleck responses and the real deal. Thanks for sending.

Question: It seems like even as gas prices drop dramatically, the $2 per gallon mark is as low as it ever goes. I haven't been able to find gas for under $2 anywhere in Asheville, and I wonder if there is something magic and mystical about that $2 mark that won't allow it to drop below that. Will we ever see $2 gas?

My answer: Yes, I'm afraid there is gas price witchcraft at play. Brought to you by the same coven who orchestrates such mysteries as "global warming" and Asheville best-of lists.

                        Read more picture : plus size wedding dresses

Real answer: Throw a little salt over your shoulder because the mystical time has come: Asheville is already seeing some sub-$2 per gallon gas.

The Fast Break on Emma Road had gas for $1.99 on Friday, according to (run by

Crude oil's global collapse has pushed the national average U.S. price for gasoline below $2 a gallon for the first time since early 2009 in several cities, now including Asheville.

Nationally, regular unleaded gasoline currently averages about $2.12 a gallon, down 46 cents from just four weeks ago and $1.01 cheaper than year-ago levels.

There is no magic mark at $2, but most gas stations in Asheville are still charging $2.15 or more. Experts say the price drop may not have run its course yet, so look for more magical prices soon.

Question: What can I do with my wedding dress? It's been a little more than six years since we got married and I think I'm not going to be wearing it again. I don't want to do anything sentimental with the fabric, but it seems like a missed opportunity to just drop it off in wrinkly Gap bags with my other gently used (and also slightly wrinkled) clothes at the Goodwill. Is there some sort of local charity that needs wedding gowns? Is there a performance group who needs my lace gown? Or some sort of consignment shop that specializes in used wedding attire?

My answer: Without Googling this, I would bet my car there is a reality show somewhere who wants to talk to you.

Real answer: There aren't any local organized options I could find that will direct your dress to someone in need, but there are a lot of options to use them for good.

Locally, wrinkly Gap-bag vendors like the Salvation Army and Goodwill will not only take dresses to put on the racks, but can sell them off at auction to make much more than the $5 dress cost. Be sure to give them an idea of what the dress might be worth, and that option is tax deductible.

There are also a few national organizations that will take dresses by mail and either sell them for money that goes to charity or donate them directly to women in need.

Brides Across America donates gowns to military brides in need.

Brides Against Breast Cancer is another nonprofit that puts dresses up for sale in a "Nationwide Tour of Gowns," from which sales benefit programs for cancer patients and their families.

Wish Upon a Wedding, a nonprofit organization dedicated to granting weddings and vow renewals for couples facing terminal illness and serious life-altering situations, also accepts dresses.

Local churches sometimes hold auctions for wedding dresses, and they're a great resource to connect you with someone in the congregation who might be in need.

As for consignment, Asheville doesn't have a bridal-specific consignment shop that I've found, but shops like Clothes Encounters and others definitely take wedding dresses. According to the shop's website, one dress has made it back five times.

How to dress like your favourite character

A new website called Spylight can help you do exactly that. It lets you shop the wardrobes of your favourite television and movie characters.

Did you love that dress Marnie wore on Season 3, Episode 7 of Girls? Now you can track it down, purchase the dress online and have it delivered to your door. If the exact item of clothing you’re after isn’t available, you’ll be offered a similar alternative.

The site features outfits from shows such as The Mindy Project, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother and films including The Great Gatsby, Bridesmaids and The Hunger Games.

The idea for Spylight originally came about with the help of Zac Efron, one of the site’s co-founders, Casper Daugaard, told Daugaard established the site with the help of his former Yale classmates.

“I was watching the movie Charlie St. Cloud with Zac Efron and saw he was wearing all these cool T-shirts that I decided I had to own,” Mr Daugaard said.

“I couldn’t find them anywhere, so I just despaired. Months later, I stumbled upon one of the T-shirts at American Apparel. That’s when the idea for [the site] popped into my head.”

Daugaard now has established deals with Hollywood studios and works closely with a team of fashion experts who “go on set and hunt down the information we need.”

“The craziest experience has been when major studios like Fox have agreed to enter into formal deals and partnerships with us. I think the studios and networks recognise that we provide a new engagement and monetisation platform — at zero risk to them. I think everyone can tell we care more about the fashion of movies and television than anyone else.”

“The fashion experts do find close matches for everything. Even when we have the exact match, we take the time to track down more affordable alternatives. This practice has uncovered some really cool opportunities for fashion brands that we are currently exploring.”

So next time you spot your favourite character wearing a cute dress or dapper suit, you’ll know where to go.

Christina Milian narrowly avoids wardrobe malfunction in provocative zip-up dress

Christina Milian nearly avoided a wardrobe malfunction.

The new E! reality star steered clear from a flashing mishap when she was spotted arriving at the Bravo studios in New York City ahead of her Watch What Happens Live! appearance on Sunday.

The 33-year-old singer, who is rumoured to be dating rapper Lil Wayne, showed off her toned legs in a bright orange dress that featured a thigh-high slit on the front.

Christina, who was linked to Nick Cannon, made a sexy statement in a sleeveless frock that drew tons of attention to the side zipper detail on the left side of her body.

The mother-of-one's tattoo on her waist peeked through the revealing design which covered her right leg moderately to the knee.

She added further eye gazing attention to her legs with a pair of black lace thigh-high heeled boots.

And after chatting with host Andy Cohen during the taping, Christina changed into a much more conservative ensemble.

The Dip It Low songbird once again displayed her curvaceous figure in a tight-fitting Atelier dress but managed to cover up her legs in a velvet number that cut right below her knees.

Christina kept warm in a leather jacket and styled her look with rattlesnake print knee-high caged heels.

Coincidentally on the same night as the season premiere of her new reality show Christina Milian: Turned Up, the ex-wife of producer The Dream talked about her rumoured relationship with new man Lil Wayne.

Although both have yet to confirm their status, the Grammy nominated pop star may be confirmed the romance on her E! program.

On numerous occasions during the first episode, Christina is seen talking on the phone with the 32-year-old hitmaker, even calling him 'babe' and 'honey.'

'We're really close, I really like him a lot,' said Christina on WWHL. 'We have great chemistry, I just saw him maybe a few hours ago.'

Their relationship was rumored to have been sparked after she signed as a recording artist on Wayne's music company Young Money Cash Money.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lucy Mecklenburgh ignores the chilly winter weather

While most of Britain's residents are bundling up amid plummeting winter temperatures, Lucy Mecklenburgh appears to be preparing for the summer season.

As the former TOWIE star, 23, arrived at Meadhowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, on Saturday, she opted for forgo warm clothing in favour of a bright orange playsuit.

The brunette beauty displayed her toned and tanned physique in the sleeveless Top Shop number as she stepped out at WHSmith to promote her health and fitness book Be Body Beautiful: My Guide To A Happy, Healthy New You.

As she posed for pictures at the big unveiling, Lucy, whose lips were painted a deep shade of pink, showed off perfectly styled sleek bob with a side parting.

At the event, she signed autographs and posed for snapshots with fans as she continued promotion of the illustrated guide, her first ever book.

Earlier in the week, her toned physique was on display once again as she donned a figure-hugging crop top and skirt for the event at Penguin Books Strand in London.

Lucy was the first TOWIE star to branch out into fitness, with her website Results With Lucy going live in June 2013 cocktail dresses Canada.

Meanwhile, Lucy will no doubt find it twice as easy to stay fit since embarking on a romance with Olympic gymnast Louis Smith.

The pair, who met on reality show Tumble last year, have recently gone public with their romance, sharing snapshots of themselves cosying up to each other on social media.

Lucy uploaded a picture of the two of them to her Instagram account, captioning it with the words: 'Sunday snuggles'.

The couple put on several public displays of affection as they rang in the New Year together at a tropical-themed bash thrown by Louis.

A number of pictures, posted to the Twitter account showed TOWIE star Lucy showering the Olympic gymnast with kisses.

honeymoon after 'amazing' wedding to Jason Kennedy

Lauren Scruggs is back from her honeymoon and wedding to E! News host Jason Kennedy, and was spotted out in West Hollywood on Thursday showing off her amazing wedding ring while grabbing coffee with some girlfriends.

Scuggs was seen in workout clothes at Alfred Coffee for the first time since she returned from Mexico.

The couple headed there after their Texas wedding in December.

The 26-year-old bride looked back at the accident during the one-hour E! show The Kennedy Wedding: Jason and Lauren Get Married.

'It was just such an incredible time in life. I felt like my career was starting. Everything was rolling really fast and then everything came to a halt,' said the model and fashion blogger.

'On December 3rd, 2011, my mom and I decided to go to our friends house for dinner after church — their house is located on a private airport — and one of the friends was taking people up for plane rides,' recalled the native of Plano, Texas.

'I'm always up for an adventure so I was the first in line. When the plane landed, it was dark and rainy outside and I was getting out of the plane and when you get out you're basically at the propeller, so I was sucked into it when I stepped out,' she revealed.

The pretty blonde lost her left hand and left eye in the accident and uses prosthetics for both.

'After the accident I wondered who would ever love me now,' Lauren recalled before realizing that an 'amazing man' would someday see her for herself.

'Jason is that amazing man,' Lauren said.

The two met when Jason's colleague Giuliana Rancic introduced her to him following the accident.

Jason proposed to her in May after about a year and a half of dating.

'Lauren is the bravest woman I've known,' Jason said as he noted how she didn't wallow in self-pity after the accident.

'I never thought she was half a person ever,' he said.

'Wedding Dresses Canada' , he said

Bawdy 'Wedding Ringer' takes its tolls

Perhaps The Wedding Ringer would best be called a low-brow-mance.

For those who long for a bromantic comedy along the lines of Wedding Crashers, I Love You, Man or The Hangover, this surprisingly sweet and intermittently funny but raunchy buddy flick might suffice (* * ½ out of four; rated R; opens Friday nationwide).

While not as hilarious as those movies, Ringer is more entertaining than expected, given the familiar territory it covers and the bawdiness of some of the gags. The high-concept premise works mostly because of the engaging chemistry between Kevin Hart and Josh Gad. Their inspired pairing makes for a raucous comedy where the occasional gentle moments don't feel manipulative or forced.

Some of the rowdier scenes drag on too long, particularly a mean-spirited football game between young and old guys, and an unfunny bit where a dog takes a bite out of a man's private parts. However, an endearing dance number featuring Gad and Hart almost makes up for the uglier, contrived scenes.

Hart is at his affable best here, not as manic or mouthy as he has been in other films. He slightly tones down his high-energy persona and it works much better for his role as Jimmy, a best man for hire who has a thriving business rescuing grooms who lack a BFF to step into the shiny shoes.

Gad is endearing and goofy as Doug, a dorky attorney who can't quite believe he landed a hottie like Gretchen (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting). As their wedding day approaches, however, Doug begins to panic. The high-maintenance Gretchen has a wedding party of seven bridesmaids. Doug will have to match them all with groomsmen. But he's a shy workaholic, without the requisite posse of pals. In fact, he doesn't even have one close friend. After exhausting a list of candidates, he learns of Jimmy's services.

Edmundo (Ignacio Serricchio) is a hoot as an ultra-flamboyant wedding planner who is in fact a tattooed former gangster. The film smartly keeps his gay status intact even when he's revealed as a tough guy posing as a mincing fop.

But that clever move gives way to several dumb ones.

Women are generally given short shrift, falling into mildly offensive stereotypes. And the movie's weakest link is the motley crew of groomsmen, who are more politically incorrect than funny. A montage of fake photos implying these guys and Doug had years' worth of wild and wacky adventures together is amusing though, even if the guys themselves are duds.

Hart's Jimmy, however, is pretty terrific. He does his homework and gives great speeches. He knows how to be the life of the wedding party. He's also a convincing actor, often working himself up into a few tears.

As expected, the toast he delivers at Doug's wedding is the most touching of all. The predictability, however, doesn't undermine the appeal.

Cloris Leachman, who plays Gretchen's grandmother, sadly is given little to do. She has just a couple lines of dialogue and is on hand mostly for a crazy, though not unfunny, sight gag.

The saving grace is the camaraderie between Hart and Gad, two talented comic actors who raise the level of a formulaic comedy to something that is both sassy and endearing.

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Wedding Crashers You Would Not Kick Out

These are some wedding crashers that brides wish would pay an uninvited visit to their big day.

For their new music video, Maroon 5 crashed the wedding receptions of several couples around Los Angeles unexpectedly and serenaded the bride and groom with their new single "Sugar."

The video starts off with the band looking dodgy in their suits and sunglasses, loading their instruments into a convertible and a dark van. Frontman Adam Levine explains that it is Dec. 6, 2014, and they are going to hit every wedding they possibly can.

The cameras then follow the band sneaking into the weddings and setting up makeshift stages with a curtain. Many of the guests and coordinators are shown to be miffed and confused at the unexpected construction plans. The band pushes the patience of the possible bride-zillas to pull off their stunt.

                    Images : Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses Online -

At the opportune moment when the wedding party is distracted, the band members waltz in and take their spots on stage. The curtain drops, and everybody goes wild as the band plays their new single.

The video was directed by David Dobkin, the same man behind the 2005 film starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, Wedding Crashers.

Although some online commenters are saying that the Maroon 5 wedding crashing video must have been fake or staged, Levine maintains that it took a lot of preparation to put it together.

"It was a lot of fun. It was really stressful to arrange all of it but it was super fun. I'm happy that everybody liked it ... It felt good to kind of surprise these people and make them happy. Happy that they liked our band too. It would have been a total disaster [if not]," he said at the recent Golden Globe Awards night.

Katy Perry also had a party crashing concept for the music video for her song "Birthday," where she donned different disguises and crashed the birthday parties of several peple as the world's worst party entertainers.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Big Wedding or Small?

In Mandy Len Catron’s Modern Love essay, “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This,” she refers to a study by the psychologist Arthur Aron (and others) that explores whether intimacy between two strangers can be accelerated by having them ask each other a specific series of personal questions. The 36 questions in the study are broken up into three sets, with each set intended to be more probing than the previous one.

The idea is that mutual vulnerability fosters closeness. To quote the study’s authors, “One key pattern associated with the development of a close relationship among peers is sustained, escalating, reciprocal, personal self-disclosure.” Allowing oneself to be vulnerable with another person can be exceedingly difficult, so this exercise forces the issue.

The final task Ms. Catron and her friend try — staring into each other’s eyes for four minutes — is less well documented, with the suggested duration ranging from two minutes to four. But Ms. Catron was unequivocal in her recommendation. “Two minutes is just enough to be terrified,” she told me. “Four really goes somewhere.”

Set I

1. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

2. Would you like to be famous? In what way?

3. Before making a telephone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? Why?

4. What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

5. When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else?

6. If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?

7. Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die?

8. Name three things you and your partner appear to have in common.

9. For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

10. If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

11. Take four minutes and tell your partner your life story in as much detail as possible.

12. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?

Set II

13. If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know?

14. Is there something that you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?

15. What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?

16. What do you value most in a friendship?

17. What is your most treasured memory?

18. What is your most terrible memory?

19. If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are now living? Why?

20. What does friendship mean to you?

21. What roles do love and affection play in your life?

22. Alternate sharing something you consider a positive characteristic of your partner. Share a total of five items.

23. How close and warm is your family? Do you feel your childhood was happier than most other people’s?

24. How do you feel about your relationship with your mother?


25. Make three true “we” statements each. For instance, “We are both in this room feeling ... “
Continue reading the main story Continue reading the main story

26. Complete this sentence: “I wish I had someone with whom I could share ... “

27. If you were going to become a close friend with your partner, please share what would be important for him or her to know.

28. Tell your partner what you like about them; be very honest this time, saying things that you might not say to someone you’ve just met.

29. Share with your partner an embarrassing moment in your life.

30. When did you last cry in front of another person? By yourself?

31. Tell your partner something that you like about them already.

32. What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?

33. If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone? Why haven’t you told them yet?

34. Your house, containing everything you own, catches fire. After saving your loved ones and pets, you have time to safely make a final dash to save any one item. What would it be? Why?

35. Of all the people in your family, whose death would you find most disturbing? Why?

36. Share a personal problem and ask your partner’s advice on how he or she might handle it. Also, ask your partner to reflect back to you how you seem to be feeling about the problem you have chosen.

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Newlyweds receive compensation over wrong shade of wedding flowers

A NEWLYWED couple have successfully sued a South Yarra florist amid claims the groom’s buttonhole bloom broke, and reception flowers were the wrong shade.

Groom Nathan Vogt, 33, claimed he was “very stressed” when a rose supplied by Alpha Fiori snapped as it was pinned on his lapel, leaving the wedding photographer to rustle up an emergency replacement.

While bride Kara, 28, loved her bouquet, she was disappointed by the $30-a-table floral displays when she arrived at Quat Quatta mansion for the reception.

Picture : bridesmaid dress at Cheap price Canada

The dietitian had expected a healthy showing of white David Austin roses tinged with light pink.

But the “few stems” propped in glass jars she’d provided were dark pink.

Fuming at the alleged floral foul-ups and their perception of poor value, the Clyde North couple asked for $950 compensation.

The original bill was $1310.

Keen to nip things in the bud, Alpha Fiori co-owner Helen Memish offered a partial refund in an email, but retracted this after consulting her business partner.

The war of the roses landed in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal this week.

Ms Memish insisted Alpha Fiori had provided high-quality flowers. Read more : cheap prom dresses Canada

Why celebrities want a "semi-secret" wedding

As Cameron Diaz marries Benji Madden, in relative secrecy, Celia Walden asks if this is a new trend - or are celebrities still too self-important to keep their nuptuals truly secret?

 “If I’d known David Attenborough 40 years ago,” Cameron Diaz rather startlingly confessed to me last year," he might have been the one man to tame me.” As it turned out, it was Benji Madden – a diminutive, tattooed, shaven-headed rocker with more paunch than one of Attenborough’s quirkiest marsupials – who was finally able to make that claim. After an eight-month long romance, the unlikely pair wed last Monday under a Chinese lantern-lit marquee in Diaz’s Beverly Hills
back garden.

                       Images : plus size wedding dress

When news of the wedding broke the following day, fans and idle priers were astonished not so much by the union as the fact that the Good Charlotte front man and the most eligible bachelorette in Hollywood had managed to keep it semi-secret. Semi, because although the paparazzi were successfully thwarted and even Diaz’s neighbours were under the illusion that the 42-year-old star of Something About Mary and The Other Woman was throwing a party to tee up this Sunday’s Golden Globe awards, tantalising details of the ceremony (right down to the Stephanotis adorning the marquee) flooded the internet within hours.

The ring bearers, we discovered quickly, were Madden’s brother Joel and Nicole Richie’s five-year old son, Sparrow; the bridesmaids Richie, Drew Barrymore, Cameron’s sister Chimene, and her assistant Jesse Lutz. “I waited because I didn’t want to settle,” Diaz’s wedding speech reportedly began. “Now I got the best man ever. My special man. He’s mine…” Whether by accident or design, Diaz’s semi-secret wedding provoked more enthusiasm than an eight-page spread in Hello! magazine.

“When Drew, Reese, Nicole and Gwyneth all tip up at your home at the same time one morning, swiftly followed by the wedding planner to the stars and her giant white marquee,” says Jade Beer, editor of Brides magazine, “I’m afraid your secret is out, Cameron. But in keeping her wedding under wraps for this long, Diaz has managed to get the world even more interested in it. We still don’t know what she wore, what flowers she carried, what guests ate, who partied hardest and longest. There has been just a mere trickle of tiny detail. Cue an enormous magazine deal to quell that growing global interest? Or a refreshingly civilised celebrity approach to what is still a pretty personal moment between a couple and their closest family and friends?”

While I can’t help but hope that Diaz ditches the magazine deal and goes for the “civilized celebrity” option (one famous actress I know admitted that she “would happily pay to get that kind of coverage in a magazine”, so giving the proceeds to charity isn’t always quite the selfless act it seems), stars like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – who married in secret at their chateau in France before sharing edited titbits with the world in People magazine and Hello! – have set a trend we’re likely to see a lot more of in 2015.

More Websites and Stores Rent Out Wedding Gowns

Stephanie Grimes Cornman coveted the designer wedding dress she had ogled in fashion spreads. But the price kept it out of reach — that is, until she embraced the idea that a dress, unlike a spouse, is not to have and to hold forever.

Ms. Cornman rented her gown, making it the “something borrowed” she wore down the aisle for her December wedding.

She rented a Jenny Packham silk sheath with elaborate beadwork from a website called Borrowing Magnolia for $1,800, or 30 percent of the $6,000 for which it typically sells. The site is one of several businesses that rent wedding gowns, facilitating the practical one-time wearing of an ornate dress and making high-cost fashions accessible to women unable or unwilling to pay full price.

                   Images show : wedding dresses online

Ms. Cornman, a funeral director from Oklahoma City, searched the approximately 400 dresses listed on Borrowing Magnolia’s site, brands that include Monique Lhuillier, Nicole Miller and Vera Wang. For 14-day rentals, the dresses cost from $375 to $2,000, up to 85 percent off their retail prices.

(Don’t be late returning them, though. For each day a dress is late, the renter pays 110 percent of the daily rental rate; in Ms. Cornman’s case, that would have been $141.)

For $99, she had three dresses mailed to her home; once she decided on the Jenny Packham, that $99 went toward the cost of the rental. The site hemmed the dress for her, per measurements she sent in.

Ms. Cornman said that renting the designer gown helped make it possible for her to afford it.

“My husband had called a magazine to find out who made this dress I’d fallen in love with, but then we found out how expensive it was,” she said. “I was so glad to get it for a reasonable price, and I don’t know what I would’ve done with it again, anyway.”

To ensure that gowns like the one Ms. Cornman wore are in good condition, Borrowing Magnolia limits each dress to three rentals annually and five total, according to Ashley Steele, a founder. Sizes range from 0 to 24; alterations are permitted but must be reversible.

Some brick-and-mortar bridal boutiques have similar policies. Among them, Get the Gown, with locations in Houston and Miami, and One Night Affair in Los Angeles cater to women seeking to borrow.

“Men have been able to rent a tux, from Armani to Versace, for years,” said Jessica Berriman, a founder of Get the Gown, which opened last September and rents out, for an average $1,000 a week, dresses that typically cost $5,000 to $13,000. Among the labels on offer are Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta and Vera Wang. Late returns cost $50 a day.

Her customers “don’t want to buy beach wedding dress they’re going to wear once,” Ms. Berriman said. “But they’re still very particular about what they want.”

With such discerning tastes driving them, some rentals may not sound like stand-alone bargains. But several shops emphasized that they catered just as much to trend-consciousness as practicality.

One Night Affair carries a mix of bridal fashions, from unlabeled samples to Badgley Mischka and Galia Lahav gowns. The dresses cost from $100 to $1,000 for five days, plus in-house tailoring costs. The shop also rents out custom-made dresses, starting at $299.

Sharon Gilchrist opened the store 29 years ago and ran it with her husband, Geoff Gates, until they sold it last fall. It continues to operate under the same name in the Culver City neighborhood of Los Angeles.

“Renting wedding gowns was put down back in 1986,” Ms. Gilchrist said. “People didn’t want to rent, but that’s changed now.”

She attributed increased interest to the downturn in the economy and, even more, to the Internet, for widely showcasing the latest fashions and easily connecting owners and renters.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Diane Kruger stuns in lilac dress with bold green print at pre-Golden Globes bash alongside partner Josh Jackson

It was a bold choice, but Diane Kruger managed to pull it off in style.

The lilac seamed dress, featuring a two-shade green diamond on the front, flattered the 38-year-old Inglourious Basterds star as she attended a pre-Golden Globes bash with her partner.

Josh Jackson, 36, looked equally dapper in his suit and crisp white shirt at the W Magazine celebration which was held at the Chateau Marmont in LA on Thursday.

She paired it with leopard print heels and a matching clutch bag and wore minimal make-up, save for a touch of blush and lip-gloss.

                                 Images : bridesmaid dresses online

Earlier in the day, the German actress, who had just returned from her Christmas holiday to Aspen with Josh, was spotted picking up the dress from the tailors near her home in West Hollywood in time for the event.

The model couple seemed to be enjoying themselves at the party in celebration of the 'Best Performances' Portfolio and The Golden Globes with Cadillac and Dom Perignon.

At one point they were spotted catching up with BBC crime drama The Fall protagonist Gillian Anderson.

The 46-year-old American actress stunned in her white dress which she left unzipped and paired together with a golden clutch and matching sandal heels.

Meanwhile, Diane is due to appear in upcoming film Fathers And Daughters, a drama featuring Russell Crowe, Aaron Paul and Amanda Seyfried.

Fathers and Daughters follows a father struggling with mental illness as he raises his daughter who later wrangles with the agony of her childhood years.

This year she is also set to appear in Sky and Maryland, two independent films, which are due ahead of Fathers And Daughters.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Snowy colors as they hit the red carpet at the 2015 People's Choice Awards

White and silver were the popular colors at the 2015 People's Choice Awards.

On Wednesday evening several stars - including Anna Faris, Allison Janney, Sarah Hyland, Ellen DeGeneres and Ginnifer Goodwin - opted for the light hues as they stepped on the red carpet at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Melissa McCarthy, Bella Thorne, Ariel Winter, Stana Katic, Kat Dennings and Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum, however, looked vampish in black.

Wonderful in white and silver: (from left) Anna Faris, Allison Janney and Sarah Hyland all opted for wintery colors while stepping on the red carpet at the 2015 People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday

Taking a risk... and winning: The 38-year-old wife of Chris Pratt glowed in her low-cut top that showed off her decolletage and toned arms

And the hosts are: Janney and Faris, who star on TV's Mom, posed together while on the carpet just before the show started

Faris looked flirty in a low-cut number by Juan Carlos that had both a frilly top and a long skirt with matching frill on the bottom.

The 38-year-old blonde beauty, who is co-hosting the show with 55-year-old Allison Janney, added beige high heeled sandal shoes that showed off a French pedicure and wedding dresses.

Janney took a daring turn in a low-cut silver sequined floor-length gown by Rani Zakhem.

The brunette beauty also had 1980s big hair that looked like something Cindy Crawford used to pull off. In her hand was a hot pink clutch and she also wore a lovely diamond and white gold bangle bracelet.

The acting vet appeared to be in top shape with no extra bulge anywhere on her lean frame.

Sarah Hyland looked perfect in her strapless silver gown by Christian Airiano that included heavy bead work and tulle.

The 24-year-old actress wore her blonde locks down and behind her shoulders; silver heels by Stuart Weitzman added dazzle.

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The worst dressed? Portia de Rossi, Karina Smirnoff and Camilla Luddington lose fashion

There were many impressive gowns that stood out on the red carpet at Wednesday evening's People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

But here and there a few misfires popped up.

Though Portia de Rossi succeeded at showing off her enviable figure, the 41-year-old actress did so at the expense of style.

The Arrested Development star's royal blue cut-out top with matching slacks by Zuhair Murad looked like it had been pulled out of the wardrobe department from Will Ferrell and Jon Heder's 2007 ice-skating comedy Blades Of Glory.

The former Ally McBeal star paired the outfit, which was wrinkled in places, with awkward beige shoes.

The fashion missteps wasn't massive, but considering the blonde beauty normally looks so well put together, it was a bit of a shock.

De Rossi's partner Ellen DeGeneres, however, won kudos for her white suit, which she designed herself.

Though Karina Smirnoff didn't exactly raise eyebrows for her oversized floral dress, it was perhaps not the best choice to show off her dancer body.

The Dancing With The Stars pro revealed her toned arms and small waistline.

But her legs were a no show under that large skirt portion of her dress.

Floral print is never a winner at big, splashy events.

Think of Kim Kardashian's floral number at the Met Ball with Kanye West when she was pregnant with North.

Still, the ex-girlfriend of Maksim Chmerkovskiy wore pretty diamond jewelry and flattering soft toned makeup that made her stand out.

Also, her brunette locks were nicely styled in soft waves over her forehead.

The ABC staple appeared to attend the event alone.

                             Images : cheap cocktail dresses

Actress Camilla Luddington, 31, also chose a floral pattern for her dress.

It was set against black however, which made it appear more awards show appropriate.

Though her gown was chic, there was a bit too much going on.

Not only was there the pink, purple and white flowers to look at.

But there was also a sheer top pattern by her neck.

And there was black beading on her waist and throughout the bottom part of the skirt.

The black strappy shoes nearly saved the look because there were elegant and feminine.

She is best known for her turns on the TV shows Grey's Anatomy and Californication.

Source : Dresses Online at Canada

McPhee shows off her figure (and a little side-boob) in a nautical cut out dress

Katharine McPhee put her best fashion foot forward on Wednesday night at the People's Choice Awards.

The Scorpion star wore a cut-out striped dress, which showed off her killer figure to perfection, with black sandals and her hair pulled back into a slick pony-tail.

The dress was designed by Balmain Paris, and Katharine certainly looked beautiful in it.

                              Picture : wedding dresses online

Scorpion sadly didn't take home the Favourite TV Drama prize, as Marvel's The Flash was announced the winner on Wednesday night.

The gorgeous brunette - who plays Paige Dineen in the popular drama - was spotted back in November filming new scenes for the show.

Katharine's co-star and boyfriend Elyes Gabel plays the lead role of Walter O'Brian.

She filed for divorce from her estranged husband Nick Cokas in May after being caught kissing married Smash director Michael Morris a year ago.

However, she insisted that she and Nick were separated at the time the photos were taken.

Elyes is most well known for his role in Game Of Thrones but will soon be seen on the big screen in A Most Violent Year opposite Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac.

The British actor will also appear in the upcoming Spooks film which sees Kit Harington taking the leading role.

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CES 2015: Dynamic dress protects your personal space

Sometimes at crowded parties you might feel like your personal space is being invaded. Could the answer lie in your choice of clothes?

Jen Copestake from BBC Click has taken a look at the Spider Dress, on show at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It is a 3D-printed robotic dress that uses proximity sensors to notice when your personal space is invaded, and take action.

Its designer Anouk Wipprecht explained how she made it, and why.