Friday, December 5, 2014

Consignment shop closes with bridal gowns left for resale

A consignment shop in Florissant closes its doors.  Clients are concerned about the potential loss of thousands of resale dollars.

I called the owner who says she is relocating and has all of the gowns in storage. She hadn’t contacted anyone because her phone was stolen with her clients contact information. The clients I spoke with are not happy.

Jaime Steinmetz says she found Savvy Silhouette on the internet.  It specializes in consignment sales of wedding gowns, dresses for the bridal party and accessories.  Jaime says she was impressed with the shop after going by just to check it out. “There were so many dresses in there. Maybe hundreds of dresses.  It seemed like a legit place to take our things to.”

Jaime wanted to resell a bridesmaid dress.   Her sister took three bridesmaid dresses and a wedding gown.  If the gown sold for the six hundred dollar asking price her sister would get three hundred dollars.  They even convinced others to take dresses to the shop for resale. But over the weekend the sisters realized the business in Old Town Florissant was closed according to Jaime.  “We trusted her to try to resell our stuff for us. I know they were unwanted dresses but it wasn`t right for her to take the dresses and not return them.”

The promise to reopen doesn’t dismiss the fact that they weren’t notified before the move.  “Over the last three weeks I have sent multiple emails, phone calls and I`ve left voice mails. No response.”

Again, the owner of savvy silhouette says she is willing to return the items or enter into a new consignment contract with the owners of the gowns.  If you had clothes in the store get in touch with me.

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