Wednesday, May 20, 2015


YOUR BEAUTIFUL WEDDING is a department that without your help it can not exist. It showcases the beautiful vows of our readers. Therefore, all couples who would like to show others your wedding, please come to our action. Details can be found HERE. Below we present you a sample Wedding. Shown by our vows, they are characterized by excellent quality images, extraordinary detail, attention to detail. Our Young Couple recommend you company whose services are used, in preparation for their dream Wedding at the list of contractors, service providers and manufacturers, which is located in the entry.

Full of chic and elegant wedding Ola and Maciej captivated me from the first picture. And the picture was pretty Ola and her bridesmaids. Ola turquoise shoes, and the girls dresses :-) And I knew that this wedding I have to show on the blog. Very well thought out color and stylistically limited to the minimum amount of detail. And it is amazing how using just a few accents Ola and Maciek achieved a fantastic result. Oli boots already mentioned, a bouquet of black and white anemones and white eustoma tied with turquoise ribbon, turquoise bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen the same ties and an amazing sweet buffet - as you can see, you do not need many touches to the wedding it was original, stylish and memorable. I really like the styling of the Bride - modern (band on the hair - CUDO!), With courageous, strong makeup, turquoise shoes (I LOVE IT!), But in the classic, sensual dress from the collection of White One ( MADONNA living room). Beautiful interior of the palace in Rusin and the area around the object - I think it will be one of the more likely places for weddings elected from the area of ​​Mazovia in 2012. Ola and Maciek decided that their wedding will be live music, why was hired DJ AL CAPONE. The vast area around the palace complex favored ago to let lanterns after dusk happiness (turn attention to it, because due to the fire hazard, not every place can be let go). And finally - great pictures TOMEK KURZYDLAKA. Especially pictures of the Bride and Groom with their friends :-)

Ola - Our wedding was unusual. On the one hand, very of the details (color, additives, no wedding kitsch), on the other hand completely unplanned and spontaneous! Our song, the first dance he chose DJ for 30 seconds before entering the dance floor! ;-) The wedding itself was fabulous! With a smile I remember sensational priest who gave us the wedding. Beautiful weather and a unique place for a wedding. Our advice - try to convert every visitor, even a few words!

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