Sunday, May 31, 2015

2B Workshop {2015} collection

 Workshop 2B is Amandine and Sandra, creative wedding dresses based in the Toulouse region. These two young thirtysomething mums, are longtime friends. Their common? They both have a little boy, and neither one nor the other is married! And they worked together for several years for a brand of ready-to-wear, Amandine was product manager and assistant Sandra collection. Very complementary, they already formed a duo. Eager creations and crafts, they decided to create together the Workshop 2B in 2010.

The promise Workshop 2B

Until now, they only offered unique creations and customized, but they now unveil their first collection 2015-2016. This collection was born of pretty meetings with their brides. A synthesis of their aspirations, their history, their sensibilities and desires. The result: silhouettes in the air time, since it is mainly tops and skirts that you can mix at will. The lines are fluid because Sandra and Amandine like dealing with pretty materials: tulle wispy, chiffon, satin delicate, beautiful French lace ... L'Atelier also offers 2B a small range of custom accessories in silk and lace flowers: wreaths , headbands, barrettes. What more? Their models are made by them, in very small batches using traditional methods and in their studio located in the city center of Toulouse, just that!

The inspirations of the collection of shooting
This "photographers" shooting is the brainchild of Margaux, a passionate young wedding photographer, whose fans are creative. Margaux has made them a little crazy proposal to hold several photographers Toulouse as models to shoot the collection. And they all accepted!

The models were photographed in the new Cobalt Espace in Toulouse. A revelation! This is an event space dedicated to professionals which is closely linked to a house of artists present at the same site. This unusual place, born of a brownfield, is equipped with a huge skylight and numerous graphs animate its huge walls. These masterpieces street art blend with the mood we were looking for our collection.

Gentle prices
Regarding rates, models in the collection start at 1190 euros for a robe and 490 euros for a short dress. For a unique creation and measures it takes an average price of 2000 euros.

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