Friday, December 18, 2015

One hundred dancers in costume for the "Grand Ball" in Miramare

A tribute to the sixty years of public opening of the castle

Patrizia Piccione

TRIESTE. After bubbling preview last Tuesday to the sound of waltzes and mazurkas with the dancers of the group Trieste Society of dance for the celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the opening to the public of the Miramare Castle, the association presents this historical dance afternoon rewriting and compact formation for "The Grand Ball in honor of Maximilian and Charlotte."

At 16, about a hundred skilled dancers perform in the suggestive natural parquet surrounding the castle, to revive a historically faithful version of the nineteenth-century dances at the Hapsburg court. The ladies dressed in lavish period costumes philologically reconstructed in detail by theatrical costume designers and riders in elegant tailcoats gallonate, frogs and polished brass, will stage a spectacular "Grand Bal", whose choreographic facility bears the signature of the director and teacher Group Trieste, Carla Hill.

Fifty pairs of dancers from the clubs scattered in the peninsula - including Rome, Livorno, Florence, Mantua, Modena, Bergamo, Turin and Padua - Company of Dance and Federated eponymous national association created by master Fabio Mollica, will revive the glamor the dances of the refined Central European society of the nineteenth century. Dance, music and costumes included the iconic ad hoc dwelling set on the sea of ​​the Archduke of Hapsburg, to the tune of Strauss senior and junior, for sparkling polkas and mazurkas, romantic waltz and languid polonaise.

The program will take place in two phases: the 16 will witness the "promenade" of the dancers coming down the stairs leading to the harbor under the castle, circling in groups with five dances representative of the era, including the famous "Waltz peals". "The book of the Grand Ball is centered mainly on the pages of music written by Johann Strauss father, like" Waltz à la Paganini ", while the composition of Strauss junior talent will fill the sky above the historic home with its lively mazurkas, marches and quadrilles, "anticipates the teacher and coordinator of the grand ball at the castle, Hill. For a glance of opulent grandeur, exit 17 in the couple of hundred dancers from the castle to the exhibition highlight of the event: the "Grand Ball in honor of Maximilian and Carlotta" on the esplanade of the castle with the dancers It will be arranged in two large circles, creating geometric synchronized choreography.

Besides the beauty of the historical review of the dances that inspired the noble houses of Europe, the event proposed by the Company of Dance is an opportunity to closely observe the spectacular costumes of yesteryear, reconstructed with meticulous attention to historical detail, modeled clothes taken from paintings and books of the era. Evening dresses in taffeta precious, delicate lace, lace and, still,

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