Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mick and Jean Bardsley celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on January 7

WHEN Mick Bardsley first set eyes on his wife Jean as a teenager he quickly claimed her as his own and has not let her go since.

The Oakdale couple celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on January 7, which is one of the longest marriages in the region.

They held a party at the Oakdale Workers Club to honour their marriage milestone with their family.

Women in the family wore frangipani’s in their hair and Mrs Bardsley wore a frangipani corsage to signify her wedding day bouquet.

“I married such a beautiful person and am lucky to have such a lovely life and family,” Mrs Bardsley, 83, said. “I just love Mick to bits. My husband had the loveliest mother and I adored her but most people wouldn’t say that about their mother-in-laws.”

The pair met at a bush dance in Oakdale when Mrs Bardsley was 16 years old.

“We met at the Oakdale dance and the romance began there,” Mr Bardsley, 88, said. “I saw her sitting in the corner and had my eye on her and thought I better chat her up before anyone else does.”

The blue sapphire duo married at St Paul’s Catholic Church in Camden on January 7, 1950, and in 1954, they moved to Oakdale on five acres.

Mr Bardsley was a fitter in the mines and his wife was an assistant in nursing, a barmaid and a factory worker.

“We are very happily married. We have known each other for about 70 years and are very lucky to have each other,” Mr Bardsley said.

“We go everywhere together. We go to the local club and the movies. We always hold hands because if I let go, Jean wants to go shopping wedding dresses online.”

When asked what their secret to a successful marriage was, Mr Bardsley said: “The arguments are forgotten before we leave the room. We never hold any grudges.”

Mrs Bardsley’s advice for the younger generation is:

“When you get married, you should think it is forever and not any other way. As long as you’re happy.”

The pair enjoy gardening, going to the club and the movies.”

The couple have five children, Michelle, Michael, Vicki, Patrick and Terry, eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

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