Saturday, January 17, 2015

honeymoon after 'amazing' wedding to Jason Kennedy

Lauren Scruggs is back from her honeymoon and wedding to E! News host Jason Kennedy, and was spotted out in West Hollywood on Thursday showing off her amazing wedding ring while grabbing coffee with some girlfriends.

Scuggs was seen in workout clothes at Alfred Coffee for the first time since she returned from Mexico.

The couple headed there after their Texas wedding in December.

The 26-year-old bride looked back at the accident during the one-hour E! show The Kennedy Wedding: Jason and Lauren Get Married.

'It was just such an incredible time in life. I felt like my career was starting. Everything was rolling really fast and then everything came to a halt,' said the model and fashion blogger.

'On December 3rd, 2011, my mom and I decided to go to our friends house for dinner after church — their house is located on a private airport — and one of the friends was taking people up for plane rides,' recalled the native of Plano, Texas.

'I'm always up for an adventure so I was the first in line. When the plane landed, it was dark and rainy outside and I was getting out of the plane and when you get out you're basically at the propeller, so I was sucked into it when I stepped out,' she revealed.

The pretty blonde lost her left hand and left eye in the accident and uses prosthetics for both.

'After the accident I wondered who would ever love me now,' Lauren recalled before realizing that an 'amazing man' would someday see her for herself.

'Jason is that amazing man,' Lauren said.

The two met when Jason's colleague Giuliana Rancic introduced her to him following the accident.

Jason proposed to her in May after about a year and a half of dating.

'Lauren is the bravest woman I've known,' Jason said as he noted how she didn't wallow in self-pity after the accident.

'I never thought she was half a person ever,' he said.

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