Friday, January 23, 2015

Fifi Geldof gets eyebrows tattooed for her wedding

Many women go on strict beauty regimes before their weddings, but Bob Geldof’s daughter Fifi has opted for something more permanent. Yesterday the 31-year-old PR girl had her eyebrows tattooed.

‘It’s so worth it,’ says Fifi, ‘and it doesn’t hurt that much.’

Fifi, who is to marry ‘sand artist’ Andrew Robertson this summer, visited Knightsbridge-based ‘permanent make-up artist’ Tracie Giles for the procedure, which costs £395 for each eyebrow.

Her sister Peaches, who died of a heroin overdose last April at the age of 25, also had a predilection for ‘body art’, yet said she regretted ‘every single tattoo I’ve ever had done’.

When restaurant owner Giovanni Fracassi saw that artist Damien Hirst had spilled red wine down his shirt, he kindly offered him one of his own.

Now Fracassi has disclosed that Hirst repaid the favour by doing a drawing for his restaurant which is worth thousands of pounds.

The signed picture of a skull surrounded by butterflies, has pride of place in Fracassi’s eatery in Venice, Da Ivo, where George Clooney held his stag night last year.

‘I whipped Damien’s shirt off and gave him one of mine,’ Fracassi tells me.

‘A few days later he sent my shirt back with a card thanking me.’

Next time Hirst was in Venice he saw his card on the restaurant’s wall.

‘But he couldn’t remember any of it,’ Fracassi says.

‘I reminded him and he said: “My God, tomorrow I’ll come round and make you a drawing.”

‘Now I’m a rich man!

'His drawings sell for millions so I can only estimate what this one is worth — but it’s a lot of money, maybe even £1million.’

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