Wednesday, March 16, 2016

DIY flowery letters in the wedding

In a week, it will be spring! Unable to offer anything other than a DIY flowery letters! While pretty as decoration for the buffet, candy bar or entering a place of reception a little sad, they have many advantages: they do not weigh heavy, can be fixed to the wall using a little patafix, and stand up by themselves if you put them on a table. It has 100% all good, however.

For a more modern result, it was resolved to use only one flower, like the incredible shooting of French Antique Wedding (remember?) Where bunches of flowers of one color created an atmosphere really special. An almost magical atmosphere ... We chose the gypshophile, very small symbolic flower of marriage (and who also has the advantage of not costing much).

The equipment you need:
- Letters paper maché
- Flowers of your choice
- From the floral foam
- A cutter
- A pair of scissors
- A bucket of water

First of all, here is a list to help you find the supplies:

- Floral foam brick
- Letters papier mache (here about 20 cm high)

1. The first thing to do is prepare your letters. It could not be simpler: you just have to disembowel them with a knife, to remove the front and small pieces of cardboard that keep your letter shape. Draw a slit in the middle of the letter, slide some the fingers and gently tear. You can then paint or bulging of the color of your choice. From our side, we preferred to leave the white.

2. Then cut the floral foam with a cutter to it adjusts perfectly to the shape of your letters, you can gently apply the foam on the edge of the letter to a guide and then cut the cutter and adjust to the desired height: do not hesitate to prune at the right so that the foam stays in place and does not move when inserted.

3. The day before or the morning of D-Day: Put the foam in a bucket of water and wait until it is soaked. Meanwhile, upholster your clear plastic letters for waterproofing. After thoroughly wet moss, fill your letters.

4. At this point, you just have to cut your flowers (small rods 4 to 5 cm) and stitch them into the foam. To effect a more "fluffy" feel free to collect several stems to form small bunches before diving.

5. Finally, if you find that your letter lost some of its shape (if small flowers clog some loops, for example), simply cut those above with a pair of scissors, like haircut. Tadaaaaa: your floral creation is ready!

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