Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MoMA adds '4D' printed dress to its permanent collection

The Kinematics dress created by design studio Nervous System using a 3D printer has been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art.

Most 3D-printed garments are rigid affairs, but not the Kinematics dress created by Nervous System. Created by design studio Kinematics, the dress has fluidity and movement, adapted directly to the wearer's body. The studio calls the process used "4D printing", a term typically used to describe 3D printed objects that change over time in response to their environment.
twirl.gif Nervous System

"Bodies are 3-dimensional but clothing is traditionally made from flat material that is cut and painstakingly pieced together," Nervous System explains. "In contrast, Kinematics garments are created in 3D, directly from body scans, and require absolutely no assembly."

The Kinematics dress is created from 2,279 rigid, interlocking triangles, connected by 3,316 hinges, printed in a single piece. These hinges allow the dress, adapted to perfectly conform to the wearer's body, to swing and move.

"Unlike traditional fabric, this textile is not uniform; it varies in rigidity, drape, flex, porosity and pattern through space," the team wrote. "The entire piece is customisable, from fit and style to flexibility and pattern, with Kinematics Cloth our first app for clothing."

The app -- which has also joined the MoMA collection -- allows anyone to design a Kinematics garment from an uploaded 3D body scan, selecting the size and shape of the modules and "painting" them onto the dress or skirt in real-time. Designers can then order their design from Nervous System, to be printed by Shapeways.

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