Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5/5 WYBÓR BRIDELLE – Very Lucky Star

There are many foreign photographers, which I really appreciate and respect for their style, attention to detail, post-production and presentation of images. And the joy that each year my list increased by Polish, fantastic wedding photographers! Today I wanted to present you the duo, who had already had the pleasure to host in our magazine. It Marta and Maciek with studio VERY LUCKY STAR. Their stunning realization of the wedding of Natalia and Peter could see HERE. Marta and Maciek duo not only at work but in life. Together for 15 years. Together with love for the arts and beautiful images. Together weddings accompanied by another in love, which chronicled on its unique photos. I have written in their debut post that looking at their photographs, I feel that I look at the pictures click here.

Climate photos, stems from values ​​that profess - peace, family and closeness to nature. Their photos are wonderfully unhurried, telling stories of love couple enjoying their every minute spent with newlyweds. It's unheard of nowadays. In the pictures you can dissolve! I was watching the portfolio on a blog VERY LUCKY STAR forgot about the watch, duties and constantly callers phone. Every picture was a feast for the eyes! Martha and Maciej are not only excellent photographers, but also rarely encountered Colorists. For me, as a graduate of the department of history of art is stunning how you can manipulate color in photography. It does not matter to me if it's a question of light or treatment. If this treatment - that they are not only great photographers, but and excellent graphics. The color and atmosphere are perfectly captured and retail locations established. Vintage style of their photographs takes us back to another time. Climate photos is absolutely phenomenal! Anyone can take pictures. Photographed already fewer people. But to create memories with your camera can only a few. VERY LUCKY STAR duo certainly one of them. No literal in their photographs, encourages me to seek the next shots that could betray the secret. It's something you feel, and can not be named. It's something you can not see but feel. Just born under a lucky star. Very lucky star

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