Sunday, May 31, 2015

A gift honeymoon

that is the well of love when asked to answer what they want to do with their wedding kitty.

Your loved ones will surely be delighted to participate in the trip of your dreams but they may have felt like a drop of water among others and it can be frustrating, so we have the solution.

Today we offer you an original way to present your honeymoon project. Rather than request a contribution, the idea is to create a detailed list of your trip: to offer a train ticket, provide ice, provide a night in a hotel, etc.

Anaïs and Laurent had this super cool idea for the trip and had asked their relatives to offer them kilometers (they even made a small video to present this).

To give you a concrete example of what it can give, we created a (small) list for a road trip on the West Coast of the United States.

This way there, your guests can take part (even your little cousin) and feel a little more concerned.

You can go through a site that offers this service as, Leetchi, etc.

The interfaces are very well done and you can create forms for each activity.

Another alternative, compile this list and present it on the day of your wedding, beside your casket (incidentally, it offers a nice DIY on the subject) and provide little cards on which your guests indicate the subject of participation "good for surf lessons," "good for an ice", etc.


We find this really great idea, it changes what we usually see and it surely amuse your friends and family to see much they can offer you an ice cream or a ride on a Ferris wheel, as if they were with you .

What do you think? What is your honeymoon destination?

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