Saturday, May 16, 2015

short wedding hairstyle

There are few brides that one of the most important dress of your life, wedding gown, decided to buy without a dispenser. These include the actress Aleksandra Wozniak, who only betrayed us why you decided on such a brave step.

YES sacramental Ola told in a beautiful wedding dress in the Greek style designed by Viola Śpiechowicz. - Viola I called to invite her to my wedding. She asked if I have already chosen a dress. I answered that yet. Viola offered to sew it to me - she says and admits that he is very happy. From the designer because they know perfectly well fit together during the recording of programs to Romance TV, movie channel, whose face is Alexander.

- Worried me only the prospect of frequent driving on fitting to Warsaw - Ola admits that for his beloved moved to Gdansk. The fears proved unfounded. The designer invited future bride to choose a wedding dress which will suit her fantasies, the online boutique of your brand. Ola dimension ... text message sent. - Two weeks later, Viola sent me a wedding dress courier. She lay like a glove - actress smiles and adds: - Not everyone knows that this is not the first such case. Viola has a fantastic eye, he can sew without dispenser. In front of me he sewed a dress for a princess distance from Monaco.

Although Ola is not afraid to experiment with the image, color and length of hair on their wedding day put on a simple, short wedding hairstyle that complements its light fantastic, Greek look. Hair styled by Claudia Wolańska, the team Bartek Janusz (which also took care manicure actress - Ola opted for french) adorned with interesting, a gold band with small globules, which has also created Viola Śpiechowicz. Too subtle makeup, beautifully highlighting the girlish beauty actress Eva Gil was responsible makeup artist (painting to the wedding also Izabela Janachowska). Girls joining forces took care of a fantastic final effect, whereby Ola on her wedding day she looked fresh, romantic and girly, although it is already a mother of 10-year-old girls.

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