Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Marriage: 100 years of wedding dresses in 3 minutes

If fashion is constantly evolving, wedding dresses also follow trends. Flashback and back video through 100 years of white robes, signed

Each season our dressing reinvents itself. So we imagine that in ten decades, there has been change. A perpetual evolution which, not surprisingly, did not spare the wedding dresses. True reflection of the current fashion and more generally that of a time, they have known all styles. The proof video with site in October had fun compiling a 3:08 clip of 100 years of wedding dresses, sifting through the different styles of 1915-2015.

1915, rising collar, long skirt, lace applications in length and ruffled shoulders, we recognize the middle of 1910. 1925 significantly shortens the skirt, neckline and satin emerges appeared. The beads are also more and more back the veil on the forehead. 1935, with the war is somewhat sexy stored in the closet. Eventually, the mixed lace and satin dress with a collar wise. Only eccentricity, the top most impressive jewel. 1945, the war is over, we again allows some liberties. Velvet, this piece wife more the waist and chest. The neckline is almost back.

100 years of wedding dresses.

1955 ankles are revealed, changing volumes and shoulders bare. Marked waist and flared skirt are required. 1965 elegance prevails, arms are discovered but the neckline while the skirt back down again. 1975 obliges hippie period, the dress is long, square neckline, hook replaces lace and flowers are worn in the hair. 1985, the arrival is too much. Hair through the middle oversized or beadwork, plus there are the better. And we do not even talk makeup. 1995 full decade Calvin Klein back to the blueprint. Only particularly chic audacity of this release, revealing her shoulders. 2005, the bustier is raging. Associate it with the satin dress and get the type of the decade. 2015, lace and transparent applications all with a vintage notes, this is the bestseller in recent years.

Puretrend find on wedding trends in 2016 with Laure collections Sagazan and Elise Hameau.

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