Wednesday, November 4, 2015

For 120 years, they wear the same wedding dress

The American Abigail Kingston, 30, ignored superstitions. A Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is proud to perpetrate the tradition from generation to generation: wearing the same wedding dress since 1895.

Show her wedding dress before the wedding would bring bad luck
? Kingston Abigail, 30, is anything but superstitious! Proudly adorned her dress, she poses in front of the dozen bridal portraits that decorate the walls of his living room. All these brides are his ancestors.
A sublime satin and silk

For a hundred and twenty years, they bequeath the sublime satin and silk champagne color of their marriage. A family heirloom pledge of happiness. "I always wanted this dress, which was raised for the first time in 1895 by my great-grandmother," said the bride.
It will be the eleventh to the dress

Over the years, the dress has been resized to measurements of each bride. To realize his dream and be the eleventh clothe the family relic, Abigail has had to do to restore. Meticulous work that required 200 hours of work. "I feel like Cinderella going to the ball. "And, as in a fairy tale, they married ...

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