Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wedding Dress and bridesmaid dresses collocation in Wedding

Generally speaking the bride's all dresses will have a style in wedding, or the wedding itself has a theme, such as bride wore a relatively large group skirt or a spectacular feeling, some minimalist feel. If the bride what kind of feeling behind the bridesmaids should have the same feeling, but was smaller.

Selected from the point of view of color may have a theme, such as today's fashion color is purple, I like purple tone, including the skirt and the surroundings may have been purple, this time inside the purple tone color would be more eye-catching. Our bridesmaids in color may be slightly darker or slightly lower purity, a little less obvious, but the shades of feeling is the same.

This also depends on the time of the wedding, and some may be held in the afternoon, and some may be held in the evening. If it is held in the evening has been extended to dinner, this time is generally long skirt, is officially degree stronger. If the bride is wearing care to the dress, the maid of honor skirt should be long, generally to the calf. If the wedding is held in the morning, the time of the party in the afternoon, even in the outdoor wedding, at that time short skirt, but are generally skirt, wearing a suit is relatively small.

In all of Canada bridesmaid dresses at the same time, they will choose Dresses Canada online store, but the maid of honor at their own expense. Do when there must be a few people together to discuss this style and color is not suitable for bridesmaids as well as the entire occasion, this will ensure a unified style.

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