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Marriage customs in Canada

Canada is a multi-ethnic country, Anglo, French, Indian, Eskimo, Chinese and a few countries in Europe, America and Asia immigrants. These peoples have their own traditional habits and customs, so also performed at the wedding, so that Canada became a country has a colorful wedding customs.

Wedding types
Canadian wedding is varied more beach wedding, the bride wore a beach wedding dresses ceremony on the beach. Church wedding, the bride will be wearing the official Canadian wedding dresses exchange rings in the church.

Anglo-residents of Canada and French residents are Catholic or Christian, there are many similarities in their wedding customs of the Western Christian countries. The majority of Canadian youth attaches great importance to the wedding, they always strive to be a warm and grand wedding, colorful, full of memorable, usually a few months or even a year before the wedding began the preparatory work. In recent years, the Canadian government departments at all levels throughout the country to establish marriage consultancy network, to prepare a wedding men and women can go to shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and even City Hall, etc. wedding shopping advice, such advice service is free. If the consultants are satisfied, can buy items on the spot, led by Miss shopping guide and with free delivery service. Around Wedding fairs held every year, then it buzzes.

Canadian young men and women like wedding, in particular, love to tie the knot in July, and the wedding ceremony election on Saturday, the day in May to September this time. During this period, every weekend, Canada's urban and rural church from morning to night outgoing sweet wedding march, the bride and groom take the color convoy slowly driving vehicles honking crowd of people responded with warm applause and laughter, meet congratulated everywhere immersed in the joyous atmosphere. Many men and women choose to hold the wedding in the same period of time, the church was extremely busy, and thus all ready to be properly linked in the first three months of the wedding. Canadians love flowers, flowers on their wedding is very elegant, churches, a ballroom, a new house to be used for roses, orchids, lilies dress, colorful, fragrant smell, so purchasing flowers is also an important thing.
The wedding ceremony was held in the church, the ceremony content with many Western countries is broadly similar. , Canada newlyweds gift to each other inside the ring engraved respective names, initials and wedding date, the two sides regarded as treasures reserved for a permanent memorial. The end of the church ceremony, the newlyweds to take the dress to kill floats along the downtown area to walk around, shoot the wedding photos of subsequent tours to scenic parks or attractions.
Canadians wedding banquet general election held in the evening, first informal reception, followed by the official hot and cold meals, a warm atmosphere, and the scene was grand. Canada newlyweds honeymoon after marriage habits. Canada long winter, so the economic conditions are good, much love to go on vacation to the islands of the Caribbean and Florida, enjoy the sun, sand and surf. Not income, and more to the scenic resort in play, such as classes ax Quebec the Lao Lunxin mountain, Rocky Mountains, and Lake Louise.

Canada Indian wedding with a strong national colors. The wedding location more choices held in the the Indians inhabited Public buildings, a large wooden houses. Wedding, family and friends, neighbors, residents in the village came to the wood room, everyone sat on the floor and exchanged greetings. Men, women and children dressed in national costumes, fashionable, beautiful color. Although the Indians cheerful, but the wedding occasions but it is very quiet, even if the talk is whisper.
The host of the wedding chiefs and two elders, when they came on the scene, the bride, the bridesmaids will be wearing the Canadian bridesmaid dresses, wedding girl wearing cocktail dresses to pay tribute to the chiefs. Chiefs dressed in national costume, head eye-catching symbol of the authority of the tall feathers. Chiefs sat down in the middle of the hall, the two elders sit around chiefs, they are the oldest of local people, gray-white hair formed long braids hanging over her shoulders. The bride and groom dressed in the white deerskin traditional clothing, kneeling opposite the chiefs. Adult man sitting at the Emirates, the elders around the bride and groom, women and children sat around the periphery of the men, each person stood in front of a knife and fork and the dishes.
The ceremony began, the chiefs for the air, hands in the air, silence. He lit wormwood, one associated with the flavor of smoke rising Emirates national languages ​​pray to the gods blessed the newlyweds. The Chiefs finished, sing, singing, uninhibited by the left and right sides of the elders said, rough. Prayed, and the chiefs removed from the body a long tube pipe, in wormwood lit, and then pipe held flat in the chest, the revolution from left to right, into his mouth to suck a few mouthfuls. Subsequently, the pipe to the left of the elders, the elders, according to chief like to do it again to the right side of the elders, and then passed to the bride and groom and guests. In accordance with the customs and traditions of the Indians, the pipe symbol of peace and friendly to smoking. When the presence of everyone smoked, four young people carried to a vat of soup, the bride and groom before the chiefs and elders per person Sheng bowl, chiefs then soups points served in five or six small bucket , and then distributed to everyone present.
According to Indian customs and traditions, the groom before marriage to try hunting a moose, venison and wild rice boiled soup, the wedding and give you to drink. In accordance with the ancient practice, Indian wedding eat tortillas, but also eat grilled bison, but today's bison protect animals, so many wedding grilled bison Kentucky Fried Chicken "instead. In this way, the Indian policy Dorian wedding while maintaining the nation's traditional habits, but also by the influence of Western culture. Wedding end of the chiefs and elders to leave, people came to a clearing, with the cheerful drum, all night long jump traditional Indian sun dance.

Eskimos living in northern Canada, has popular in abducting a "ancient custom. Eskimos focus on sincere feelings, do not pay attention to the form of marriage. A pair of young men and women would love, to a certain extent, the man to the woman's home to cover a house or to give the woman a set of warm clothes, the woman's family members live in the house or the woman dressed, even if the inter-marriage to determine the.
Eskimos wedding date election held in the depths of winter, heavy snow closed the door because this time, was able to go out fishing or hunting. Wedding day, the man secretly hidden in the woman's neighborhood, if given the chance, they put a girl snatched ". The girl will know the young man at the door exposure to cold, in order to test his loyalty, deliberately secluded within the room, so that he is difficult to the looting "hand. Intelligent young man, always with a trick leads to the girl home, reach grab 's purpose. If the wedding-election in the summer, the young man got into the woman home, pulled the girl ran out, girl pretending not from the family turned a blind eye, the last girl cries slowly disappear into the distance.
Eskimos extremely simple wedding, groom new enamel bow down to family elders, parents, brothers, friends and family, and everyone eat a fish meal, drink a bowl of soup, hearty thump dance, wedding came to an end, guests each departure.

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