Sunday, July 12, 2015

Amandine, the fire sale Wedding Dress

Amandine, who married the old sellout, bet that she will come in princess dress. And WAREMMIENNE did.

This is an event for which less original people who attended the fair of Waremme attended. Indeed, Amandine came to work in his shop Hush Up, street Joseph Wauters in Waremme, dressed in wedding dress ... Shortly before, the young woman had made a bet with another shopping and she wanted to keep their word.

"Jerome and I, we got married on Saturday, the young woman told us last Sunday. Since the event was at the same time that the sellout, I promised that I would come in wedding dress! I kept that promise ... It's a little difficult to keep going after the party and the few hours we slept, but we drink bubbles. This helps us stay awake. "Indeed, after partying all much of the night, the store manager still wanted to be part of and participate in the sell.

"I am here, sitting in my chair," she quipped before adjusting her beautiful white dress that contains metal hulls moderately easy to endure while sitting. "Since I knew that I had today, I screamed all evening yesterday on who came too close to the dress. I was afraid they spoil me! "The bet was totally won since Amandine dress was still immaculate. And for sure, passersby have been constantly throughout the day, to wish much happiness to the newlyweds.

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