Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Charles Manson calls off wedding after learning his fiance is too evil even for him

Most 80-year-old guys wouldn’t mind having a 27-year-old woman marry them for their body, but this is something else all together. The New York Post brings us word that notorious murder cult leader Charles Manson has apparently called off his wedding with fiance Afton Elaine Burton after learning of her plan to put his corpse on display after his death and charge people money for the right to look at it.

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This new revelation has come to light thanks to an upcoming book about Manson written by journalist Daniel Simone, who tells the Post that Manson eventually realized that he’d been “played for a fool.” Furthermore, Simone informs us that Manson thinks Burton’s idea is “stupid to begin with” because he doesn’t believe he’ll ever die.

According to Simone, Burton and her friend Craig Hammond initially straight-up asked Manson if he would sign over the rights to his body after his death, but he refused. They then realized that if Burton married Manson, she would have the rights to his remains after his death under California law.

However, Simone thinks Manson would never have actually gone through with the wedding anyway, so Burton and Hammond’s scheme may have been doomed from the start.

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