Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Three classic colour assortment of bridesmaid dresses

At the wedding, what color the bridesmaids wear bridesmaid dresses the most appropriate? If you do not know how to choose the color , try the most classic color.

1. Bridesmaid dresses classic color  : Classic Green
Green is the best endorsement of spring , its fresh , elegant tone is also very suitable as a dress choice . The light green and light on the scope for wider use , but also very suitable for large area applications.

Green is very fresh, so you can choose bridesmaid dress bare some more style, wide straps, strapless or halter high collar dress can make green play its ultimate effect , elegant and yet sexy .

2. Bridesmaid dresses classic colors : Yellow
Eye-catching bright yellow , different shades of brightness caused by the effect will be very different. At the wedding , you need to pay attention to the yellow area with its brightness and vividness should be inversely proportional .

Yellow goose with chiffon fabric, so bridesmaid dresses can choose high degree of exposed style can bring a sense of ethereal and elegant yellow , to avoid a large area to cover , otherwise a bit heavy and old fashioned .

Bridesmaid dresses can also choose a white bridesmaid dress , in such as belts , woven flowers , mosaic , etc. with relatively bright yellow embellishment .

3. Bridesmaid dresses classic colors : Pink
Sweet pink has been synonymous with romance , nature is an integral part of the color of the bridesmaid dresses . But the pink color is a relatively dangerous , not too pretty stable will bring a sense of control over their vividness and therefore shades is extremely important .

Bright pink pretty undoubtedly more growth , so if a large area application , dress style and mature ladies should try ; If you want to add pink romantic temperament , you can use the class satin , high degree of exposed skin style to match .

Or, you can use different shades of the whole body in a pink dress , pink substrate , brilliant pink as a local decoration can bring not prevalent custom effects.

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